Friday, September 11, 2009

[oDesk] Do you check the background of your buyer?

88506245 I do.

Well for most of my buyers. Yes I try to check them out other than their working feedback from oDesk. Let me tell you a story I experienced few minutes ago. Yes. Just minutes ago.

I applied for a very lucrative job posting. The buyer’s payment method is verified, working feedback is 4.43/5.00 (still passable) and the very nice thing is: I can design! Yep. I’ll be using my graphic skills finally. I want to graduate as an administrative support! heh~

The buyer responded immediately. And told me straight ahead that she can pay me below my rate. Note that its not less than 50% – IT IS A 90% DROP OF MY RATE. Hmmm. I'm quite hesitant but immediately relieved to see that I have less than 50 hrs a week to work. Come to think of it, its still a good deal IF I'm guaranteed to be paid for 50 hrs a WEEK. But it didn't work that way.

We exchanged few messages while I checked this buyers background. I read the feedback of his hired providers. I was not that satisfied with the comments. Something is really lacking, i felt. I researched for her name on Google. At first, there are no relevant searches. Until I have clicked a link with my buyer’s name.

At this moment, I am already negotiating about my rate. The buyer obviously doesn't want to talk about it. I am not liking the mood of our conversations. I don't like the feeling that I am not worth my rate.


200410241-001 *a relative psychological emotion of freelancers whenever he/she feels inadequate, unloved, unimportant, PLUTOED. Commonly cause of distress are prick, low IQ and EQ buyers.

So my inner Oprah talked to me. Child, No don't feel depressed. This buyer is not worth your time. You know you’re more than that. But of course the oDesk depression didn't stop that way. It only stopped until I found a great information about my potential buyer. Thanks to Google.


In case you didn't notice: There are words like criminal and termination in that website. I wont provide the site name anymore for privacy sake and I don’t believe in attacking because my buyer didn't directly do anything wrong to me.

In short, the buyer’s family members were involved in a serious case. One involves death. Erm ye morbid. I am not sure of the resolution. I am assuming they have changed their company name cause they still have a common word in both their new and old company names.

In short, I don't want to be associated with a company like that.

In short, it was not my loss if my buyer didn’t hire me.

In short, I was able to relieve my oDesk depression.

In short, I'm back again to scouting other buyers. Potentially GOOD and with clean slate backgrounds.

PS. The buyer didn’t reply after my last question. The candidacy has not yet ended but I am assuming it will be after the buyer has found another provider that will agree with her terms.

PPS: The buyer replied but I didn't bother to answer again.

Lesson learned:

objectspeople2-0371. Know your worth. Don't go way below your rate.


3. Don’t Settle for LESS. (I know it sounds like #1 but I really want to stress this out)

4. Call your inner Oprah once oDesk depression strikes!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[Tutorial] Unionbank EON Card for the Dummies

eon1 This is a CANDID step by step tutorial that aims to help freelance consultants like me who currently works online and receives payment online. Note: this tutorial specifically is linked with oDesk, PayPal and Unionbank payment system. I believe it is still applicable to other online jobs such as selling or buying at eBay. You can figure it out. lol.

Everything is linked from my experience so its still the freelance consultant’s choice to follow my practices. What I can only promise is a guaranteed payment and lesser fees to shell out. Also, it is based on the principle of PATIENCE. So if you are the type who is in a hurry to hold your $10 payment in flesh, then this is not for you.

Please be advised that I am not a mathematical person and I hated math and is totally bad at budgeting but I am an Obsessive Compulsive person and I like to list all the things I have done in an organized way. *wink*


A. oDesk – website for freelancers. (see more of my blog entries here or better yet HERE.

B. PayPal – Your online Bank Account.

C. UnionBank Eon Card or oDesk Payoneer Card – Your Debit card which you will link to PayPal to receive payments or buy online.

Here is a glimpse of what I did.

1. I applied at oDesk. I worked until I have received a considerable amount of money.

2. After a month, I want to withdraw my money. I felt impatient already. I applied at the official debit card of oDesk which is Payoneer. My research says it is the most convenient.

3. I received my card after a month and while trying to activate it, I read some good reviews about Unionbank EON card. I researched and I laid down the pro’s and cons of the two debit cards.

  Bank Account   IN USD IN PESOS - 47 PHP
CHARGES Payoneer Payoneer activation fee $9.95 467.65
    oDesk to Payoneer $2.15 101.05
    monthly maintenance fee (July & August) $6.00 282.00


$18.10 PHP 850.70
  EON - Paypal PayPal verification fee $1.95 PHP 91.65
    oDesk to PayPal $1.00 PHP 47
    annual fee $7.46 PHP 350
        more than 7K to withdraw = free

★★★★★      TOTAL:  

$10.41 PHP 488.65       ★★★★★

* PayPal Verification fee is crossed out because technically it will be deducted BUT will be given back after the verification process.

4. I decided to choose UnionBank as my Debit card after looking at my comparison chart. *ching!*

Now My UnionBank EON Card History

1 1st Day applied for Unionbank EON card.  
2   submitted two valid IDs.  
3   waited for 1 week  
4 7th Day called the branch office to confirm my card  
5   redeemed my card at the branch office and gave 350 as a payment annual card fee
6   checked my balance at the branch ATM = 0 PHP  
7   activated my account online at home  
8   waited for the activation (two-four business days as per Unionbank)  
9 13th Day can now log in and required to change my online transaction pin  
10   withdraw funds from oDesk to PayPal - $1 fee  
11   withdraw funds from PayPal to EON card- still unsuccessful  
12   In Paypal, I saw “transfer thru bank account vs. card”  
13   I chose bank account which is free for 7K above funds  
14   I was rejected for PayPal debit/credit card verification I think because my EON card has zero balance
15   I don’t want to choose the other option because it will cost me $5 and its longer to process this site helps
16 71st Day deposit PHP 1000 at the branch office  
17   log again to PayPal to verify  
18   log to PAYPAL to confirm debit card details  
19   put my card number details  
20   log in to EON account  
21   searched for mini statement  
22   charged 98 PHP or 1.95 USD at EON card which was given back at PayPal  
23   confirmed in PayPal the XXXXPAYPAL in the statement  
24   log out for safety  
25 82nd Day I finally withdraw funds from oDesk to PayPal TOTAL AMOUNT FEE: $ 2 ONLY from the first oDesk withdrawal
26   I finally withdraw funds from PayPal to EON card TOTAL MONEY NEEDED FOR BANK APPLICATION: 350 (Annual Maintenance Fee + 1000 (deposit)
27   Wait 2-4 business days for me to receive my funds! *CHING!*  


Yes it took me 82 days to withdraw my funds. Take note that this is not the recommended and ideal. Few factors that resulted to delays are becoming busy at life and therefore I became idle at oDesk.

Few Advices:

1. Wait until you can save until PHP 7,000 at oDesk. This is to avoid the PHP 50 fee for any less than 7K. (I am that frugal!) This means work hard and search hard for legitimate buyers who pay really well and those that gives bonuses!

2. When you receive your Unionbank EON Card, deposit money immediately to avoid the hassle of being rejected for Paypal Verification.

3. If you are like me who got the Payoneer first than the Unionbank EON card, no matter how many times the email says: “Activate your Card now!” DONT DO SO UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY THE ACTIVATION FEE WHICH IS $9.95. gulps.

4. When choosing which account to choose in Paypal, I go for Personal Account. Business accounts are for the sellers who receive big amounts of money. I believe personal account has lesser fees.

5.  Check the foreign exchange rate! Be aware thought that Paypal has unbelievably lower rate than what you see in the banks, tv, newspapers etc.

6. Do not withdraw during holidays cause obviously Unionbank is closed.






Well I guess I’ve covered enough. If you have questions just comment here. I need to rest. Oh did I say that, I have a flu right now? Can’t help but to post up this tutorial. ^^



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