Monday, December 14, 2009

[Beauty on a Budget] Olive Oil and Egg Mask for Hair

82839960 I'm having a bad hair yesterday and my hair is obviously crying out for a treatment. I still have my Shine Moist Henna Wax with me but after trying it for the third time, I think my skin already said stop cause it has been reacting badly with it. (ring: breakouts and itchiness in the scalp)

My skin and hair is begging for an organic hot oil treatment.

That's the time I headed to the grocery store to buy Olive Oil.

This is not the first time I have used Olive Oil for my hair. Its actually a life saver for me few years ago because I, on a very unfortunate event of my life had experience lice. Yes you've read that right, head lice. Got it from using the comb of my infected niece. That was acutally a worst time because they really itch and they are creepy and not to mention the embarrasment from people. Well over the counter products didnt help me at all UNTIL I found Olive Oil and it saved me from these creepy crawlers.

So we move on, shall we?

83908900 Olive oil is moisturizing and the benefits are impressive. I shall not be redundant with the benefits because Google will help you do that but overall, the Vitamin E you receive from consuming and applying Olive Oil is a wonderful hair and skin remedy.

Egg is rich in protein which our hair greatly needs. Especially for girls experiencing hair falls. It is equally as good as Olive oil when moisturizing the hair. The yolk is where the protein is.

Both of these adds volume, shine and manageability. Here are the steps in making a homemade hot oil treatment AKA Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask




1. Mix 2 Eggs and 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil in a cup. (I unfortunately used one cause thought it wasn’t enough but I was wrong. My hair is really thick!)

2. Optional: Add a pinch of cinnamon (lol I dont know why I put it but I read it somewhere that its also good haha)

3. Apply into damp hair. (Almost 75% dry) and massage into the scalp.
4. Wear a turban, or a towel to protect it from dripping.

5. Let it rest for 15 mins. Do your chores, do your oDesk job to be preoccupied.

YPE_066 6. Optional: Wash it with 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in half liter of water.
7. Wash again with a light shampoo. Don’t massage thoroughly as it will wash away the moisture from the mask. 
8. Your choice to Blow Dry or Air Dry. Natural is better, imho.

The results?

It's a saved one from being dry, limp and unmanageable hair. It feels light and bouncy. The strands look thick and coated making it shiny.

The Apple Cider Vinegar is essential because I left the mask for an hour and the acid in apple cider will help it wash away the mixture. The funny part is, I noticed a cooked egg white in one part of my strands ahaha. No worries cause it was washed away after shampooing. Apple Cider Vinegar is conditioning too and gives a shine into the hair.

It didn’t smell. Remember, the ingredients will smell only if you put too much.

Definitely will try this again! :)


[Review] VMV Hypoallergenics Products

Hey there! I'm taking a quick break to update my dusty *cough* blog. I think it deserves a new product review since the last time I posted is about my oDesk stint.

Here we go!


Being acne prone, I have to take care of my face in my full 100% EFFORT. No LESS. You have to know that already after reading several of my beauty posts. :) So in return, I continuously search for products which are fine and friendly to my skin. Also, I try to purchase those which are readily available in the market. The products made by derm are not convenient for me since I have to visit my derm to purchase it all the time. Plus they are not as big in volume so I resorted in searching for others. So I tried VMV.


I purchased the SUPERSKIN 3 line which is for Oily Skin (See Pic) The skin specialist claimed that I have oily skin, I trusted her. The products were not bought at the same time. I tried the Facial Wash first and I must say its a good cleanser. Seems to me like the Cetaphil product. The results are not significant since its only a cleanser. When I finished the tube, that’s when I bought the Toner/Primer (Clindamycin, Phosphate, Retinoic Acid) I also bought the VMV Mositurizer which has SPF 15. I tried the toner together with Cetaphil and didnt buy the VMV cleanser since I felt they are just the same consistency and purpose.

In using the VMV Toner:

Start with 2x-a-week applications
ONLY. Slowly increase to 3x-a-week, then once-every-otherday,
then once-a-day, until you achieve 2x-a-day usage.

I tried the regimen for three times. The first trial, I wasn’t able to finish the regimen because I discontinued it after the advise of my derm. The second trial, I tried it but didnt follow the “start slowly” cliche of VMV since my derm said, I can continue it together with Adapalene. This is what I did: MORNING: VMV Toner, EVENING: ADAPALENE. Result? My face burned. I gave my face a rest until I was able to do the third trial, I followed the regimen completely but nothing happened and I still have darkish-reddish color in my face (an indication of burn) It must be the amount that I put in my cotton pads (cause its almost dripping wet) or it could be that…the product is too strong for me. So I stopped and just continued the Adapalene ALONE with the VMV Moisturizer with SPF 15. Oh by the way, the moisturizer promises a no shine effect in the face but I still have experience shine in my face unless I put powder. It’s probably the humid weather of out country. I am not that raving it but I have learned to like it since its protecting my face from the sun.

The Verdict?

VMV Superskin line is promising. It is a great alternative for the skin’s maintenance. For as long as you know your skin type. In my case, I should have taken the Superskin 2 which is for Combination Skin. Cause I perspire easily, the Sales Attendant must have mistakenly looked at my face as Oily. Which is wrong cause we should know our skin better than the Sales Attendant.

Should I buy it again? Yes for the toner and Moisturizer but with a Superskin #2. The cleanser as I have said is just Cetaphil with a cutesy packaging. 


Superskin line has coconut oil as one of the ingredients. Somebody in the girltalk forum said that this is comodogenic. As stated in VMV brochure: 

…but coconut oil is pore friendly, nonallergenic,
and its fatty acids are a normal component of human skin’s barrier
— so instead of just preventing water loss, coconut oil actually helps replace
the skin’s lost lipids.

So don’t worry unless you have really tried the product itself and received bad reaction in coconut oil. For me, it’s harmless.

Check the VMV website for a copy of the brochure.

{Next up…VMV Cosmetics}


The first VMV product that I have purchased is their VMV Illuminants Brilliant Finish SPF 25 in Desert. Looking away from its flowery title, its simply a foundation with a big SPF. What can I say BUT I LOVE IT! Being a scarred for life from my past acnes, this product helped me conceal it and it gave me a fine finish and my skin like it so much that it didnt give me breakout even after wearing it for a day. This is the same as their VMV Cheeky Gorgeous-Flush Blush in Cabana Cutie. Again, its only a blush. I like this color very much especially if I want a subtle blush effect in my face. Now after some time, I realized that Desert color is getting too dark for me. Soon after I finished it, I bought a lighter shade refill which is Petal.

The Verdict? GREATLY RECOMMENDED! I like it.

Will I purchase them again? ABSOLUTELY. I can’t wait to try their other products like the eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and liquid foundations. The only problem is they have less choices of color to offer but nevertheless they are still great!

DSC02886Before ending, I have to give props also to VMV Soft and Swift Make-Up Remover. Its currently what I am using as I have been trying out a lot of heavy eyemake up recently. *blame youtube gurus* and *thank them at the same time for learning* heeeeheee. I like it so much as it has no disturbing scent. It removes the make up instantly and also gentle on the eyes.

See the pic for the results and the accumulated dirt (with just a one swipe of it!)

Before using this, I was only into Clinique’s Make Up remover until I found VMV. Its cheaper than Clinique’s too!



QUALITY: Great for a Filipino owned product.

PACKAGING: Slightly bulky especially with the Cosmetics line. They include a wallet type of zipped white leather in each of the foundation and blush on. The information listed in the packaging are cute. Since it was typed as if the product is talking to you face to face. There are a lot of words and it looked like a Paul Smith design isnt it? It looks cute and definitely a packaging that makes a good first impression.

PRICE: This is however the only con that I can state. They are quite expensive especially with the cosmetics line. And I heard they increase every month? Well they spend so much with the researches, that’s the reason why they deserve an increase. But as a consumer, the increase doesn’t attract me much. Well if the price continues to be higher than the other OR rather popular ones, I guess that’s the time for me to switch. :)


tada. xoxo

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Odesk Update

Too many things happened and along the way, my plans have changed.

An Update about my Hunk Mexicanovela Buyer?

K. After reporting him to oDesk, he suddenly communicated with me. Turns out that our royal hunkness went on a vacation or so because he was too exhausted (probably) to reply after a flight. Well, I still sound interested to work with him during our conversations. Unfortunately due to time difference, we cant seem to put our schedules in one. I have lost interest in him - I mean in the job lol and so I didn't take another effort to catch him on line.

Luckily I was fortunate to have another interview from an interesting buyer. The rate is low but the hours I can render per week is a big chunk.

It was all fast and the next think I know, the buyer hired me. The interview was great because my skills were tested and with less talk more of the “prove yourself'” in a systematic way. So I must say I have proven my worth in this job.

Inner Oprah talking again…

Sometimes you get really excited to work on a new project. You feel so overwhelmingly blessed and you start to become inspired to work immediately. When you have learned the ins and outs of it, your esteem becomes so low. You doubt your skills. From 100% confident to a whooping 200% insecure. What’s up with these unnecessary bubble thoughts in one’s head? If we don't deal with it immediately, those little devils will control us and we become frail and quit – which should not be part of our options. Getting an oDesk assignment is very rare at this moment so we should not let go of the opportunity.

There! Exactly a dilemma I’m in right now haha.


Why do we want to work at oDesk? It’s another way for us to save am I right? If you are the same as I am, to save is my biggest motivation in working online. I computed the earnings I can get. And…that’s my fuel to keep me going. I accepted another assignment, therefore I will work hard so that I can gain the trust of my buyer. Never give up! even if I have to juggle my errands online and offline.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get a grip!!!

If you haven't read my previous entry please do so.

Anyway, I have a bad feeling (woot i heard I’ve got a Feeling song at the back of my head as I type that! err)

that my Mexicanovela slash Greek god is a scam.


WTFWTFTWF. He didnt pay me yet. I am like an angry girlfriend now hahaha – cause he is not replying to me after giving him my articles. argh. and he put me into call forwarding in Skype!

I already contacted the live support and unfortunately they cannot really do anything about the problem unless other providers will also complain.

OMG I felt really betrayed. I will get ready for the divorce papers soon. I should sue him for committing adultery. lol jkjk.


Lesson learned? Don't be fooled by those biceps again!!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Odesk update

75939841 Hi! :)

See that? I am smiling. It’s not a joke. :)

Well. Today is supposed to be the end of my assignment right? Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not yet receiving a “assignment ended” mail yet. I wonder why. I’ll email my buyer later and ask what’s next thing for me to do.

Overall, I’ve moved on and accepted our parting ways hehe.

The past two weeks, I’ve been blessed to receive several oDesk interviews. Both invited and a reply to my job applications. Yay! Great! take note that I am still meticulous and dont take any jobs that i find uninteresting.

Some of them, didnt reply after one mail. I guess they have chosen other providers but two days ago, another buyer suddenly invited me for a SEO article writing stuffs.

Great. I almost didnt reply. And thank God I did because today, I have talked to him over Skype and he is the perfect buyer that I have been looking for! too perfect that I am quite distracted ahahaha.

Aside from the fact that professionally speaking, he is nice. You see, this buyer is soo distractingly beautiful. LOL. He showed me his website so that I could have good idea about him. I noticed his Flickr account and woow. Really he is wow. He looks like he was taken out from a Mexicanovela. HAHAH.

90600990Anyway enough of the fangirlism. One thing I also like about this buyer is that he never asked me for a lower rate. WHAAAAAT. Yes. He didnt question. The only setback is….omg. I am not familiar with the topic that he wanted me to write about. It’s about constructions, stones…bleh. I will try. Does it follow that he looks like a Greek god and he works in a construction business? He is too good to be true.

Im reading his sample articles and so far because of my excitement, I can’t seem to start. ahahah. I really should calm my hormones.


Friday, November 6, 2009

All good things, come to an end

83292145 I have received an email from my current and only active Buyer early this morning.

Unfortunately I didn't check my mail right away because I accompanied my mom at the clinic for her annual check up. I didn't bring my laptop with me knowing that I’ll be busy and I wont be able to focus on the task. When I came home tonight, I wanted to work right away. I checked my mailbox first. I saw bunches of messages including the mail of my dearly beloved Buyer. I read it.

The company have decided to let me go because their team is not doing well with oDesk and they cannot afford to pay me anymore.

I really didn’t see this coming. :(

They were my Buyer for 5 months. We started really at a low rate but since the job is consistently done everyday, it was a big contribution to my savings. Due to that, I can honestly tell you that the savings is equivalent to a trip to any South-East Asian country.


It was sad but more of I understand their point of view. If I were in their place and if I need to downsize or anything, I feel I would have done the same…

The main reason I was shocked is, I was contented already and I never thought that the task is going to end. I never pictured myself to stop working at the project even if I have a more stable job anytime soon. It was included in my long term plans. LOL. seriously.

Because my Buyer is a good person. She is a Filipina too and I never felt abused or paid low. Thus the reason why I didnt accept any job offer both in and outside oDesk because I always thought that I have a job with this Buyer and I don't have to ask for more.

Well I am back to zero again. I needed to look for a buyer which will be with me in another months or so.

PS. LOL what a weird way to return after a long hiatus. I was planning for a beauty review but I don't understand why my writers block kept going on for months! LOL. The only thing that made me write again is this oDesk situation. I dont know if I should be happy for that or not. bleh. xoxo

Friday, September 11, 2009

[oDesk] Do you check the background of your buyer?

88506245 I do.

Well for most of my buyers. Yes I try to check them out other than their working feedback from oDesk. Let me tell you a story I experienced few minutes ago. Yes. Just minutes ago.

I applied for a very lucrative job posting. The buyer’s payment method is verified, working feedback is 4.43/5.00 (still passable) and the very nice thing is: I can design! Yep. I’ll be using my graphic skills finally. I want to graduate as an administrative support! heh~

The buyer responded immediately. And told me straight ahead that she can pay me below my rate. Note that its not less than 50% – IT IS A 90% DROP OF MY RATE. Hmmm. I'm quite hesitant but immediately relieved to see that I have less than 50 hrs a week to work. Come to think of it, its still a good deal IF I'm guaranteed to be paid for 50 hrs a WEEK. But it didn't work that way.

We exchanged few messages while I checked this buyers background. I read the feedback of his hired providers. I was not that satisfied with the comments. Something is really lacking, i felt. I researched for her name on Google. At first, there are no relevant searches. Until I have clicked a link with my buyer’s name.

At this moment, I am already negotiating about my rate. The buyer obviously doesn't want to talk about it. I am not liking the mood of our conversations. I don't like the feeling that I am not worth my rate.


200410241-001 *a relative psychological emotion of freelancers whenever he/she feels inadequate, unloved, unimportant, PLUTOED. Commonly cause of distress are prick, low IQ and EQ buyers.

So my inner Oprah talked to me. Child, No don't feel depressed. This buyer is not worth your time. You know you’re more than that. But of course the oDesk depression didn't stop that way. It only stopped until I found a great information about my potential buyer. Thanks to Google.


In case you didn't notice: There are words like criminal and termination in that website. I wont provide the site name anymore for privacy sake and I don’t believe in attacking because my buyer didn't directly do anything wrong to me.

In short, the buyer’s family members were involved in a serious case. One involves death. Erm ye morbid. I am not sure of the resolution. I am assuming they have changed their company name cause they still have a common word in both their new and old company names.

In short, I don't want to be associated with a company like that.

In short, it was not my loss if my buyer didn’t hire me.

In short, I was able to relieve my oDesk depression.

In short, I'm back again to scouting other buyers. Potentially GOOD and with clean slate backgrounds.

PS. The buyer didn’t reply after my last question. The candidacy has not yet ended but I am assuming it will be after the buyer has found another provider that will agree with her terms.

PPS: The buyer replied but I didn't bother to answer again.

Lesson learned:

objectspeople2-0371. Know your worth. Don't go way below your rate.


3. Don’t Settle for LESS. (I know it sounds like #1 but I really want to stress this out)

4. Call your inner Oprah once oDesk depression strikes!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[Tutorial] Unionbank EON Card for the Dummies

eon1 This is a CANDID step by step tutorial that aims to help freelance consultants like me who currently works online and receives payment online. Note: this tutorial specifically is linked with oDesk, PayPal and Unionbank payment system. I believe it is still applicable to other online jobs such as selling or buying at eBay. You can figure it out. lol.

Everything is linked from my experience so its still the freelance consultant’s choice to follow my practices. What I can only promise is a guaranteed payment and lesser fees to shell out. Also, it is based on the principle of PATIENCE. So if you are the type who is in a hurry to hold your $10 payment in flesh, then this is not for you.

Please be advised that I am not a mathematical person and I hated math and is totally bad at budgeting but I am an Obsessive Compulsive person and I like to list all the things I have done in an organized way. *wink*


A. oDesk – website for freelancers. (see more of my blog entries here or better yet HERE.

B. PayPal – Your online Bank Account.

C. UnionBank Eon Card or oDesk Payoneer Card – Your Debit card which you will link to PayPal to receive payments or buy online.

Here is a glimpse of what I did.

1. I applied at oDesk. I worked until I have received a considerable amount of money.

2. After a month, I want to withdraw my money. I felt impatient already. I applied at the official debit card of oDesk which is Payoneer. My research says it is the most convenient.

3. I received my card after a month and while trying to activate it, I read some good reviews about Unionbank EON card. I researched and I laid down the pro’s and cons of the two debit cards.

  Bank Account   IN USD IN PESOS - 47 PHP
CHARGES Payoneer Payoneer activation fee $9.95 467.65
    oDesk to Payoneer $2.15 101.05
    monthly maintenance fee (July & August) $6.00 282.00


$18.10 PHP 850.70
  EON - Paypal PayPal verification fee $1.95 PHP 91.65
    oDesk to PayPal $1.00 PHP 47
    annual fee $7.46 PHP 350
        more than 7K to withdraw = free

★★★★★      TOTAL:  

$10.41 PHP 488.65       ★★★★★

* PayPal Verification fee is crossed out because technically it will be deducted BUT will be given back after the verification process.

4. I decided to choose UnionBank as my Debit card after looking at my comparison chart. *ching!*

Now My UnionBank EON Card History

1 1st Day applied for Unionbank EON card.  
2   submitted two valid IDs.  
3   waited for 1 week  
4 7th Day called the branch office to confirm my card  
5   redeemed my card at the branch office and gave 350 as a payment annual card fee
6   checked my balance at the branch ATM = 0 PHP  
7   activated my account online at home  
8   waited for the activation (two-four business days as per Unionbank)  
9 13th Day can now log in and required to change my online transaction pin  
10   withdraw funds from oDesk to PayPal - $1 fee  
11   withdraw funds from PayPal to EON card- still unsuccessful  
12   In Paypal, I saw “transfer thru bank account vs. card”  
13   I chose bank account which is free for 7K above funds  
14   I was rejected for PayPal debit/credit card verification I think because my EON card has zero balance
15   I don’t want to choose the other option because it will cost me $5 and its longer to process this site helps
16 71st Day deposit PHP 1000 at the branch office  
17   log again to PayPal to verify  
18   log to PAYPAL to confirm debit card details  
19   put my card number details  
20   log in to EON account  
21   searched for mini statement  
22   charged 98 PHP or 1.95 USD at EON card which was given back at PayPal  
23   confirmed in PayPal the XXXXPAYPAL in the statement  
24   log out for safety  
25 82nd Day I finally withdraw funds from oDesk to PayPal TOTAL AMOUNT FEE: $ 2 ONLY from the first oDesk withdrawal
26   I finally withdraw funds from PayPal to EON card TOTAL MONEY NEEDED FOR BANK APPLICATION: 350 (Annual Maintenance Fee + 1000 (deposit)
27   Wait 2-4 business days for me to receive my funds! *CHING!*  


Yes it took me 82 days to withdraw my funds. Take note that this is not the recommended and ideal. Few factors that resulted to delays are becoming busy at life and therefore I became idle at oDesk.

Few Advices:

1. Wait until you can save until PHP 7,000 at oDesk. This is to avoid the PHP 50 fee for any less than 7K. (I am that frugal!) This means work hard and search hard for legitimate buyers who pay really well and those that gives bonuses!

2. When you receive your Unionbank EON Card, deposit money immediately to avoid the hassle of being rejected for Paypal Verification.

3. If you are like me who got the Payoneer first than the Unionbank EON card, no matter how many times the email says: “Activate your Card now!” DONT DO SO UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY THE ACTIVATION FEE WHICH IS $9.95. gulps.

4. When choosing which account to choose in Paypal, I go for Personal Account. Business accounts are for the sellers who receive big amounts of money. I believe personal account has lesser fees.

5.  Check the foreign exchange rate! Be aware thought that Paypal has unbelievably lower rate than what you see in the banks, tv, newspapers etc.

6. Do not withdraw during holidays cause obviously Unionbank is closed.






Well I guess I’ve covered enough. If you have questions just comment here. I need to rest. Oh did I say that, I have a flu right now? Can’t help but to post up this tutorial. ^^


Friday, August 28, 2009


So its a long weekend and Malls are packed with SALE!!!! Is that a good news or bad news? well for me its a little bit in between haha. I am so happy of the things I have hoarded since the sale. BUT my wallet isn't and my Mom will not be happy for the hoard. :( I bought a cute plaid top and a dress from Forever 21. Both of them I got for only 650! That’s last Tuesday. And today, I still went to the mall and hoarded. Here are the things I got:


1. Watsons Power Toothbrush – Been lemming on this for a long long time already since I saw Michelle Phan’s aspirin video lol. but cant do that right now cause of allergies. It’s an alternative to Oral B's since the latter is expensive. This one I got for 199. ON SALE! will just buy the refill if I like it for my teeth.

2. Clear Soft Shampoo – Oh well I know. Parabens are here but this is the only shampoo that likes my hair! :( in my organic shampoo, my hair becomes dull and dry. Fortunately Clear Shampoo never failed to revive my hair. One consolation though: it doesnt stay on the scalp cause we wash off the shampoo after so go ahead and use it lol.

3. VMV Hypoallergenics Cheeky Gorgeous-Flush Blush in Cabana Cutie. - WOW that long. Anyway, this is my second purchase of VMV product. The first one is their 2 Way Foundation Illuminants in Dessert. AND WOW it does wonder in my face. It really made me glow. The SA put a blush on me while testing the foundation and I’ve liked it. It’s true to its name: GORGEOUS FLUSH. Great for oily skin type because its matte and doesnt have any sparkles or glittery as opposed to other blushes. Hopefully will make a detailed review next time.

4. VMV Hypoallergenics Spring Cleaning Purifying Facial Wash SuperSkin Care 3 for Oily Skin – YAY long again. I will change my facial wash from Dessert Essence Thoroughly Cleanser Facial Wash (from Healthy Options, 200+) to this one. I’ve always been interested to try their skin line since my skin loves their cosmetic line. And yes Im OILY now. I was a COMBI before. sad but its okay hehe. Facial Oil is a natural Anti-Wrinkle serum.

5. Mediplast First Aid Tape – Uhm for my fingertip eczema when I clean my nails with acetone. Have to protect them to avoid flares. Think Michael Jackson’s finger tape statements. :)

Next one, I bought in Robinson’s Supermarket here in our province.


1. Olay White Radiance SPF 19 (Old Formula) – BOUGHT TWO! actually I have one already and its not yet finished but I was so afraid I wont be able to buy it again cause this product is already phased out! SAD. The new formula sucks and it smells horrible and it didnt do any wonders on my skin unlike this one. Its creamy and doesnt sting. My skin loves it!! PHP 99 each only!

2. St Ives Apricot Scrub – Influenced by Michelle Phan again. This scrub is always present in our house before and not until Michelle said its good, I have no plans of using it. Hmmm lets see but trying it now is not a good time. Allergies yes. Bought small tube as a tester.

3. Two Gypsy Headbands and one Hair Crunchie – Look how the metallic one is:


GORGEOUS!! I feel like GG. :P

4. Oral B Satin Floss – uhm random hehe.

5. Hand Gloves – Uhm okay I love Michael Jackson but no its not to the extent of using this as my expression of love. LOL. this is for my eczema and allergies. I am scratching like hell and the gloves will prevent me from scratching too much. Of course to moisturize it as well.

Okay that’s it. Hopefully to make a review again next week.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Review] 2 Whitening Lotions | Maxi Peel Exfoliating Lotion + Skin White Glutathione SPF 20

ME? Never a fan of lotion. I hate the icky feeling that any lotion gives. Being an oily skin myself, I already have enough oils in my face so I cant bear to have another greasiness in my body. But since I am kikay lately, I decided for a change. Why not try these whitening products in the grocery stores? They’ve been recommended by a lot in the Girltalk forum. That sounds believable, Isn’t it? :)

A. The first lotion I have tested is Maxi Peel Exfoliating Lotion.

Lets check out what they have said in their website:

Maxi-peel Neck & Body Exfoliant Lotion

[View Commercial]

It has gentle MICRO-EXFOLIATION TECHNOLOGY that best provides smoother, maxi-peel-exfoliant-lotionwhiter, and even skin all over your body!

  • SMOOTHENING: has gentle micro-exfoliating action and dissolving beads that removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin!
  • MOISTURIZING: packed with moisturizers to soften rough body parts such as elbows & knees!
  • FAST WHITENING: evens out skin complexion, from neck to body, in 2 weeks!
  • VITAMIN-ENRICHED: has Vitamins B5, B3 and E that moisturize the skin!
  • COOLING & NON-STICKY after-feel: leaves skin with that cooling & lightweight feel!
  • Intense SUN-PROTECTION: packed with SPF10 to protect skin from harmful UV rays!
  • Perfect complement for the Maxi-peel Exfoliant
  • Dermatologist Tested Safe and Effective

PROs: Love the smell, CHEAP!, NOT THAT GREASY, has a salicylic acid which doesn't promote acne break outs.

DID it whiten my skin? I don't know. For me it was more of a lotion and sunblock to me.

CONS: I think I saw phenoxyethanol. (Harsh preservative), UGLY packaging, LOW SPF

I have finished two small bottles and I bought a big one but consumed halfway cause I’ve decided to change and try other products which has a more SPF content. And by the way when they said, INTENSE SUN PROTECTION, that’s BS. Cause SPF 10 is tooo low at the moment. If Caucasians will use this, they will BURN!

B. So my second experiment is Skin White Glutathione SPF 20.

SkinWhite Glutathione Lotion

  • Delivers intense whitening that helps lighten even stubborn mark and spots.
  • Experince a high level of whiteness in just 7 days!
  • Has Vitanourish formula combines vitamins B5, B3, C & E that moisturizes your skin making it soft & smooth all over!
  • Has none-greasy & non-sticky formula leaves your skin feeling light.
  • Has spf20 provides skin total skin protection
  • Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml

PROs: CHEAP! I bought the smaller one. (88+) Big applause for the SPF 20!

DID it whiten my skin? I don't know. BUT READ THE CONS.



I only used it twice. I have tried it for the first time in my arms in lower content and I added Witch Hazel on it. NO sting, NO rashes. BUUUT.

The second time I have used it, it was last August 22. I decided to put it all over my exposed skin. Arms and Legs. Thank God I didn't put in my neck. I still included Witch Hazel thinking it will protect me if ever I will experience anything. BUT it didn't protect me. The night after that, I experienced itching on my elbows. The part where I put too much. August 23, I ate to a Japanese store and didn't mind much about the itchiness.


August 24, I’ve got these bumps (as seen in the pic) in my KNEES (I also put too much on this) and they are SOOOO itchy! Around afternoon, it spread in my legs, I scratched and I felt these measles like rashes! *goosebumps*

bc5f5781fa6c9cb1_mI blamed the Japanese food cause I ate Shoyu Ramen and I found out that Shoyu Ramen has a 1tbsp or SAKE (Japanese Rice Wine) and I am allergic to alcohol. August 25, I woke up really feeling bad and my eyes are swollen too. I went to the hospital cause my grandma’s been bugging me to have a check up. A dermatologist checked me and said that they have developed into pustules (eww) and they have hairs which means they developed into hair follicle and so its probably something I have put which rejected my body or skin. She believed that the lotion did it not the Japanese FOOD. The food might aggravate it maybe but since I was already itching the day before my Japanese food trip, the lotion is more of the suspect.

DSC01678 DSC01680 Gosh, you dont know how hard it is to have these bumps. I am itching as I type this entry. My first entry after a long hiatus and yet I encountered this one. :( Anyway, I was prescribed a steroid cream and anti histamine. I don't see any improvement yet cause I still itch. The meds are for 7 days. I hope I get well cause ugh…they are so unsightly.

OH I have to stop everything. Including my whitening soap. I will only use Ivory and no harsh chemicals in my body until these subsides. Including the Jojoba Oil – which I am trying not to remove cause its love. <3


NOT RECOMMENDED. No need to rate its way below for me. Beware of the Whitening Lotions available in the market today especially if you have a sensitive skin. I didn't know I have until I was checked by my derma. Do have a skin test at the wrist or insides of the arm first but they are not really accurate I believe so better yet, stay away from whitening lotions first if you don't want to end up like me with all of these bumps in my arms and legs. But what didn't work for me may work for you. So its your choice to use it and take the risk. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing in Action

wow. when was the last time I have updated? Anyone?
lol hope somebody wont answer. anyway, i've been wanting to update really and i want to post a lot of reviews. but im caught up with odesk tasks and LIFE. but...catch up with this blog every now and then. cause ill be coming back for future massive updates. don't know how long but i owe one to you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009



are you looking for a job? you might be interested with this…(see pic)

online dating

hehehe. :) I almost want to click the “apply” button.

sorry the pic is small but i guess its still readable…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Odesk update

Tonight, from 6pm-12:28am, I applied at oDesk and I was hired by two buyers. Yipee. I almost thought that I will be having a hard time to look for buyers since I went to a hiatus but I am so blessed that today, two of them trusted me to work for them!! The first one is an Article Writer. lol I will now make this as a career haha. Though I have to write 12 articles (400-500) each in seven minutes wow. Now I have to really extract those juices. Good thing is, the topics are “drum rolls” Acne and teeth whitening! hahah. Interesting.

The second buyer is as an Admin Assistant. Its interesting cause when I talked to my buyer, she (YES, a female) is really nice and were almost of the same age. I like her na hehe. And she put smiley! Yey! Mabait hehe.

Anyway, will post soon. I will now stop rambling and will begin another career after a long hiatus. This time I hope the cha-chings are continuous. :) Goodnyt, beauties and handsomes.

PS. recalling my previous tip when finding job at odesk, look for the payment verified and with almost perfect feedback for a buyer. Read the description really well and do write a personalized not the standardized cover letter. Convince them, tell them: I can do that job!!! And apply as many as you like. Do not stop. If you receive candidacy ended mail, fret not! they’re not worth it. Keep on applying for good buyers. If you are hungry and the only way to eat is to catch a fish, would you stop hunting?? no. So grab that big fish at oDesk and dont quit.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Ebay] Selling my items!

Hi ladies and men, I have a Spring Cleaning Bazaar at Ebay. I am still starting so please be patient. :) If you are interested, just read the details and email me at cecilysummer( or at kishhyu(>this is my online english tutoring mailbox. :)

I currently sell three items, all of them are included in my past review entries. More to come if I successfully sold these items heh.

Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream

Opal One Minute Treatment

Japanese Hair Cutter from Saizen


Relatively cheap each for PHP 50.00!!! get them now. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What I bought today

I was at Robinsons Galleria today and here are the things that I bought…

SAIZEN (A Japanese shop for 85 PHP per item)


1. Hair Cutter – PHP 85.00

Perfect to remove all those unruly hair or split ends. It comes with two blades. So its replaceable.

2. Clear Case b6 Size – PHP 85.00

To organize my notebook and tissues as well as other essentials.


3. Vinyl Pouch Fruit Yellow – PHP 85.00

I replaced my old kikay kits. Love the juicy color. :)



1. Shine Moist Henna Wax in Chocolate Brown Color – 214.75

For my monthly fix. Cant wait to use this tomorrow.


2. Shine Moist Henna Wax Treatment – 94.75

For my weekly treatment. I want to preserve my rebond hehe minus the salon fee.


3. Gloves and a brush applicator for Shine Moist Henna Wax – 29.75 and 16.75.


4. Black Beauty Protect Hair Moisturizer with UV protection – PHP 60.50

Good when going outdoors and after ironing or blow drying.


Toodles x.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

What are the things that you look for when you buy your make up and toiletries? Is it the brand? Packaging? Popularity? Price? Did you ever consider looking at the ingredients? Probably yes or not.

I am a very meticulous consumer. I am a thrift shopper and as much as possible I really compare products. Sadly before, I was only looking for the price and the popularity of the products. I don't really research about the ingredients before not until these past few months. What made me concern and shift into purchasing healthy products? Ever since I encounter skin problems which are really hard to treat and sometimes untreatable, I wanted to look for ways on how to relieve my frustrations. I don't want to live with fear so instead of hearing hearsay, I made my own research and its still a continuous process.

I will make an attempt to explain in simple way about the harmful ingredients to avoid. Everything can be researched further if you are doubtful but for me these are some of the ingredients that alarms me and that I need to avoid.

Lets start from head to toe.

1. Sodium Lauryl sulfate or Sodium Laureath Sulfate (SLS, SLES)

Commonly used in shampoos or anything that bubbles. Its popular cause it’s a detergent and foams easily. You can see this ingredient in your dishwashing soap. Try it! lol. Yes this ingredient cleanses really well BUT it strips away the natural oils of our hair – thus a conditioner is a must after. It is a possible skin irritant. I previously used Clear Soft Shampoo but removed it in my daily wash cause of the SLS and instead I bought an organic shampoo from Avalon Organics.

DSC00811 The ingredients are mostly from natural fruit extracts. It is rated 4 out of 10 for the hazard level. You can see the hazard level in this website:

DSC00824Do you use Cetaphil Mild Cleanser? I did. I will probably do if I lack any natural cleaner. Well check the label of your Cetaphil and you will encounter SLS. By the way I already shifted to this product: Dessert Essence, Thoroughly Face Wash. All natural. No chemicals. Leaves my face non oily after.

2. Parabens (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl)

The infamous Paraben. I’ve been writing a lot of this stuff in my reviews. What are Parabens anyway? Parabens are used most in all cosmetics because it is effective as a preservative. Therefore it avoid molds in whatever products like shampoos, make ups, almost anything even in food. It was said that the more exposed you are with Parabens, the more likely be exposed to carcinogens. It is absorbed easily in the body. There have been reports that breast cancer patients have high levels of Parabens in their body. The research didn't say that Parabens are the cause of the cancer but it has been linked heavily with this illness. But there is a study which says that Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen. High levels of estrogen causes breast cancer. There are different names of Parabens. You can check more in this link: The FDA said that Parabens are safe to use for as long as its low in percentage. This site explains it all: By the way, the last update of that website is October 2007.

I'm not yet done with Parabens. Do you use Baby wipes? Have you seen its ingredients? Well just in case, you might encounter the Parabens. And I am a bit surprised that my 90pcs wipes have these in different names.

DSC00789How about your deodorant? Have you checked if its Paraben free? I already shifted originally from Nivea Deodorant Double Effect Roll on to Crystal (Pic). Because it has no Paraben, no aluminum (which causes UA darkening) and its suggested by breast cancer movement.

It is also reported that Parabens increases skin ageing. Now do you still think that your eye cream helps you to look younger? Think again.

3. para phenylenediamine or p-Phenylenediamine (PPD)

Mostly found in permanent hair dyes. It is an allergen to most people. To know more about it visit this site: I have colored my hair years before but I didn't notice any allergy thank God. But I have damaged hair after. To show examples how horrific an allergy is: click Lois McQueen’s picture after trying Loreal Casting color (A demi permanent colorant) By the way, PPD is also a possible carcinogen. No don't be shocked. I think most of the products are carcinogen? yay.

4. Formaldehyde

Yes the one that is used in preserving dead people. It has been reported few years ago that there is a product recall from China because of the existence of this toxic ingredient. Well guess what, you wont find the word Formaldehyde in any product itself. Like Parabens, it has a lot of names. (Rings Melamine) And there are also Formaldehyde releasers (in short, slowly releases formaldehyde) Check this list to be aware: And guess what I found? My Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked heel cream has this formaldehyde releaser! Under the name of: Imidazolidinyl urea. Wow. Formaldehyde scored the perfect 10 for the hazardous level.

5. Triethanolamine (TEA) or anything that ends with AMINE like DEA, MEA)

Commonly seen in moisturizers, mascara, lotions etc. It has been reported that it releases nitrosamines, a possible carcinogenic (gosh not again) Although the chances are very slim, I am quite worried because I saw my Maxi Peel Concealing Cream with this ingredient. The only ingredient in that product which has high hazard level. :(

6. Talc

Yes the ones you see in your baby powders. When inhaled and if it has high talc concentrations, it is a *drum roll* carcinogen. Causes ovarian cancer when used in your ahem privates.

7. Fragrance

The more the product masks its true smell, the more potential hazardous it is to use for our precious body. Fragrance is number 8 in the hazard level:

8. Alcohols (Isopropyl, ethyl, those that ends with +ENE +ANOL)

Most alcohols are skin irritants. Some claim that they are mild but we should still be careful cause even the mildest to one person will become harsh to another person. A presence of alcohol (whether drinking or applying in my skin) has been proven a cause of my hives, eczema in my health history.


Do you use Placenta soap? How about Petroleum Jelly (I do)? Do you see Triclosan in your deodorant or toothpaste? Are you concerned with the lead content of your RED LIPSTICK? They are also potential *you know the term* not only the big “C” but they create problems with the reproductive health as well as in mental health.

There are a lot actually. Since I cannot post them all here for the limitation of space and to avoid overwhelming people (even myself) I think, I will pause at number 8. For now, I advise to be just wary of Parabens and Formaldehyde. Remember, just because the products claim that they are organic, it doesn't mean that they don't have any harsh ingredients on it. Read labels, you might miss the toxic ingredient if you just rely on the front design. This is the same with the term Hypoallergenic.

My advise is not to go panic. As this will only cause you more stress. Stress is cancerous too haha. Try to shift from natural products and look for fewer ingredients in the list. The less complicating it is, the better. Read labels. Try to avoid those mentioned above. And if you have been exposed to those ingredients, try to detoxify. Check website if in doubt. I always check that website for any product suggestions.

Stay healthy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hoard day + EON Card & Odesk Debit Card

An interesting purchases at Watsons today.

1. Swallow Hot Oil Treatment Cream – PHP 89.75


Why I bought this? Its cheap and its small enough to try it myself. Why I am quite hesitant to use it? The ingredients fooled me. I thought there were no parabens on it. But after buying it and researching the ingredients, I found out that they use another name for it. If you can read it there are two kinds of parabens on it:

methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Methlyparaben.

Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Propylparaben.

Wow I am saddened. I’ll let you know if I will use it or not. And what are parabens if you ask? lol sorry for not explaining it well. I think I shall post a separate post about it next time.

2. Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream – PHP 149.75


Okay this is a confession. I have this ugly hardened skin or callous in my fifth toe. Ugh. It’s embarrassing. I cant wear my sandals now. I self medicated it before thru the use of a salicylic acid patches. I thought it is just a fungi but no it’s not and the salicylic acid just made it worst. :( Now after researching, all I can do is to soften the skin and just file it every now and then. Unless I bring it to a professional doctor on which I am not thinking right now. Not yet. I am hoping that this cracked heel cream will help. I don't have a cracked heel but I am assuming that my fifth toe will also benefit from this? Let’s see…The ingredients are safe enough. No parabens.


Finally here is a picture of my newly cards: Unionbank EON card and Odesk Debit Card.


Woot. They are not yet activated mind you. The odesk card was here first but after careful consideration, I think using Union Bank EON card is much a better option for me. Lower cost and safer. For EON card, the teller suggested to activate it this saturday.

Oh by the way, it is my first time to use Globe Gcash today. Meaning, I was able to encash my gcash funds today. I did it in a Globe Telecom Center. I just had to prepare a valid ID. They asked me to fill out a form then they will send a message thru my phone, I have to reply back my pin and voila, the cash is with me after few minutes. This is the manner of payment from my mystery shopping stint. It was enlightening haha. I paid a fee of 10 pesos for my funds.


DSC00794 My fingertip eczema is acting up again and I am having a hard time holding things especially washing my hands. It dries quickly and scales a lot. :( I think its because of my high sodium diet…and also stress. Sigh..The aloe vera that I bought (see picture) didn't help much. I am not sure if its harsh on my skin but my eczema occurred after using this…Probably the ingredient, Benzyl Alchohol triggered it…what a waste. I love aloe vera plus this product is from healthy options.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Rebond

Finally! I had my rebond this afternoon! Its my third rebond. The last two were made by Tony and Jackey for the past few years. I am quite hesitant to have my hair rebonded to a different salon but since I am in the province right now, and to commute to Makati just to have my hair rebonded is quite a horror, I have decided to try Fanny Serrano’s salon. It was not an easy decision! I really researched and asked for the brand names that they will use for my hair. When I am finally convinced, I gave it a shot. I realized that I have been complaining with my buhaghag hair for the past months. I think since January this year. I felt that my unconscious self is shouting for a hair rebond already. I trust them with the rebond but not with the haircut lol. I only had my hair trimmed but I decided that I will still go to Tony and Jackey to have my hair cut like really shorter than what you see in the rebonded pic. I want it shoulder length. Not too much layers. I am tired of layers cause I had this hairstyle since time immemorial. I want to do a make over. In fact, I am planning to have my hair colored after 3 months or according to qt_ben @GT, 2 weeks is already enough (WEEEE!! :)). Although my hair now has a brownish tint due to the cellophane, I am not quite satisfied. I really want my hair lighter haha. Good luck with the maintenance. I know its hard to keep a healthy hair with a permanent colored dye.

Now the hard part is to keep my head still and to avoid tucking it in between my ear and to clip it. All of these things, I didnt obey hahaha. I really dont like the heavy feeling after the rebond. THE SMELL. The feeling that I have a lot of products in my hair and I wont be washing it for 3 days is horrible. Patience Cecily Patience.


By the way, the rebond process lasted for 7 hours i think. I went there by 12pm and checked out by 7pm. my hair is not curly but I have thick hair so drying it and ironing it takes a lot of time. wow. no wonder I have headache now. I actually ordered a Pancit along the middle of the process hahaha. I ate while they are blow-drying my hair. I dont really mind it. I get really hungry after 3 hours. I need to bite something and if not, I wont be a happy kid.

The painful part of the rebond is the ironing. My stylist has a really heavy hand. :( I really pity what he did to my hair. When I am in pain, I just want to hit anybody or anything lol peace. Good thing I didnt do it with my stylist. :P

Now lets see if this one will last. Next thing to do is: HAIR COLOR.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Musing] Not good

Ow not really good news. I received an email again from my Odesk buyer and he said, he reviewed my audio. The tracks were disorganized according to him but I checked it and I only followed his instructions according to the excel file that he provided. Sigh he hasn't replied yet and I am a bit paranoid. I am so sad that I disappointed him but well I really remind myself not to stress too much. Stess=makes me old. hehe.

So today, I finally went to Unionbank to apply for my EON card. FINALLY. The girl said, I’ll call within a week hopefully it will be available. I am friggin excited. I dont know which things to buy…Is it a netbook or that tiny sewing machine available in Ace Hardware? I really want to try sewing haha and make it as my business. Hmmm…

I also went to Fanny Salon today. Hoping to have my hair rebonded. I brought 3K with me. And was surprised that I am short of 2K for their full rebond with the protectant, Loreal Inner Logic (3tubes for my thick hair), shine moist cellophane, treatment, cut and the rebond itself. OMG. It was already late and so I said I will just comeback tomorrow. And I will hopefully will if ever there wont be any situation that might prevent me. Such as my issue with this Odesk buyer…Haaay.

I really want to have my hair colored like reallly really colored such as those Japanese girls hehe.

Ps. Im planning to buy Evian Atomizer as a mist spray to set up my foundation. I already used Avene Couvrance and so far so good but I am a frying pan once again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Homebased Job] Good Odesk Buyers

Hello I’m back once again blogging about my Odesk experience. Well two days ago, I said, I will apply for my Unionbank EON card and to have my hair rebonded. I didnt pursue any yay. An old buyer contacted me the night after I posted that entry. So I have no choice but to cancel my plans. I know that this Buyer is strict when it comes to deadlines. The deadline was this afternoon, 12pm.

Again, its about editing audio stuffs. Segue: I am really thinking of buying a netbook so that I can do any homebased job anywhere and I can hang out with friends at the same time. I want to use my oDesk savings.---yes I have saved enough. Homebased job rocks!!!

I think I am already an expert when it comes to editing. I can do 600 audio in 14 hours. Woot. in short 43 audio in 1 hour and these are all cutting, adding additional audio’s, making it shorter at the same time. It’s quite a workload and my right hand mostly do the work so after 8 hours, my right thumb is getting numb and shaky. But all for the sake of this buyer, I am going to do my best and follow the deadline.

And it paid off.


Lol its quite cute. I am so happy I received this. Then after a few minutes I have received my payment plus a surprise.


WOOOW. I am really jumpy when I received this and I can’t thank him enough for it. Don't worry, I kept myself calm when I replied back ahahaha. For my one and a half day work, I was paid almost a price of a rebonded hair. LOL I am so happy!

Yeah, he said, he has one more project for me. I really love this buyer of mine (not in a romantic way lol)

I also want to share another loved buyer of mine. Surprisingly, the above buyer and this one has the same name. But different spelling though. Haha I love this one even though he doesnt have projects for me recently. Why? Because he uses smiley in his emails haha.


It really pays when you are honest with your buyer and if you do not just work with them for the sake of money. I have all the opportunity to stay long for an hourly job with this buyer. I can stay in the internet, strolling. Clicking any unnecessary tabs in my keyboard so that it counts as a high green bar in my work diary lol but I didn’t. In the end, we have a good relationship and I didnt abuse his credit card hehe.


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