Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Odesk Update

Too many things happened and along the way, my plans have changed.

An Update about my Hunk Mexicanovela Buyer?

K. After reporting him to oDesk, he suddenly communicated with me. Turns out that our royal hunkness went on a vacation or so because he was too exhausted (probably) to reply after a flight. Well, I still sound interested to work with him during our conversations. Unfortunately due to time difference, we cant seem to put our schedules in one. I have lost interest in him - I mean in the job lol and so I didn't take another effort to catch him on line.

Luckily I was fortunate to have another interview from an interesting buyer. The rate is low but the hours I can render per week is a big chunk.

It was all fast and the next think I know, the buyer hired me. The interview was great because my skills were tested and with less talk more of the “prove yourself'” in a systematic way. So I must say I have proven my worth in this job.

Inner Oprah talking again…

Sometimes you get really excited to work on a new project. You feel so overwhelmingly blessed and you start to become inspired to work immediately. When you have learned the ins and outs of it, your esteem becomes so low. You doubt your skills. From 100% confident to a whooping 200% insecure. What’s up with these unnecessary bubble thoughts in one’s head? If we don't deal with it immediately, those little devils will control us and we become frail and quit – which should not be part of our options. Getting an oDesk assignment is very rare at this moment so we should not let go of the opportunity.

There! Exactly a dilemma I’m in right now haha.


Why do we want to work at oDesk? It’s another way for us to save am I right? If you are the same as I am, to save is my biggest motivation in working online. I computed the earnings I can get. And…that’s my fuel to keep me going. I accepted another assignment, therefore I will work hard so that I can gain the trust of my buyer. Never give up! even if I have to juggle my errands online and offline.

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