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[Review] Eucerin Balancing Toner and Dermo Purifying Scrub

Searching for a Suitable Toner.

Proceed to the lower part for the actual review. This is going to be a picture heavy post. Join me as I search for my perfect toner. :)

I was never a believer of toners because first, my current derm told me that toners dont really work. They are just a pseudo product applied on the skin like a placebo drug which does really nothing with any particular illness. Secondly, toners are another way for me to spend money with my face (not again). But I have mentioned Dr. Neal Schulz before this entry and I am convinced with his explanation why toners are important on our skin. He basically said that toners remove the residues on our face say for example the facial cleanser that wasn't washed off completely or the make up that wasn't washed off too. Because of the little alcohol content that our skin can tolerate, the skin becomes fresh after wiping it with toner. And an important thing to consider, a toner prepares the skin for any acne treatment. So I followed Dr Neal instead of my real derm because he made more sense to me hehe. I used the remaining Dickinson’s Witch Hazel that I have just for the sake of putting a toner before my Isotrex Gel.

Sometime ago, I went to my derm and asked for any product that would help me reduce the grease on my face. Because after 30 mins, my face is already shiny and so unsightly! ugh. She then told me to purchase Avene Cleanance Toner. I told her, I thought toners are not effective. She reiterated and said that Avene can help me lessen the oiliness of my face because it leaves a matte finish. I am convinced but not with the price. Back in her clinic, she sells it for 2K+ or so. I didnt even bother to purchase ahaha. When I went here in Singapore, I was shocked to see it in Watsons and that it was only sold for $40 (PHP 1,320 if $1=33) I wanted to buy it immediately but hesitated because I still think it is expensive. So I waited another 1 week to rethink about it. My Witch Hazel is running out so I need to decide fast. Then today, I hunted for the suitable toner for my skin…I went to Guardian to search….

DSC07690 DSC07691 DSC07692

So a random observation of a particular product. Wonder how that Skin Analyzer works lol looks so funny especially with the third pic. O3? wow that looks really odd. Ozone Clean & Whitening Beauty Kit. hehehe.~


I wanted to purchase the Eucerin Dermo Purifying toner (the clear Green Bottle) But after reading reviews in, I keep on rethinking. Then I saw this brand, Organic Surge beside Eucerin, it claims to be organic but the product contains phenoexyethanol. Who the F are they lolling?? The toner smells good tho but no no on my skin. Pretty expensive as well huh.

DSC07698 DSC07697

Saw Evian Small Mist Bottle sold for $5. Closer to the price in the Philippines. Then saw these pretty familiar shampoo. I thought I can only see these in Healthy Options haha.

DSC07699 DSC07700 DSC07702

And its interesting to find my favorite lavender smell from Healing Garden (lavender therapy) I used this wayback in 1999. Brings back the memories :) Also, another one spotted, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer but in SPF 70 WOW! Only for $17.

Sorry I was getting out of the topic. Now lets move on to the real hunt!

I tried walking to the Avene corner for at least 30 mins until the SA finally went to me and told me the most boring sales talk ever. I want to get rid of her so I went to Eucerin. This time, I bought it before the SA will try to entice me again.



I bought the scrub as well just because…for exfoliating purposes. Since I do not visit my derm within my SG vacay, I thought I might need this. I think the price is $18 for the Toner and $21 for the Facial Scrub. SO that means I am close to $40 value for the Avene Cleanance. But at least I bought two than one.

Anyway I bought the Toner for the sensitive skin because my face gets really dry after washing my face. I bought the Scrub which is a little harsh and can only be used for at least 1-2 day per week so that means I am in the middle (not too over drying and oil producing). LOL I dont know where I got that logic but you see, as a girl I am really indecisive with beauty prods.

[Review] Eucerin Balancing Toner for Sensitive Skin

Price: SGD 18 (less than 600 PHP)

The toner itself has a watery consistency. Actually, when applied to skin, it feels like you have just put water only a bit moisturizing. So far so good, I like this toner because my skin doesn't react negatively to it. No smell, not stinging. What more can I ask for? It prepares my face from my topical treatments very well and it lives to its tagline: for sensitive skin. I use this on the morning and evening after cleansing. I also use this to refresh my face in the afternoon especially if I was really sweaty and went after a polluted/smoky place.

Note: If you have used this and think that the product doesnt do anything on your face, dont give up on it. The neutral effect is a good indicator that the product is good on the face.

Verdict: ★★★★☆

Recommended? WHY YES!!!

[Review] Eucerin DermoPurifyer Scrub

Price: SGD 21 (less than 700 PHP)

Another great product to use! The scrubs are almost similar with St Yves Apricot scrub although a bit softer or should I say smaller. Nevertheless, if you put it on the face for such a long time (like more than a minute), the skin will sting. The scrub helped me remove my make up/ foundation completely. You see, make up remover and a cleanser is not enough to have a clean face. This scrub also exfoliates my skin, leaving a smooth skin surface which makes my face ready for a make up. One side note though, exfoliating everyday is not advisable cause it will only irritate the face. So I use this every other day except when I feel like I had a very sweaty day. Use in moderation lol just like how cigarette packs tell. I also use this more often in the nose where I had a couple of whiteheads.

Verdict: ★★★★☆

Recommended? VERY YES!!!

Not really raving A LOT, but Eucerin Products are currently compatible with my skin, so, THUMBS UP! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

[Review] Face Sunblocks from Neutrogena, VMV Armada & Biore


Again, Paragraph 3 for the real review. :)

Summer came early in the Philippines and as a person who likes to take care of her skin, a sunblock is a must. I have known some people who are not a believer of sunblock mainly because their skin doesn't really make a difference after putting it on but believe it or not the sun and its harmful rays can cause premature aging on our skin. Normally, these aging signs doesn't show up instantly. If you don't protect your skin now, the results will come rushing after 10 or few more years. Take note: even if its not sunny and even if we are indoors, we should still put sunblock in the morning because the sun is still there and the UVA/ UVB/ UVC can still penetrate the skin. Sunblock is also as equally important especially for those with acne prone skin like I have. Because we put treatments on our face (whether it is Benzoyl Peroxide, retinoic acid, isotretinoin, adapalene, clindamycin etc) Putting sunblock is a must because we are only creating double damage in our skin if we dont. I recommend watching Dr Neal Schultz’ video's about Sunscreen here: He answers question too if you mail him! I am a testimony to that. Its like having another dermatologist online. :)

In my case, I have an on and off relationship with sunblock. I was using tretinoin when I first encountered it. However, the sunblock didn't really work on my skin because my face is horribly red after. And the sunblock that my derm prescribed worsened the burning sensation caused by the tretinoin. I endured it for a year cause I thought it was normal. Then came another dermatologist but he didn't prescribe me a sunblock for everyday use. He only gave me one when I was in a beach. I wondered why. Probably because I was massively breaking out then, sunblock might make my situation worst. When I was on Isotretinoin and have cystic acne, I didnt use sunblock. When I got clear, I instantly purchased moisturizers with sunblock with at least SPF 15 (the minimum) such as Olay White Radiance, Maxi Peel Concealing Cream, VMV Spring Clean Moisturizer and others I forgot. My face has improved then. It was this time I have realized the importance of Sunblock because it helps me avoid any damage on my face such as acne. I don't really settle with one type of Sunblock and I am always on the look out for the sunblock that doesn't give me break out, shiny face, and no allergic reaction on my nose.

At the moment, I have been using three main sunblocks on my face.

DSC07526 DSC07528 DSC07533

VMV Armada Face and Body Shield 60

Price: PHP 900 in 30g (Expensive for a small tube)

A little matte finish consistency, not that runny and dense, easy application, a little tinted (see the tube color when opened) and it hides blemishes in the face creating a smooth look. The smell is not that harsh and I have used it around my eyes and it didn't cause any bad reaction. I really like this! However, I am saddened with the price cause it cant afford my budget for everyday use.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex (PA+++)*

Price: PHP 400+ (I am not sure but its only less than PHP 500) for 88ML. Wow it takes forever to finish! :)

Creamy consistency, very dense, leaves a heavy white cast on the face, the fragrance is too strong that it stung my eyes and my nostrils had an allergic reaction. The smell disturbed me as it gave me headache towards the day. I used it together with VMV Armada on my eyes-nose- corner of lips, and the Neutrogena around my forehead, cheeks, jawline. I tried this for few weeks and I notice a little oil mine after 2 hours without powder or foundation on the face. Not really lightweight as it claims. The Helioplex that they mentioned is a stablizer. Meaning, it doesnt break down upon exposing the skin in the sun. Some Sunblocks really break down in the sun because they do not have stabilizing ingredients.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ (PA+++)*

Edited: May 11, 2010

Price: SGD 12.50 (Roughly PHP 400) for 30g

Very runny consistency, easy application, leaves a matte finish. Perfect as a make up base because it leaves the face smooth and oil free. Too drying for dry skin. Comes with four variant (White for Oily Skin, Purple for Dry Skin, Pink for the Rosy glow effect and BLUE for both face and body usage) Lightweight! No disturbing smell on the face after application.

I suggest the White Variant for the acne prone. Being an acne prone myself, I have found this product very compatible with my skin! Not clogging at all. I even put it twice a day. (Early morning and mid afternoon) And it definitely improved my face. I guess being protected from the sun can really have a lot of benefits!

This product is a bit drying. Trust me, as an oil mine person, I am still surprised that my skin became dry after 3 months of usage most especially with the lines in my eyes. Solution? After putting Biore, leave for at least 10 mins, then put a moisturizer around the fine lines of your eyes.

I even use this product without putting powder or foundation. This goes to show that, it corrects my skin tone and it stays matte for at least 4 hours.

*the more plus on the P.A., the better protection. VMV has no PA cause it uses European scale. PA is started by the Japanese sunblock manufacturers.


  1. ★★★★★ Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+
  2. ★★★★☆ VMV Armada Face and Body Shield 60
  3. ★★★☆☆ Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex (PA+++)

Biore is already my #1. I am really surprised with this product cause after using it for 3 months, my skin improved and its definitely not oily at all compared before and when I ran out of this, I couldn't find a better alternative. I tried my VMV Armada which is stocked in my kit but unfortunately, after 10 mins, my skin became OILY, STICKY and overall, uncomfortable. I realized that VMV is very moisturizing and I wasn't able to notice that before. I dont use Neutrogena anymore in my face because I couldn't take the smell at all.


Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+

VMV Armada Face and Body Shield 60

and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex (PA+++)

  • Neutrogena is not really recommended for the sensitive skin. But its a great alternative if you ran out of Biore or Armada.

    Meanwhile for the body, I currently using Alba Boanicals Green Tea. It has a strong smell as well but I am about to finish it and will use my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer for the face next time.

    Happy Summer and stay protected, everyone!


  • [Review] Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Shampoo


    The first two paragraphs are just a long intro. Skip to paragraph 3 for the review.

    Hi Girls and Guys (if any guy really reads my blog), how are you all doing? I know, I know its been a looooong time since I posted an update. The reason is, I am currently in Singapore and really enjoy my time looking all the beauty products. UNFORTUNATELY, I only have to settle with looking cause darn, the next thing I know, I'm short of money already haha. Gosher this place is so expensive. Why am I here? I am here for a short vacation and also to look for a job just like any Pinoy’s out there hehe. Uh-huh I am aware of the discrimination against Pinays but that’s not going to stop me from earn a living here hehe. I’m with a relative with a PR wife so that saved me a lot of money already for the rent and food.

    How is my oDesk job? I basically didn't completely abandoned it but rather, I asked for a temporary leave. Thankfully, my buyer is really kind and understood my situation. SO basically I am not earning right now and I am here in Singapore spending money everyday and getting a big shock of my lifetime (cause of loss of money hehe) Take note: I bought my plane ticket and shop around using my oDesk money. WOHOO. I always go to the beauty shops especially to Sephora, Sasa (KR shop), Watsons, Guardian, John Little and other thrift shops.  But I only window shop cause damn, if you really want to buy then you need lots of $$$$$$.

    DSC06755Moving on to our Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Shampoo. I have known this shampoo since 2007 because of Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) Quick history: I am a wild fangirl of Japanese Boybands back then before becoming obsessed with beauty products. HAHA. Yamapi is like an ultimate crush back then (well until today but I am not that wild as before haha) So one time, he sent a photo of this on his Jweb (a cellphone based blog) and telling his followers that he uses this and it really makes his hair soft and great. Basically, I am convinced cause of him. You know how fangirls blindly follow their idols right? Initially I don't really intend to buy this here in Singapore but when I accidentally went to John Little, I saw this on the shelf and it was sold for SGD 18 with a travel bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner. Pretty cheap in my opinion because I thought this costs about SGD 40-50 or so…Well based from what I read before in Livejournal. So I bought it quickly since I am trying to save my blonde highlights. Yeah I want to look like a Gyaru haha. Quite a success cause when I was in a bus one time, somebody told me, “Do you need help? I thought you are a Japanese.” YESS! high fives.

    PS. The Shampoo alone comes with another Mini Bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner (Good for travelers out there!) Well look at that photo of the tip of the hair. From the looks of it, I thought the shampoo is really effective. Plus its Shiseido, what do I need to doubt? haha. Over biased reaction.

    Price: SGD 18 (PHP 594 if conversion is 33)

    Packaging: Very bulky and heavy (550 ML) but great pump design.

    Smell: Very floral. Love it. However my sense of smell is really sensitive. Sometimes it gives me head ache and few sneezes.

    Look more on this for ingredients and details:

    I didn't know that Tsubaki is a Camelia Flower. Heh. Anyway, last night I first tried the shampoo along with the travel sized conditioner. I was really excited to take a bath. At first, I thought the shampoo application just gave me a normal feeling. When I used the conditioner, that’s when I felt that my locks were soft and smooth. (ERR of course its a conditioner) If the conditioner is the wonder product then too bad for me cause I only have the shampoo lol. And then after two days of using it, I actually like it. My hair is soft yeah but I still don't know within the next few days. And I love the smell after waking up cause the shampoo fragrance is so distinct in my head. I thought this is going to be my signature smell for the next few months. Also I noticed that my hair is quite tame today. Not really frizzy at all when I go out. Again, it is too early to tell the real results cause I was only using this for 2 days straight but as my initial score, I will give it:

    4.5 ★★★★☆ (err I cant find a half shaded star please bear with the 4 stars haha)

    04/30/10 EDIT: After a month of using this, I finally can say that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT so much!!! The fragrance is not really bothering me at all. My nose kindda get used to it. Yes, my hair is softer and smoother. My gorgeous blonde highlights is saved because of this shampoo!

    Recommended? YES! for an $18 value, its a great try! especially if you are trying to save your color treated hair.

    WOW just look at that commercial. And the girl in 00:07 is Maki! *not a fan really but oh wells she is famous in Japan hahah*

    Finally, I already know what Yamapi felt when he used this shampoo haha.





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