Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Seriously something is wrong with me after that incident. I am already up at 2:30 am?! Wtf. I only slept like 4 hrs? This is going to be really bad. Although thank God, I can take a nap anytime. I have the luxury to that right now. But my odesk job has been affected. I cannot do my writing job right now and the task has been given to me since last last week i guess…gosh i need to work on that now. This is all wrong. I need to stop my head from thinking too much. This obsessive compulsiveness is not going me anywhere. And why do I still feel depressed? sigh.

edit its already 5am and i am done with my article writing. At least I did something productive and it felt good somehow. Gosh I want a heavy breakfast. I can smell hotsilog in my imagination. YUMMM. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real life PUNK’D! (Should be SCAM’D!) - LONG BUT WORTH IT.

I woke up around 4am today.

Despite the fact that I slept late and of course who couldn’t forget about what happened yesterday. I feel so drained right now. I think I only slept because I needed to but as soon as my body felt somehow recovered, my brain suddenly hit me with a lot of doubting questions, unending sighs, and of course the piercing feeling of being betrayed. It’s almost depressing. It's actually depressing.

phone-call Last Saturday, I received a phone call from an insistent caller. I wasn't able to answer the call before but while I was waiting for my derm, my cell phone rang and voila its the same number. I picked it thinking it was from another company but I thought of ending the call thinking again its from CitiFinancial reminding me of my aunt’s debt. (This is another story) So there you go we talked. The first few sentences of this caller is like a pure adrenalin rush. It was so fast that you could only assume one thing: A BIG JOB IS WAITING FOR ME. AND I’LL BE RICH!

To fully explain the situation here’s a phrase taken from another blog. Edited to fully explain my side:

1. They always hide the truth [about the company]. They first call you saying you were referred by a friend and that they are in need of a business partner for expansion of a U.S. based company or they are in need of executives with a monthly salary of 20k to 30k per month.

2. Once you show interest, they will tell you to proceed to the [building] and if you ask them what the nature of the job is, they will tell you "it is too long to explain it here over the phone" (hello, what is 5 mins of a rundown)! If you ask what company, they will not tell you first but if you ask again, they say [insert the scumbag’s company].

3. Then you begin to scratch your head and decide to ask if this is network marketing or MLM, and they will tell you "it is not".They will do all misrepresentations, deception, and lies in order for you to proceed to the bldg. They really practice unethical business, and this blog will expose it all.

In my case, #1 happened to me. The caller told me that they got my name from our school’s database. I trusted him thinking it was my school. I worked at our career office before graduation so I know that these things happen. For #2, perfect explanation!!! “I cant explain it on the phone, you need to come over.” The company he said is Kaizen International. It’s a rare opportunity. He selects few and he mentioned something about US blah blah. He doesn't have an email, no website. The evidences are there but I still believed. I’ll tell you why later. For #3, I ASKED HIM VIA PHONE, “You are not a networking company, aren't you? He bluntly said, NO, we aren't. Clear, concise words.

Wait before you raise that eyebrow. I know what I did was really not my character. A friend of mine even said, this is not you. You are always meticulous and you research before you go. But mind you guys, that guy I have talked is skilful. Given the fact that I let myself be fooled, I was swooned by his words.

What pains me more about this is that I actually went there. I had the bad intuition already but I didn't follow it. Did you know that I was in the province right now? I even went to Ortigas for that scumbag? And despite the unbearable heat and the scare of the swine flu, I still went there! Wow, I even waited long at Megamall because the meeting was at 3:30pm. I arrived by 11am. IMAGINE. To kill my time, I went to Netopia. I announced it on my twitter and on my YM friends that I am meeting this guy from Kaizen International and I am quite suspicious of his actions. I told them the name of the guy. Sorry Vincent I have to name drop you. Your surname is safe. See I am still kind despite of what happened, I really don't know why. Me and my friends researched but all we can see are not really the Kaizen International thing that the caller is saying. I told my friends to blotter this guy if they wont hear anything from me after a day. HAHAHA. As serious as that. They were worried. My grandma is worried. My parents didn't know it because I don't want them to worry. I know deep inside this is a scam but I want to see it myself. I already know that a bad news is coming.


I always told myself, whenever an opportunity comes, just go and see what’s in store for you. How to detect a good call? Listen to his English Communication skills. If its good then go. JUST GO. If not good, then lesson learned. Well then its really a lesson learned.

On our scheduled meeting, I went to that building.

I picked up a taxi. PS. I am not an Ortigas person. So I asked the taxi if he knows Robinsons bank beside Linden Suites. Taxi guy is clueless but he knows the Linden Suites. He said, “OCTAGON?” I said, “NO ROBINSON’S BANK BLDG” When we were in that place, I saw it finally. ROBINSONS BUILDING IS IN OCTAGON. Hmm something is really fishy here. Do you know that I even wore a corporate attire? F*** it. Now you can laugh. I went straight to the guard and asked about Kaizen Int’l. Wow how could he not know the company? Along the way I heard another girl asking, “Ano bang meron jan sa Kaizen na yan, Kuya?” I looked at her and talked to her. I learned that she already went to the same building a year ago. Same propaganda. DIFFERENT NAME BUT BOILS TO ONE: NU SKIN.

My jaw dropped. I am already there. I need to know it more myself. The girl that I was talking is really pissed. Who wouldn't be pissed? They are insistent, they are manipulative, they even fooled her twice or thrice! She wants to leave but I convinced her to stay and we will work in team lol. We are determined to smack that first class A-hole’s face.

I couldn't even believe it myself. Several fresh new faces. All of them dressed up for that event. Most are naive and clueless. I am glad I was already informed. I saw some real action of deception. People in their most confident attitude shaking hands with people with confused almost hypnotized persona. Their tactics: look at the name in the logsheet. Call out that particular name, sweet talk and voila, they will let them proceed to a seminar room. I dont know what’s in there but based from my newly founded friend, its a talk where a person says, I got rich from this at 23 blah blahs. YEAH RIGHT.

We waited. Vincent texted us the same forwarded message. It was really A BIG LOL. He asked about what color are we wearing. WTF?! No we didn't answer. I told him I was there waiting. He said, he will let his top executive talk to me. OF COURSE I DONT WANT ANYBODY. I WANT VINCENT HIMSELF. IF THEY INSISTED, I MUST HAVE EXAGERRATED THAT MOMENT AND WILL SHOUT TO EVERYONE, “GIVE ME THAT VINCENT! GIVE ME THAT VINCEEEENT!!!!!!!!!” hahaha but his executive found and talked to my newly founded friend. I texted Vincent that I want to talk to him personally and nobody else. Few minutes went by and he is there. Hmmm. In a corporate suit. OOOOOOOOO.


What happened next is really a BIG LOL AND AN OBVIOUS DECEPTION but since Vincent is really passionate about his work, I didn’t even bother to punch his face (GAY LINGO: JOMBAG) or to scrutinize his work. After all, I am educated and I graduated Psychology. I should understand these personalities. (CECILY’S UNCONCIOUS SELF REAL TERM: Mentally retarded bastard people)

I still cant believe it. I am sad about his work. Despite of what happened I still think he has some good traits. Give him a benefit of a doubt. But I don’t understand how he can live by lying and how he can use it to trick people. I was listening to our conversation again last night. YES I RECORDED IT. I HAVE EVIDENCE. That brought me a lot of emotions. Anger - confusion - pity. Vincent told me his story. It turned out that I was the one interviewing him. He managed to know a lot about us so we should know more about him. He started just like us. Confused, didn't know what to do in life after graduating. Went to a good school not practicing the course. But he chose to live in that kind of lifestyle. He chose to earn money by trapping people to come attend a certain networking seminar. Yes I don't doubt their products. BUT THE KEY IS BELIEVING IN A PRODUCT. I don't even trust their manner of recruiting people, how can I believe in that product? Networking is already taught in Chicago University something or in DLSU or Chiang Kai Chek? FINE. BUT IT DOESNT WORK FOR EVERYONE. Cause first, a real practical person wont use his PHP 12,000 to use the skin care, putting creams on his face, drinking the supplements and waiting for the big pot of gold from heaven. NO. CAUSE YOU HAVE TO DO THE SAME. TRAP AND DECEIVE. Isn't that such a low life living? (Enter Vincent's voice: I didnt force you) Nobody forced us yes, I don’t care even if you did, I might still attend. Remember, I am very eager to answer my curiosity. The psychoanalytic person in me kicks in. I should put that as a thesis next time if I pursue Social Psychology as my MA or PhD. But again its the deception. And the lack of privacy that they have invaded. This is what irks most of us who are angry at NU SKIN.

Vincent is intelligent. He is the perfect manifestation of that movie where Leonardo Dicaprio starred in, Catch me if you can. That might be exaggerated but come to think of it. If he can manage to do one single very minute tiny little white lie, how sure are you that he wont do a black lie later on in his life? Okay that’s not how a Psychologist must answer lol. but really, just asking. Is that what you call living in principles? Where are your values come in? He even taught me about people trail. I rather call it, the Mother Goose Theory. Imelda Marcos[1]Little geese's follow their mother as soon as their eggs hatch right? That’s how according to him the people trail works, you follow the successful person and eventually you’ll be the same. I said, “WOULD YOU FOLLOW BLINDLY?” He said not necessarily blindly. Just base your assumptions with the facts (FACT YOU. CECILY UNCONSIOUS’ SELF TALKS AGAIN SRY). Now he’s really talking. If trapping and sweet talking people is what he is referring as “THE FACT” then I think I will believe with Imelda Marcos when she said, “God is love. I have loved. Therefore, I will go to heaven.”

I'm still investigating about his so called resources. Where did he get my number? To think that I have kept it safe since high school. I am starting to think that my internet based raket has something to do with it. See the price of working home based? It’s risky.

I have to say this, when I went there, I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and tell me, YOU ARE PUNK’D!!! BUT NO ITS REAL LIFE and ASHTON IS NOT EVEN HERE IN THE PHILS. PS. I dont want Carlos Agassi haha.

PS. Kaizen International according to Vincent is his own company. He is a partner of NU SKIN and PHARMANEX. He makes system for them. That system is a euphemism of direct selling. He will say that it is a business development company and the work is a leadership position. When we went there, he reiterated his words saying that I dont remember saying I am offering you a job. I am very careful with my words. And yeah he didn't but he said, its a leadership position so who wouldn't think its not a job? He knows the drill. He knows how to play with words. He should pursue law. Definitely he has a future in that field. If you were deceived as well, don’t be apathetic. Do your job by informing people in the littlest way that you can. I am not sure why they weren’t on XXX yet or in Imbestigador haha. I guess they have played the cards really well.



Monday, May 25, 2009



Apologize for not blogging recently

Oh no. Real life issues are really making me busy nowadays.

Anyway for my homebased job. Yes I am still doing it. I currently have 4 buyers. Two of them are active. I am still waiting for the other inactive buyer to email me about our ebook project. I hope its going to happen because I love to write an ebook. wew big challenge! The other inactive buyer is i dont know. He is my biggest payer but well there's no projects recently...Wonder what will happen to me hehe.

As for my mystery shopping stint, I AM LOVING IT! I get paid to eat and also I am able receive a token for my review yehey hehe. Although I havent been paid yet, which I am hoping to get it next month on the third week (payout), I already made 3 mystery shopping for this month! wow i never thought it would be so much fun. I feel like Inspector Gadget haha.

For my Isotretinoin Update, thank goodness I finally visited my derm last saturday! He put glycolic peel for my face and wow it feels so refreshing. He said that my Isotretinoin course is done and he also commented about my question regarding the oilyness.


Oh yeah he's sort of right. Quite relieved about that for as long as I am not breaking out.

I asked him if there would be relapses?

He said, 20% of people will take the drug again. OH NO. I really hope I am not included in those percentage in the future. Six months---This is the timeframe he said. We will monitor my skin within 6 months. If it's okay, then Istosotretinoin is crossed out. I really hope so. But I will try not to stress much about it.

Okay till then. I really hope to post another big time update next time. Wishes <33

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Isotretinoin short update

I promise its only short lol but I doubt it.

david_archuleta_young19 87219818

Anyway before the Isotretinoin post, I just want to say this, David Cook and David Archuleta: I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!! omg, been following their radio and tv guestings here in the Philippines and I am so thrilled everytime I see them lol. Im such a fangirl. I will not go to the concert later but I am quite satisfied with their media guestings. LOL sorry about Archie’s pic. I can’t resist. That picture is tooo cute! :P

Now back to the real update. Its been 3 weeks since I finished my Isotretinoin course. I was really glad that I am finally done because I am really afraid of that drug. Please ask me about the status of my skin now....
84120110 I can't believe it. Oiliness is back!!!!! UGH. I saw some whiteheads and blackheads. they're quite invisible due to past scars. BUT omg I feel some small bumps again. I havent made any appointments with my derma yet after my last capsule. I think I really need to schedule some date with him. Which unfortunately I cannot afford right now because I am so far from him (I live in the province, he is in Makati) and I have these homebased jobs. Omg but I need to focus this skin. I have invested a lot with my skin and I cant afford to break out again. No. I went to a very difficult isotretinoin course and I hate to go back again. :(

Right now I am thinking of trying the Egg White Mask which I will imitate from this blog: Beauty Reviews. Or I will try the oatmeal mask as well. I am so desperate to counteract this oiliness! Its not the same as I had before Acnetrex but still its oil!

Maybe I got used with the dryness EH? I like the feeling that my face is really intact. The hot and humid weather of the Philippines is not helping my skin either. It’s making my pores larger plus I notice that I perspire a lot! I have like small droplets of sweat in my eyebrows. Its weird, I am thinking of consulting an endocrinologist. LOL am I going too far? Well its making my face like a oil and water mine.

The current cosmetics that I use are: Maxi Peel’s Concealing Cream. It serves as my everyday at home moisturizer. It’s tinted so the scars are barely visible. I dont know if its causing my little breakout though cause I have been using this since I am on Acnetrex. I also use Avon Matte cream in Nude color. This covered my acne scars but since its quite heavy, I dont plan to use it that often. I also have Cover Girls mineral make up which I was raving before not until I realized that this MMU is making my skin darker (A sign that my skin is acidic and therefore oily) I dont like the coverage at all as it only reflects the lines that I have. I feel like I have wasted my money. I want to try Everyday Minerals as I read a fellow Filipina who has the same skin type as I am. Here is her review: The only problem that I have is buying it online. I am quite skeptical with online transactions lol. I never bought anything from the web eversince but I think this will be the first if ever.

Anyway, I’ll try the Egg White Mask later with lime and honey. Hope it works like a miracle!!!

edit: 7:56pm. Tried the Egg White Mask with a little calamansi extract. whisked it, cleanse my face then applied it with a cotton ball. Let it dry for 15 mins then rinsed my face. the result: wow i just had a botox! my skin is smooth. I hope its really great. I plan to use it once a week.


Friday, May 15, 2009

oDesk buyer offered me a new project

First of, Hello to you :)

Today, my first oDesk buyer - The one I told you in my previous post that has suspended my assignment and reopened it again and suspended it then reopened it again LOL as redundant as that, well she suddenly emailed me today offering me another oDesk opportunity. I said Im interested. It's a research job and data entry type of job. I am still trying to weigh my options as I dont have good experience with researching especially if its about people's contact info. Sadly, the job that was given is like that. Anyway, we will see but for now lets thank God for another opportunity.

Note to self:
1. I need to update my Isotretinoin experience. I have been updating in the GT forum but I think I need to post more here so that there's a particular reference.

2. Remind me to post more stuffs about homebased job.

3. Remind me to post my latest beauty purchases.

Wow I have so many stuffs to do. But in the end, I dont finish a lot.

:( PS, Cecy is feeling sad today cause she misses one of her friends. :((


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Searching for Jobs at Odesk


So you already have an oDesk account but you’re still clueless on how to find a job? Well read on and find some helpful tips from me. (hopefully they’re helpful lol)

NOTE: I suppose you are not clueless on how to open an account at oDesk? if YES, Im going to make a tutorial for you next time if ONLY somebody demands.

Let’s take a peek at the image above. This is the typical look of a job advertisement at oDesk. Here you will find the Job Title, the description, the bid and a little information about the buyer (employer).

Things you need to know:

1. Payment Method

If the payment method of your buyer is verified, then don't worry, you’re secured and will be paid as per oDesk policies. If its NOT VERIFIED, you’ll risk of not getting paid at the end of your assignment. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are bogus, some buyers are fairly new with oDesk and they need at least 3 days to process their payment method. If they haven't verified it within the time frame, oDesk will take care of that lol. CECILY TIP: I personally choose the verified method because its less hassle less stress.

2. Invitations

What are the signs that your buyer is a bogus? They send numerous invitations but they don’t necessarily hire any provider. This is a common situation in oDesk and you must always look at this part. Especially if the bid is inviting say for example $100+ for a few hours. I have accidentally applied to one and I immediately reported it at oDesk. The end result: Buyer is vacuumed out of oDesk.

3. Job Description

A good description provides every detail you need for a job. Some buyers dont expand this thing and they prefer to discuss it thru email or interview. CECILY TIP: I prefer buyers who send samples and those that write a lot. In this way, I can assess my skills if I am really fit for the job. If you find the job enticing, apply and ask for more details and then lastly, evaluate your conversations with the buyer.

4. Feedback

This is a subjective one. Its undeniable that we cannot please everybody and therefore the buyers cannot please their providers as well. Some exceptions though, a feedback is like a scar. It can be permanent if you wont try to make it look good. For a buyer with a feedback lower than 3 is quite dubious. You can always read the reason behind the low score. Just hover your mouse in the magnifying glass icon beside the feedback. If the reason is negotiable to you, then give it a try. But if the feedback tells something about professionalism and work ethics, move on otherwise you’ll end up messing your oDesk experience.

Anyway, that’s fairly it. If you have more tips then comment them out! Remember, its not always about the bid. Yes you do freelance in order to earn but a good freelancer is someone who reads, analyze, carefully judge and an intelligent bidder.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have said in my previous post that I was hired from oDesk without an interview and this buyer of mine is asking me to write something about this specific old time radio. They are clear and they are entertaining. Its like listening to Hairspray or Pleasantville. Okay so I can't fulfill the duties of a writer now as another homebased job suddenly emailed me and I needed to prepare for this cause its going to be a long time job. Im going to teach actually and I needed to make my own lessons. lol. So please if anyone is interested for this job, please contact me asap. You need to be a good english writer please.

I'll give 50% of the earnings or 100% of it if you want and I can talk to my buyer and hire you instead!

Thanks. Need this ASAP!!

email@ cecilysummer (@)

UPDATE: As of May 4, I am closing this ad. :)


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