Sunday, July 25, 2010

Very obligatory update

Hey girls :)

74324630 First of all, I shall apologize for making a month long hiatus again. I should start to think if this blog is going to be a monthly blog or semi monthly…lols –in the next few days hopefully :P Anyways, beeen so busy because finally I have a work! Full time work that is. Here in Singapore.  And I the best part of it is I am working in a women’s website as well (shhhhhh I think this is going to be it for now lol) anyways, my schedule is a bit jampacked due to adjustment at work and I cant make a very interesting review post as of the moment. But all is well, I wanted to say I am doing good catching up life in another country. I receive several comment questions in my previous post and I just want to say thanks and I still reply to your comments as much as possible so if you want to get in touch with me, just leave a comment or email me at cecilysummer at gmail dot com and I’ll be glad to reply back. :) I will answer questions too regarding job hunting here in Singapore. I dont plan to make a post about it as I am keeping this blog a beauty and freelance blog only.


I left oDesk already for such a long time and the last buyer (also my long term buyer) ended my assignment earlier this month. I was in a AWOL so I dont blame the company for ditching me lol. However, I still miss working with them…they are gonna make it big in the next few years I guess cause Google bought them. Should be proud to mention, I worked and help match the types/ categories of Metaweb Technologies. Ahhh I really hope to work again with them in the future. I dont care if I will serve as a data encoder as long as I am tied up with them again, that’s ok lol.


I am already off Tetralysal. My derm back in the Philippines told me that I will stop taking this on July as I have been on it for 3 months. Apparently all is doing well with this regimen:

Morning: Foaming Facial wash (Eucerin), Moringa Toner (Hype Ardent Skin Care) and Biore (the blue one)

Evening: Facial Scrub (Simple), Gluta C Toner (Hype Ardent Skin Care) and Adapalene

This is the regimen that I have been keeping before stopping my Tetryalysal. However…Even though I blamed the pollution last time in the PH due to my zits, I think right now, Stress is what’s triggering it cause yeap, I see those red dots appearing again randomly (forehead and the side of my cheek) urgh im going to be a teenager with acne forever? Sad part is I am no longer a teen err.

I am stressed yeah and part of that is I am also applying make up everyday cause I work everyday. Stress + Make Up + Hormonal (Menstruating in the next few days) = oil mine and blocked pores.

Stress is also triggering again my fingertip eczema. I bought QV Cream last time but it didnt work. I bought a Physiogel Cream now and think its ok…But nothing beats Aveeno lotion for me. Sadly no Aveeno here in SG…

I really think that my skin cant take Make Up everyday. :( I am still not confident with my bare skin though but right now my major focus is to have a good bare skin so I dont need to put make up all the time!

So now after keeping the Isotrex Gel in my closet, its back again in my regimen. I still have a few tabs of Tetralysal however, I am not sure if I can take them (lets keep this a secret, I took a tab last night cause I am frustrated with my forehead lol) I dont recommend doing the same thing for God’s sake, I experienced a little bit of gastric pain after so dont follow my steps. I shall be talking soon with my Derm in the PH thru email but again, Doctor needs to see me to diagnose more of my problem but due to location constraints, I might find a good derm here in SG. I found one and hopefully they are really what I expect them to be. I really need a facial procedure now cause after so many days of using a topical treatment, acne is still surfacing.

So till then. I shall update other post as well when it comes to adding a snippet reviews. :)


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