Sunday, July 19, 2009



are you looking for a job? you might be interested with this…(see pic)

online dating

hehehe. :) I almost want to click the “apply” button.

sorry the pic is small but i guess its still readable…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Odesk update

Tonight, from 6pm-12:28am, I applied at oDesk and I was hired by two buyers. Yipee. I almost thought that I will be having a hard time to look for buyers since I went to a hiatus but I am so blessed that today, two of them trusted me to work for them!! The first one is an Article Writer. lol I will now make this as a career haha. Though I have to write 12 articles (400-500) each in seven minutes wow. Now I have to really extract those juices. Good thing is, the topics are “drum rolls” Acne and teeth whitening! hahah. Interesting.

The second buyer is as an Admin Assistant. Its interesting cause when I talked to my buyer, she (YES, a female) is really nice and were almost of the same age. I like her na hehe. And she put smiley! Yey! Mabait hehe.

Anyway, will post soon. I will now stop rambling and will begin another career after a long hiatus. This time I hope the cha-chings are continuous. :) Goodnyt, beauties and handsomes.

PS. recalling my previous tip when finding job at odesk, look for the payment verified and with almost perfect feedback for a buyer. Read the description really well and do write a personalized not the standardized cover letter. Convince them, tell them: I can do that job!!! And apply as many as you like. Do not stop. If you receive candidacy ended mail, fret not! they’re not worth it. Keep on applying for good buyers. If you are hungry and the only way to eat is to catch a fish, would you stop hunting?? no. So grab that big fish at oDesk and dont quit.


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