Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Odesk Update

Too many things happened and along the way, my plans have changed.

An Update about my Hunk Mexicanovela Buyer?

K. After reporting him to oDesk, he suddenly communicated with me. Turns out that our royal hunkness went on a vacation or so because he was too exhausted (probably) to reply after a flight. Well, I still sound interested to work with him during our conversations. Unfortunately due to time difference, we cant seem to put our schedules in one. I have lost interest in him - I mean in the job lol and so I didn't take another effort to catch him on line.

Luckily I was fortunate to have another interview from an interesting buyer. The rate is low but the hours I can render per week is a big chunk.

It was all fast and the next think I know, the buyer hired me. The interview was great because my skills were tested and with less talk more of the “prove yourself'” in a systematic way. So I must say I have proven my worth in this job.

Inner Oprah talking again…

Sometimes you get really excited to work on a new project. You feel so overwhelmingly blessed and you start to become inspired to work immediately. When you have learned the ins and outs of it, your esteem becomes so low. You doubt your skills. From 100% confident to a whooping 200% insecure. What’s up with these unnecessary bubble thoughts in one’s head? If we don't deal with it immediately, those little devils will control us and we become frail and quit – which should not be part of our options. Getting an oDesk assignment is very rare at this moment so we should not let go of the opportunity.

There! Exactly a dilemma I’m in right now haha.


Why do we want to work at oDesk? It’s another way for us to save am I right? If you are the same as I am, to save is my biggest motivation in working online. I computed the earnings I can get. And…that’s my fuel to keep me going. I accepted another assignment, therefore I will work hard so that I can gain the trust of my buyer. Never give up! even if I have to juggle my errands online and offline.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get a grip!!!

If you haven't read my previous entry please do so.

Anyway, I have a bad feeling (woot i heard I’ve got a Feeling song at the back of my head as I type that! err)

that my Mexicanovela slash Greek god is a scam.


WTFWTFTWF. He didnt pay me yet. I am like an angry girlfriend now hahaha – cause he is not replying to me after giving him my articles. argh. and he put me into call forwarding in Skype!

I already contacted the live support and unfortunately they cannot really do anything about the problem unless other providers will also complain.

OMG I felt really betrayed. I will get ready for the divorce papers soon. I should sue him for committing adultery. lol jkjk.


Lesson learned? Don't be fooled by those biceps again!!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Odesk update

75939841 Hi! :)

See that? I am smiling. It’s not a joke. :)

Well. Today is supposed to be the end of my assignment right? Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not yet receiving a “assignment ended” mail yet. I wonder why. I’ll email my buyer later and ask what’s next thing for me to do.

Overall, I’ve moved on and accepted our parting ways hehe.

The past two weeks, I’ve been blessed to receive several oDesk interviews. Both invited and a reply to my job applications. Yay! Great! take note that I am still meticulous and dont take any jobs that i find uninteresting.

Some of them, didnt reply after one mail. I guess they have chosen other providers but two days ago, another buyer suddenly invited me for a SEO article writing stuffs.

Great. I almost didnt reply. And thank God I did because today, I have talked to him over Skype and he is the perfect buyer that I have been looking for! too perfect that I am quite distracted ahahaha.

Aside from the fact that professionally speaking, he is nice. You see, this buyer is soo distractingly beautiful. LOL. He showed me his website so that I could have good idea about him. I noticed his Flickr account and woow. Really he is wow. He looks like he was taken out from a Mexicanovela. HAHAH.

90600990Anyway enough of the fangirlism. One thing I also like about this buyer is that he never asked me for a lower rate. WHAAAAAT. Yes. He didnt question. The only setback is….omg. I am not familiar with the topic that he wanted me to write about. It’s about constructions, stones…bleh. I will try. Does it follow that he looks like a Greek god and he works in a construction business? He is too good to be true.

Im reading his sample articles and so far because of my excitement, I can’t seem to start. ahahah. I really should calm my hormones.


Friday, November 6, 2009

All good things, come to an end

83292145 I have received an email from my current and only active Buyer early this morning.

Unfortunately I didn't check my mail right away because I accompanied my mom at the clinic for her annual check up. I didn't bring my laptop with me knowing that I’ll be busy and I wont be able to focus on the task. When I came home tonight, I wanted to work right away. I checked my mailbox first. I saw bunches of messages including the mail of my dearly beloved Buyer. I read it.

The company have decided to let me go because their team is not doing well with oDesk and they cannot afford to pay me anymore.

I really didn’t see this coming. :(

They were my Buyer for 5 months. We started really at a low rate but since the job is consistently done everyday, it was a big contribution to my savings. Due to that, I can honestly tell you that the savings is equivalent to a trip to any South-East Asian country.


It was sad but more of I understand their point of view. If I were in their place and if I need to downsize or anything, I feel I would have done the same…

The main reason I was shocked is, I was contented already and I never thought that the task is going to end. I never pictured myself to stop working at the project even if I have a more stable job anytime soon. It was included in my long term plans. LOL. seriously.

Because my Buyer is a good person. She is a Filipina too and I never felt abused or paid low. Thus the reason why I didnt accept any job offer both in and outside oDesk because I always thought that I have a job with this Buyer and I don't have to ask for more.

Well I am back to zero again. I needed to look for a buyer which will be with me in another months or so.

PS. LOL what a weird way to return after a long hiatus. I was planning for a beauty review but I don't understand why my writers block kept going on for months! LOL. The only thing that made me write again is this oDesk situation. I dont know if I should be happy for that or not. bleh. xoxo


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