Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and my skin conditions – Again.

Well guess what? I am going to blog again about my skin. I really wish there will come a time wherein I wont have to complain about my acne’s and eczema anymore. But I am afraid that only death can separate me from that…lol pardon me for being so morbid. I was reminded of the caricature about accutane I saw wayback wherein it has a drawing of the dead person underneath a blanket with embalmers talking and somebody says, “We’ll at least he died so beautiful without acne” if you found that funny then I believe you empathize with acne sufferers like me hehe.


Just to give you a quick recap of my regime also a quick review. Very quick you wont miss a minute. Nothing in this picture ever worked dramatically on me except Biore UV. Physiogel cream for my eczema, nah. Avene Diacneal for the pimples? NAH! Acne Clear? NAHHH!!!!! Now for the main entry…

Today, I went to my first ever Singaporean dermatologist. Tonight actually cause I basically came after work which is 7pm. I almost missed my appointment. But the Dr is still welcoming although she had to cut me with my stories hahaha. I kept on saying how frustrated I am with my fes!

So she greeted me and offered a hand shake but I was so hesitant to touch her delicate hands as I am afraid I will surprise her with my cracking fingertips! Yez dear, other than acne….its the fingertips. And they are so worse at this moment. I can barely type on my right hand.



If I set my camera on the default one, the picture will look so horrible. This one is set on ISO. High lighting. So as to prevent shocks! Im still embarrassed you know? lol

Anyway she keeps on saying, no no its okay. She understands. So I started blabbering about my eczema for at least 15 mins. She seems so empathic. But I told her, I didnt see her for my eczema, I was here for my acne! Then I started telling her my loooooooong tale about acne. That I went to pills to accutane to tetralysal. Basically I’ve gone through a lot. I also told her that back in the Phils, I am undergoing glycolic peeling every 2 weeks if I have acne and if I am acne free, I do diamond peeling every 2 weeks. After agreeing on what to do on my face, I first asked her about the prices. GULPS, if you convert it to our money, I can already have 4 diamond peelings already in the PH!

I still agreed though. I am so desperate and I am glad I did it cause my face according to my derm is “too much for a woman” LOL come on, she told me that usually people who has an acne problem like me are MEN. mmmk. that made me really sad but what can I do? it is the structure of my body. Plus Singaporean girls are basically blessed with beautiful skin! Singaporean Chinese particularly. I have a Chinese blood (like 1/4? lols) but why I didnt acquire any good skin genes?? ahuhu. Moving on…

The procedure. So the assistant removed my make up on. After that, doctor came to apply the 20% glycolic acid on me. I am not a newbie with this acid so yeah it stings. After few mins, the assistant cleaned my face and we are done. I know what you are thinking, where is the cortizone injection? The doctor didnt even inject my cystic acne’s :( I want her really bad to flatten them but she said, she can make more money out of it but believes that I dont need it cause we are putting chances of spreading the bacteria underneath the skin… so that means, cortizone injection = more MONEY!! HUHU. enough to keep me stressed.

Ok total wallet damage….


Dr gave me something to read  about Oratane (isotretinoin) and Estelle (Contraceptive Pill) She said I should think about it because she thinks my skin problems are hormonal…I dont know I really have to think hard about this! I am so terrified to take another Isotretinoin again and worst, contraceptives!-----had bad experience with this if you follow my skin history! It bled me profusely. So right now, I am a bit torn.

Anyway FOR My pitied scarring, she also suggested some Fraxional chorva. I asked if its called Fraxel and she said, its like that but for 1 session only. Lots of major downtime only like redness and peeling after. So I need to keep myself OFF from public by that time. I said, I can do it while vacationing in the PH. “But arent you going to meet your old friends?” NAHHH Its okay, they can understand. LOLSS I choose to have a clear skin!

The price? 4X the one that I paid today! S***T! but I am willing to save for that. All for the sake of clear skin…sigh.

Anyway, I have to go. Catch up again real soon! My next visit would be two weeks after this treatment. Will let you know the results.




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