Thursday, July 11, 2013

How long has it been?

Answer: its been a year since I blogged *shock*

I know, I know I owe a huge update but my skin is not my main concern right now...I kind of stopped obsessing on how bad it is and decided to go on with my life. Part of the reason is, I found someone who accepts me completely *enter a mushy song* and part of it is accepting that even the most pretty girls that I see here in my office in SG - they have bad skin as well! and they walk with confidence!

But actually, I still buy beauty stuffs. I still splurge once in a while and my toiletries are still a lot compared to normal lol but I never make cosmetic swatches and test anymore.

I also keep receiving emails from girls who have been using Isotretinoin and experienced a lot of purging...I feel for them. After quite some time I realized that, I regret using this drug. I think the side effects are not worth it..I missed the peak period of my life which is when I was 23 - I am 28 now (?) Gosh how I completely forgot (see, I purposely tried to forget that phase of my life cause I missed a lot of things!) But anyway...I was desperate at that time and my comedones are really bad..and situation is not getting better because of stress in work, quarter life crisis etc...
Well things happen for a reason, right?

Got to go. Maybe I should do a comprehensive update about my skin soon - or more? haha.



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