Monday, January 25, 2010

[Review] Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout


I’ve been in a “The Perfect Barbie Doll lipstick” hunt for quite some time now. And my frugal self is not allowing me to buy any MAC products. LOL i don't know. I swore to not buy in that MAC store in Glorietta again due to my disappointment towards their sales attendants. I’d like to rant more but bleh this is not about MAC. BUT should I buy MAC in the future, it would be in the other country.

Moving on, I’ve been seeing a lot of people in the Biz wearing the lovely pink lipstick. They vary from bright pink to sheer pink. Its so lovely to look at even though I loathed wearing pink in my lips before. I own a sheer pink gloss before and I felt like I ate a lechon baboy when i wore it cause its so shiny it added to my oiliness! UGH. BUT cause of media and all, I developed likeness towards it in the end.

I actually failed with my first hunt. I first bought Maybelline in Cozy Tangerine. I thought it looked nice when I tested it but as soon as I went out under the natural lights….UH OH. FAIL. So I don’t really use it very often. Then the likeness towards pink grew deeper and deeper so I decided to find another alternative again. This time I found Revlon’s Pink Pout.

DSC05589 DSC05550

I fell in love with it when i tried it in my hand. It really looked nice under the flourescent bulb. I didn't try it in my lips cause I am very particular with testers. I told the SA to try it on her instead AND guess what she replied? “MAM, bawal po kami mag try” I did a WTF face in front of her and said, “PWEDE KAYA!” I mean how in the hell would anyone know if you have tried it? You are an SA for pete’s sake and that is only a tester. When a customer ask, you respond to it right? geee. If I know she’s akso a germaphobic like me! hahha. srrry for the light rant haha. In the end, she followed me haha.


I tried it with Carmex. It didnt work. The Carmex is too waxy and my lips ended up waxy as well. So I tried without anything and the results are nice!


I currently like it! The pictures are with flash so they seem to be reflecting too much light but nevertheless with a full make up on, the lipstick looked great on my skin. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow during daytime. :) But I actually imagine it with a Smokey eyes + pale pink lipstick.


Revlon Pink Pout lipstick costs, PHP 475.00 roughly US $10.00.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

[Review] 78 Color Coastal Scents Palette + “unboxing” my Supersale lootbag

unboxing-the-supersale-bagThere’s no such thing as unboxing a lootbag cause the bag is not a box lol but for the sake of proceeding, I shall make it as such! I delayed my gratification last night  because I want to touch the bag when I am fully rested and not tired. So I opened it this morning. I also tried out the things that I bought such as the palettes and brushes. In the latter part of this entry, I tried to make a semi-baked eye tutorial. Semi cause its not a full blown tut. Please remember that I am not a pro even though the girl in the Supersale asked me if I am a make up artist hahaha. I told her “I am a so called make up artist” LOL funny. Come join me as I “unbox” my lootbag :)



DSC04814 It’s not that much lol sorry for disappointing you, my shopaholic reader. :) Let us open it one by one.


The zebra bag is the 16 pcs brush set, the covered one in white is the 78 Coastal Scents Palette and lastly Carmex lipbalm.

Michelle Phan said in one of her YT that this is great and everything that Michelle uses, I use it too lol. And my own verdict is: Carmex is great! ITS true that it soothes, heals, protects. Recently, my lips are cracking due to the cold weather. I used this yesterday after buying it and I can say that right now, my lips are moist and not cracking! Though it has a slightly off  smell its still great for the lips that always crack.


Now for the star of the night!


The ingredients have ALL the three parabens. But I dont know why I don't really care? lol I don't want to spoil the moment. And right now the make up artist in me is kicking in more than the environmentalist/ natural products lover in me. That’s basically what I bought. Only three pieces. The prices are: For Carmex: PHP 80, CS 78 Palette: PHP 850 and the 16 Pieces brush set: PHP 1000. Amounting to a total of PHP 1930. I didn’t hoard unnecessarily. This would be my first make up kit if ever cause I have been using ELF eye shadows for months now. :)

The 88 palette is much more popular than the 78 color Palette (the one I have) I would love to own the 88 Palette in (Matte, Warm and Shimmer) but I realized its not practical. The 78 Palette has a mix of all the colors (Matte to Shimmer and a little bit of the Warm. It also have blushes (the bigger pots) So I guess, I made the right choice for practicality sake! If in the future, I'm going to make make up as a business, I’ll probably buy all of it including the lipstick palette and the contour set. But overall, the CS palettes are all good for those budding make up artist. They have a lot of colors to practice on in relatively small amount.

Lets test the colors, shall we?? (this is sort of a tutorial)

coastal-scents-78-palette-2 Say hi to my fruity nails! :)


^ # 6 as my eyebrow color. # 7 as my eyebrow highlighter.


    1. Used to spread the yellow base and orange outer V.
    2. Used as a blender brush
    3. Soft Angled brush used for the upper and lower lid and to fill my eyebrows
    4. Used to brush my bushy eyebrows

For a detailed colors, I used Photoshop to illustrate: I wish the colors looked like these though! MY Body Shop Primer is not good in brightening the colors. I shall buy a better one next time. See next pictures.

1 2 3 4 5




Put mascara in the end. :) Yes, I didn't put mascara cause this is just a test but it turns out great so I made a tutorial. I also didn't put any black or brown pencil liner or liquid/ gel liner cause I want the green and pink lids to stand out. This is actually wearable everyday. Its not really shocking. cause the yellow – orange – lavender bases are not really heavily applied.

The verdict: ★★★★★ 5 stars! Coastal Scents 78 Color Eyeshadow is so great! It’s a must have for girls who love make up. Its relatively cheaper than Mac and other branded palettes. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it in the Philippine market even in Singapore, Malaysia or any other countries except US. CS is based in US and I havent tried buying online. This is the reason why I really went to the Supersale at the Rockwell Tent because I know that Dollface Cosmetics are there and they sell these palettes. I know that they do not say that their palettes are from Coastal Scents but by merely looking at it, we all know that they are almost the same. Am I right? :)

I cant wait to make another eye creation! Should I start making Face of the Day next time? hmmmm.


tadah xoxo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Supersale at the Rockwell Tent – for 2 days!

I was there with another shopping best friend! Sadly only for today but its totally fine cause I have limited my budget to hoarding ONLY Coastal Scents Palette and Brushes and Carmex. So happy cause another wish list done!DSC04789





DSC04798 DSC04799 DSC04800

Supersale at the Rockwell Tent is until tomorrow so if you are free, drop by from 10am-9pm. It has an entrance fee of PHP 80 though but If you are also into Coastal Scents like me, just go to Dollface – located at the back near the stall selling soaps and another door (i forgot the name!) Dollhouse is pretty recognizable cause they have the Palettes aligned in their stall. And BTW, the PHP 80 has a wonderful pink lootbag (see pic) and all proceeds go to the icanserve foundation.

I'm so tired right now but in the next few days, hopefully I can make my own review of the Coastal Scents or the Dollface eyeshadow Palettes.

DSC04794 DSC04791

Who doesn't like SALES?? :)

And its nice to go back again at Rockwell, still got a lot of pretty faced familiar people. Saw a drama actor, a newscaster, a magazine tv host, a former classmate whom I didnt greet hahaha and lots of Koreans. lovely!

tadah xoxo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

All about SKIN and Isotretinoin Update

86497043 First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

This would be for my personal records but on January 26, 2010, it would be my 9th month OFF Isotretinoin (Acnetrex) - A potent drug that I took for my nasty zitz last June 2008 till April 26, 2009.

Link to my Isotretinoin History

Consumed 22 boxes and 8 more tabs.

Around late August, I felt my skin was breaking out one by one and I noticed that it only occurs when I am stressed and with no sleep. Its also probably due to the fact that I also stopped putting Adapalene (cause I was stubborn and lazy)

I had another dermatologist by this time because I relocated to the province (But I had no intentions of leaving my previous derm in Makati) so this 2nd derm told me that I have to take more of this drug cause I am complaining for occasional zits. Still haven't decided until now if I will take another course (in lesser quantity)

Then I had my first diamond peel around September. Then another diamond peel before October. Results are satisfactory! Now I can put make up flawlessly. But I need to do more to remove the scars completely. I stopped the diamond peel because I want to visit my 1st derm about my diamond peel procedure. Which until now I havent done yet due to uhh delayed scheduling heehee.

PS. I think it will take me until January 19 to visit Makati again so I will just go and have another diamond peel by Tuesday.

Before the diamond peel I’ve tried several cleansers like Dessert Essence and VMV Superskin 3. But I still stick to Cetaphil until this time.

My regimen during the diamond peel is:

Morning: Clindamycin (spot treatment), Olay White Radiance Old Formula SPF 19

Evening: Adapalene, Whitening Cream (from 1st derm)

When I continued Adapalene and Clindamycin, my zits have improved.

And my regimen at the moment is:

Cleanser: Cetaphil

Morning: *Clindamycin + VMV Sunblock from Superskin 3

Evening: *VMV Superskin 3 Toner (every other day) + Whitening Cream

I dont use the Adapalene anymore cause I want to finish the VMV Toner.

For the (*) asterisk, I dont put them everyday. I have to check my face if it feels sensitive and burning, I stop at least a day until I feel like I can continue putting them again to my face.

Sometimes, I use Apple Cider Vinegar when I feel like I want to rest off chemical products and needed some natural remedies.

Definitely Sunblock is my #1 protection and I cannot bear to remove it to my regimen. Avoiding the sun is a must!

I still get zits like 1 or 2 once in a while but they are controllable. And I notice that I only breakout after putting make up for 8 hrs with no washing of face OR a day/week/month of NO QUALITY SLEEP and POOR DIET.

Oh by the way, I am a semi vegetarian since November of 2008. I rarely have red meat in my diet. I eat brown rice and I drink water a lot. Although I love eating sweets, they are only in small amounts.

DSC03681And I am also particular with the products I use to my face, hair and skin. If I use a certain hair product, I avoid those with strong fragrances. I also test at least a day to two weeks if its compatible to my face. My hair currently likes the products of Shine Moist (Shampoo and Hair Wax Treatment-NOT the color treated one) and Citre Shine (Conditioner). For my skin, seems like AVEENO loves me because it keeps my skin moisturized and it doesn't give me any zits at all. And as much as possible with cosmetic products particularly with the foundation and face powder, I use hypoallergenic ones like VMV/ Clinique/ Laura Mercier. But with the eye shadow, ELF is ok. Its better to be safe for the foundations and face powders because you put a lot of these on your face as compared to the eye shadows.

DSC01463Link to the history of my Skin Allergy and Eczema is below which is already cured now (they really crack like el nino).

I don't like to complicate much my skin regimen. If do, then I will be stressed out and as I have said, stress gives me ZITS. :)



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