Friday, November 6, 2009

All good things, come to an end

83292145 I have received an email from my current and only active Buyer early this morning.

Unfortunately I didn't check my mail right away because I accompanied my mom at the clinic for her annual check up. I didn't bring my laptop with me knowing that I’ll be busy and I wont be able to focus on the task. When I came home tonight, I wanted to work right away. I checked my mailbox first. I saw bunches of messages including the mail of my dearly beloved Buyer. I read it.

The company have decided to let me go because their team is not doing well with oDesk and they cannot afford to pay me anymore.

I really didn’t see this coming. :(

They were my Buyer for 5 months. We started really at a low rate but since the job is consistently done everyday, it was a big contribution to my savings. Due to that, I can honestly tell you that the savings is equivalent to a trip to any South-East Asian country.


It was sad but more of I understand their point of view. If I were in their place and if I need to downsize or anything, I feel I would have done the same…

The main reason I was shocked is, I was contented already and I never thought that the task is going to end. I never pictured myself to stop working at the project even if I have a more stable job anytime soon. It was included in my long term plans. LOL. seriously.

Because my Buyer is a good person. She is a Filipina too and I never felt abused or paid low. Thus the reason why I didnt accept any job offer both in and outside oDesk because I always thought that I have a job with this Buyer and I don't have to ask for more.

Well I am back to zero again. I needed to look for a buyer which will be with me in another months or so.

PS. LOL what a weird way to return after a long hiatus. I was planning for a beauty review but I don't understand why my writers block kept going on for months! LOL. The only thing that made me write again is this oDesk situation. I dont know if I should be happy for that or not. bleh. xoxo

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