Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Ebay] Selling my items!

Hi ladies and men, I have a Spring Cleaning Bazaar at Ebay. I am still starting so please be patient. :) If you are interested, just read the details and email me at cecilysummer(@gmail.com) or at kishhyu(@gmail.com)->this is my online english tutoring mailbox. :)

I currently sell three items, all of them are included in my past review entries. More to come if I successfully sold these items heh.

Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream

Opal One Minute Treatment

Japanese Hair Cutter from Saizen


Relatively cheap each for PHP 50.00!!! get them now. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What I bought today

I was at Robinsons Galleria today and here are the things that I bought…

SAIZEN (A Japanese shop for 85 PHP per item)


1. Hair Cutter – PHP 85.00

Perfect to remove all those unruly hair or split ends. It comes with two blades. So its replaceable.

2. Clear Case b6 Size – PHP 85.00

To organize my notebook and tissues as well as other essentials.


3. Vinyl Pouch Fruit Yellow – PHP 85.00

I replaced my old kikay kits. Love the juicy color. :)



1. Shine Moist Henna Wax in Chocolate Brown Color – 214.75

For my monthly fix. Cant wait to use this tomorrow.


2. Shine Moist Henna Wax Treatment – 94.75

For my weekly treatment. I want to preserve my rebond hehe minus the salon fee.


3. Gloves and a brush applicator for Shine Moist Henna Wax – 29.75 and 16.75.


4. Black Beauty Protect Hair Moisturizer with UV protection – PHP 60.50

Good when going outdoors and after ironing or blow drying.


Toodles x.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

What are the things that you look for when you buy your make up and toiletries? Is it the brand? Packaging? Popularity? Price? Did you ever consider looking at the ingredients? Probably yes or not.

I am a very meticulous consumer. I am a thrift shopper and as much as possible I really compare products. Sadly before, I was only looking for the price and the popularity of the products. I don't really research about the ingredients before not until these past few months. What made me concern and shift into purchasing healthy products? Ever since I encounter skin problems which are really hard to treat and sometimes untreatable, I wanted to look for ways on how to relieve my frustrations. I don't want to live with fear so instead of hearing hearsay, I made my own research and its still a continuous process.

I will make an attempt to explain in simple way about the harmful ingredients to avoid. Everything can be researched further if you are doubtful but for me these are some of the ingredients that alarms me and that I need to avoid.

Lets start from head to toe.

1. Sodium Lauryl sulfate or Sodium Laureath Sulfate (SLS, SLES)

Commonly used in shampoos or anything that bubbles. Its popular cause it’s a detergent and foams easily. You can see this ingredient in your dishwashing soap. Try it! lol. Yes this ingredient cleanses really well BUT it strips away the natural oils of our hair – thus a conditioner is a must after. It is a possible skin irritant. I previously used Clear Soft Shampoo but removed it in my daily wash cause of the SLS and instead I bought an organic shampoo from Avalon Organics.

DSC00811 The ingredients are mostly from natural fruit extracts. It is rated 4 out of 10 for the hazard level. You can see the hazard level in this website: http://www.cosmeticdatabase.com/product.php?prod_id=201312

DSC00824Do you use Cetaphil Mild Cleanser? I did. I will probably do if I lack any natural cleaner. Well check the label of your Cetaphil and you will encounter SLS. By the way I already shifted to this product: Dessert Essence, Thoroughly Face Wash. All natural. No chemicals. Leaves my face non oily after.

2. Parabens (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl)

The infamous Paraben. I’ve been writing a lot of this stuff in my reviews. What are Parabens anyway? Parabens are used most in all cosmetics because it is effective as a preservative. Therefore it avoid molds in whatever products like shampoos, make ups, almost anything even in food. It was said that the more exposed you are with Parabens, the more likely be exposed to carcinogens. It is absorbed easily in the body. There have been reports that breast cancer patients have high levels of Parabens in their body. The research didn't say that Parabens are the cause of the cancer but it has been linked heavily with this illness. But there is a study which says that Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen. High levels of estrogen causes breast cancer. There are different names of Parabens. You can check more in this link: http://www.copperwiki.org/index.php/Paraben. The FDA said that Parabens are safe to use for as long as its low in percentage. This site explains it all: http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/ProductandIngredientSafety/SelectedCosmeticIngredients/ucm128042.htm. By the way, the last update of that website is October 2007.

I'm not yet done with Parabens. Do you use Baby wipes? Have you seen its ingredients? Well just in case, you might encounter the Parabens. And I am a bit surprised that my 90pcs wipes have these in different names.

DSC00789How about your deodorant? Have you checked if its Paraben free? I already shifted originally from Nivea Deodorant Double Effect Roll on to Crystal (Pic). Because it has no Paraben, no aluminum (which causes UA darkening) and its suggested by breast cancer movement.

It is also reported that Parabens increases skin ageing. Now do you still think that your eye cream helps you to look younger? Think again.

3. para phenylenediamine or p-Phenylenediamine (PPD)

Mostly found in permanent hair dyes. It is an allergen to most people. To know more about it visit this site: http://dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/paraphenylenediamine-allergy.html. I have colored my hair years before but I didn't notice any allergy thank God. But I have damaged hair after. To show examples how horrific an allergy is: click Lois McQueen’s picture after trying Loreal Casting color (A demi permanent colorant) By the way, PPD is also a possible carcinogen. No don't be shocked. I think most of the products are carcinogen? yay.

4. Formaldehyde

Yes the one that is used in preserving dead people. It has been reported few years ago that there is a product recall from China because of the existence of this toxic ingredient. Well guess what, you wont find the word Formaldehyde in any product itself. Like Parabens, it has a lot of names. (Rings Melamine) And there are also Formaldehyde releasers (in short, slowly releases formaldehyde) Check this list to be aware: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formaldehyde_releaser. And guess what I found? My Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked heel cream has this formaldehyde releaser! Under the name of: Imidazolidinyl urea. Wow. Formaldehyde scored the perfect 10 for the hazardous level.

5. Triethanolamine (TEA) or anything that ends with AMINE like DEA, MEA)

Commonly seen in moisturizers, mascara, lotions etc. It has been reported that it releases nitrosamines, a possible carcinogenic (gosh not again) Although the chances are very slim, I am quite worried because I saw my Maxi Peel Concealing Cream with this ingredient. The only ingredient in that product which has high hazard level. :(

6. Talc

Yes the ones you see in your baby powders. When inhaled and if it has high talc concentrations, it is a *drum roll* carcinogen. Causes ovarian cancer when used in your ahem privates.

7. Fragrance

The more the product masks its true smell, the more potential hazardous it is to use for our precious body. Fragrance is number 8 in the hazard level: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ingredient.php?ingred06=702512.

8. Alcohols (Isopropyl, ethyl, those that ends with +ENE +ANOL)

Most alcohols are skin irritants. Some claim that they are mild but we should still be careful cause even the mildest to one person will become harsh to another person. A presence of alcohol (whether drinking or applying in my skin) has been proven a cause of my hives, eczema in my health history.


Do you use Placenta soap? How about Petroleum Jelly (I do)? Do you see Triclosan in your deodorant or toothpaste? Are you concerned with the lead content of your RED LIPSTICK? They are also potential *you know the term* not only the big “C” but they create problems with the reproductive health as well as in mental health.

There are a lot actually. Since I cannot post them all here for the limitation of space and to avoid overwhelming people (even myself) I think, I will pause at number 8. For now, I advise to be just wary of Parabens and Formaldehyde. Remember, just because the products claim that they are organic, it doesn't mean that they don't have any harsh ingredients on it. Read labels, you might miss the toxic ingredient if you just rely on the front design. This is the same with the term Hypoallergenic.

My advise is not to go panic. As this will only cause you more stress. Stress is cancerous too haha. Try to shift from natural products and look for fewer ingredients in the list. The less complicating it is, the better. Read labels. Try to avoid those mentioned above. And if you have been exposed to those ingredients, try to detoxify. Check skindeep.com website if in doubt. I always check that website for any product suggestions.

Stay healthy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hoard day + EON Card & Odesk Debit Card

An interesting purchases at Watsons today.

1. Swallow Hot Oil Treatment Cream – PHP 89.75


Why I bought this? Its cheap and its small enough to try it myself. Why I am quite hesitant to use it? The ingredients fooled me. I thought there were no parabens on it. But after buying it and researching the ingredients, I found out that they use another name for it. If you can read it there are two kinds of parabens on it:

methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Methlyparaben.

Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Propylparaben.

Wow I am saddened. I’ll let you know if I will use it or not. And what are parabens if you ask? lol sorry for not explaining it well. I think I shall post a separate post about it next time.

2. Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream – PHP 149.75


Okay this is a confession. I have this ugly hardened skin or callous in my fifth toe. Ugh. It’s embarrassing. I cant wear my sandals now. I self medicated it before thru the use of a salicylic acid patches. I thought it is just a fungi but no it’s not and the salicylic acid just made it worst. :( Now after researching, all I can do is to soften the skin and just file it every now and then. Unless I bring it to a professional doctor on which I am not thinking right now. Not yet. I am hoping that this cracked heel cream will help. I don't have a cracked heel but I am assuming that my fifth toe will also benefit from this? Let’s see…The ingredients are safe enough. No parabens.


Finally here is a picture of my newly cards: Unionbank EON card and Odesk Debit Card.


Woot. They are not yet activated mind you. The odesk card was here first but after careful consideration, I think using Union Bank EON card is much a better option for me. Lower cost and safer. For EON card, the teller suggested to activate it this saturday.

Oh by the way, it is my first time to use Globe Gcash today. Meaning, I was able to encash my gcash funds today. I did it in a Globe Telecom Center. I just had to prepare a valid ID. They asked me to fill out a form then they will send a message thru my phone, I have to reply back my pin and voila, the cash is with me after few minutes. This is the manner of payment from my mystery shopping stint. It was enlightening haha. I paid a fee of 10 pesos for my funds.


DSC00794 My fingertip eczema is acting up again and I am having a hard time holding things especially washing my hands. It dries quickly and scales a lot. :( I think its because of my high sodium diet…and also stress. Sigh..The aloe vera that I bought (see picture) didn't help much. I am not sure if its harsh on my skin but my eczema occurred after using this…Probably the ingredient, Benzyl Alchohol triggered it…what a waste. I love aloe vera plus this product is from healthy options.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Rebond

Finally! I had my rebond this afternoon! Its my third rebond. The last two were made by Tony and Jackey for the past few years. I am quite hesitant to have my hair rebonded to a different salon but since I am in the province right now, and to commute to Makati just to have my hair rebonded is quite a horror, I have decided to try Fanny Serrano’s salon. It was not an easy decision! I really researched and asked for the brand names that they will use for my hair. When I am finally convinced, I gave it a shot. I realized that I have been complaining with my buhaghag hair for the past months. I think since January this year. I felt that my unconscious self is shouting for a hair rebond already. I trust them with the rebond but not with the haircut lol. I only had my hair trimmed but I decided that I will still go to Tony and Jackey to have my hair cut like really shorter than what you see in the rebonded pic. I want it shoulder length. Not too much layers. I am tired of layers cause I had this hairstyle since time immemorial. I want to do a make over. In fact, I am planning to have my hair colored after 3 months or according to qt_ben @GT, 2 weeks is already enough (WEEEE!! :)). Although my hair now has a brownish tint due to the cellophane, I am not quite satisfied. I really want my hair lighter haha. Good luck with the maintenance. I know its hard to keep a healthy hair with a permanent colored dye.

Now the hard part is to keep my head still and to avoid tucking it in between my ear and to clip it. All of these things, I didnt obey hahaha. I really dont like the heavy feeling after the rebond. THE SMELL. The feeling that I have a lot of products in my hair and I wont be washing it for 3 days is horrible. Patience Cecily Patience.


By the way, the rebond process lasted for 7 hours i think. I went there by 12pm and checked out by 7pm. my hair is not curly but I have thick hair so drying it and ironing it takes a lot of time. wow. no wonder I have headache now. I actually ordered a Pancit along the middle of the process hahaha. I ate while they are blow-drying my hair. I dont really mind it. I get really hungry after 3 hours. I need to bite something and if not, I wont be a happy kid.

The painful part of the rebond is the ironing. My stylist has a really heavy hand. :( I really pity what he did to my hair. When I am in pain, I just want to hit anybody or anything lol peace. Good thing I didnt do it with my stylist. :P

Now lets see if this one will last. Next thing to do is: HAIR COLOR.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Musing] Not good

Ow not really good news. I received an email again from my Odesk buyer and he said, he reviewed my audio. The tracks were disorganized according to him but I checked it and I only followed his instructions according to the excel file that he provided. Sigh he hasn't replied yet and I am a bit paranoid. I am so sad that I disappointed him but well I really remind myself not to stress too much. Stess=makes me old. hehe.

So today, I finally went to Unionbank to apply for my EON card. FINALLY. The girl said, I’ll call within a week hopefully it will be available. I am friggin excited. I dont know which things to buy…Is it a netbook or that tiny sewing machine available in Ace Hardware? I really want to try sewing haha and make it as my business. Hmmm…

I also went to Fanny Salon today. Hoping to have my hair rebonded. I brought 3K with me. And was surprised that I am short of 2K for their full rebond with the protectant, Loreal Inner Logic (3tubes for my thick hair), shine moist cellophane, treatment, cut and the rebond itself. OMG. It was already late and so I said I will just comeback tomorrow. And I will hopefully will if ever there wont be any situation that might prevent me. Such as my issue with this Odesk buyer…Haaay.

I really want to have my hair colored like reallly really colored such as those Japanese girls hehe.

Ps. Im planning to buy Evian Atomizer as a mist spray to set up my foundation. I already used Avene Couvrance and so far so good but I am a frying pan once again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Homebased Job] Good Odesk Buyers

Hello I’m back once again blogging about my Odesk experience. Well two days ago, I said, I will apply for my Unionbank EON card and to have my hair rebonded. I didnt pursue any yay. An old buyer contacted me the night after I posted that entry. So I have no choice but to cancel my plans. I know that this Buyer is strict when it comes to deadlines. The deadline was this afternoon, 12pm.

Again, its about editing audio stuffs. Segue: I am really thinking of buying a netbook so that I can do any homebased job anywhere and I can hang out with friends at the same time. I want to use my oDesk savings.---yes I have saved enough. Homebased job rocks!!!

I think I am already an expert when it comes to editing. I can do 600 audio in 14 hours. Woot. in short 43 audio in 1 hour and these are all cutting, adding additional audio’s, making it shorter at the same time. It’s quite a workload and my right hand mostly do the work so after 8 hours, my right thumb is getting numb and shaky. But all for the sake of this buyer, I am going to do my best and follow the deadline.

And it paid off.


Lol its quite cute. I am so happy I received this. Then after a few minutes I have received my payment plus a surprise.


WOOOW. I am really jumpy when I received this and I can’t thank him enough for it. Don't worry, I kept myself calm when I replied back ahahaha. For my one and a half day work, I was paid almost a price of a rebonded hair. LOL I am so happy!

Yeah, he said, he has one more project for me. I really love this buyer of mine (not in a romantic way lol)

I also want to share another loved buyer of mine. Surprisingly, the above buyer and this one has the same name. But different spelling though. Haha I love this one even though he doesnt have projects for me recently. Why? Because he uses smiley in his emails haha.


It really pays when you are honest with your buyer and if you do not just work with them for the sake of money. I have all the opportunity to stay long for an hourly job with this buyer. I can stay in the internet, strolling. Clicking any unnecessary tabs in my keyboard so that it counts as a high green bar in my work diary lol but I didn’t. In the end, we have a good relationship and I didnt abuse his credit card hehe.

Monday, June 15, 2009

[Reviews] Pigeon Baby Powders + Hoard day update.



[Review] Pigeon Baby Compact Powder in Beige (with Squalan)

I already bought this last June 2 and I used this several times. It’s a compact powder with a hint of beige. I use this with my powder brush. I bought it at Watsons for almost PHP 300? (I lost the receipt, sorry).


Look: It looks like Clean and Clear compact powder replica. It’s cute and easy to open.

Smell: If we put it in a scale of 1-10, its a 7 for me. The fragrance is relatively mild for anyone but for me, it is a bit strong for my olfactory sense.

Touch: The powder is like any other powder lol. Dry and smooth. I tested the effectiveness of its oil control properties thru using it at mid-afternoon, during the time where my face is a perfect twin of a frying pan. I applied it with the use of powder brush. I like how I applied it, its good for oil control, removes the redness but I didn't like how it highlighted my scars. So I didn't use it as often as possible to set my foundation. I also notice a little itch after applying it. The sting or itch worsens after I sweat. I have a sweaty face and I often notice that I keep on touching my face in order to relieve the itchiness.


DSC00558I like how small in number are the ingredients. I often look for products which are less complicated. Less ingredients = Less complications. Although I have some problem with Talc. Talc is controversial for its safety. The other products are safe according to Skin Deep’s website. But as I have said, I have problem with the Fragrance. I am not sure of which ingredients that make my skin itch. Although I didn't develop a rash, I didn't like the feeling that my face is itchy and the way it highlighted my scars.

Score: 3 out of 5

Recommended? Yes. For people with flawless complexion and who doesn't have a lot of sensitivity with mild fragrance. I will probably use this again if I have a smooth flawless and non acne prone skin. I will probably give this to my grandmother now hehe.

[Review] Pigeon Baby Powder in Blue Can (Loose)

I went to the baby’s corner of Landmark, Makati. I saw the Pigeon baby products line and I felt that I found a treasure. lol. I saw the compact powder in blue with no mirror but I decided to buy the loose powder because its cheaper of 30 pesos. I just bought a puff container so I can use it on the go.


Look: It’s in a can. Quite big if you are planning to bring it as a part of your kikay kit. Its heavy and going to be messy. It’s intended for babies so you shouldn't be surprised for the weight. For me it looks cute. The texts are in Japanese so I didn't even see if they put the ingredients on it.

Smell: It smells like powdered milk. Love it!

Touch: The texture is really light. I applied it on my face after around the mid afternoon. And like the beige one, I like how it covered my face and how it stopped the oiliness immediately. BUT again, my issue is still the same. It highlighted my scars. :( Well I guess the problem is with my scars now because I also noticed this with Cover Girls’ Mineral Make Up which is also a loose powder. I think its not recommended for scars or lines (wrinkles) as it will only highlight their depth and irregularities.

As for the ingredients: I don’t know the ingredients lol and if they have any, I cant read them in the can cause its Nihongo. But since its non-fragrant, I assume its safe for us especially with the babies.

Score: 4 out of 5. I am not raving it yet because I didnt achieve that “rave” feeling hehe cause of my imperfections.

Recommended? YES! yes! grab it whether in the compact one or in the loose powder one.



By the way, I finally have my Avene Couvrance already. I ordered this from my derm which was ordered from overseas. Its quite expensive for 2K PHP. But its almost the same as Clinique or VMV line. Its recommended for my scarring. I really hope its going to be my make up HG.

And tomorrow, I am hoping to have my hair rebonded at the Fanny Serrano’s salon. I really hope I made the right decision to choose this salon over Tony and Jackey. I want my hair to be cut and colored like this one:


I also received my oDesk card after a month of waiting. It was delivered in my friend’s dorm lol but it really came here on time, but I am planning to open and EON account. I think this is much cheaper when it comes to excess charges.

Okay till then!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Review] Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar


Again, I am a loyal user of Girltalk forum and I found out that many of my sisses use this organic product. I was quite skeptical to use it cause its Vinegar. You know how vinegar stinks right? And I was surprised that many uses this as their beauty product. For toner, for shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Almost anything about beauty! I said, if this product is effective, I must say its a life saver. So I bought this last week, thursday and decided to try it myself. Healthy Options at less than PHP 200 or 4 USD.


Thursday evening (June 4):

I mixed the concoction into a clean spray bottle. 1 part distilled water and 1 part of ACV. After shower and cleaning my face with Cetaphil, I sprayed my face with ACV. I did it wrong! I accidentally sprayed my eyes lol so the result, a sting and teary eyed. I decided to use a facial cotton squares instead. I sprayed the cotton and applied it all over my face and in the sides of my neck. The smell disturbed me. I heard that the smell fades after it dries but since I am generally sweaty, I can still smell the vinegar. There is a feeling of "dirty” like you will wonder if you have showered cause you can smell the vinegar in your face lol. I applied my Differin (Adapalene) as prescribed by my doctor and my Bleaching Cream # 2(from Derma). The smell somehow is less.

Friday morning:

After waking up, I didn't notice any breakout. Hurrah! My face feels tight and I decided to take a ACV shower. This time, I am going to use it as a shampoo and conditioner. LOL I know I know. What's the point of taking a shower when you will only smell like a vinegar right? LOL. I mixed half of my ACV Spray Bottle into a small bucket (Tagalog: TABO! lol) and dipped my long hair. I washed it immediately. For the remaining ACV, I poured it into my body (now I am using it as a body wash) But I can’t take the smell, I washed my body with Kojiesan Soap after. My hair is frizzy the whole day but I noticed a softer hair. I can smell the vinegar at the back of my neck in between the hair cause I use to perspire in that area. Glad I was just at home and nobody can smell me. After drying my hair and body, I sprayed ACV into the cotton and applied it onto my face as a toner. I finished it with Maxi Peel Concealing Cream.

Friday Evening:

I followed the advice of a fellow gtalker, Meowskitty. Shampoo-ACV-Conditioner. I used Clear Soft Shampoo. Washed it off. Then ACV wash. I let it stay for at least 2 mins. Then wash it off. Then use Citre Shine Color Prism Conditioner. The result is much better! Then I still rinsed my body with ACV. And then Kojiesan soap after.

For the following days, this is my evening routine:

1) Shower. Shampoo - ACV - Conditioner. 2) ACV body rinse - Kojic Soap. 3) ACV toner* - Bleaching Cream from Derm. I removed my Differin (Adapalene) in my routine. I thought its redundant cause ACV is already acting up for my blemishes.

For my morning routine:

1) Wash face with Cetaphil – ACV toner* – Maxipeel Concealing Cream.

*ACV Toner: 3 parts of distilled water, 1 part of ACV.

Update as of today (June 11):

ITS A RAVE!!! I have a lot of praises with this product! First, it did help my face give a certain “glow.” I can say that my oiliness has decreased. Pores somehow shrunken. My blemishes were fading. Same with redness. My face has its rosy glow when in natural lighting. For my hair, it’s soft and it I think it has coated the strands making it healthy looking. When I wake up in the morning, I have a beach wave hairstyle. Its cute and its soft and fresh. For my body, I have a small bumps in my earlobes. I know they are disgusting but you wont see them really. They are internal. I think the reasons for the bumps are clogged lymph nodes? (scary I know) And after using ACV in my hair, the bumps have shrunken! I can’t believe it. This is really my Holy Grail. As crazy as it sounds. I also have a rash prone buttocks and I am also hoping that this product will help.

I also use ACV in my foods. I use it as a dip for my chicken fingers. I use this as a marinating sauce. I use this as my alternative for ordinary distilled vinegar. Here is the article that says everything about the benefits of ACV: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/health-benefits-apple-cider-vinegar.html

This is the reason why ACV has its beauty benefits: http://leonsbeautytipsandsecrets.com/5-wonderful-health-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar/ It has a high Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Read more in order to know why. :)

I dont use this as my way to loss weight. I dont want to because I am satisfied with my body now. I just need to maintain it with my Semi-Vegetarianism. :)

By the way, if you decided to give this a try, don't forget to buy the ORGANIC one. The one which has the “mother” meaning the more sediments it has, the more effective it is. Bragg ACV is the best one in my opinion. If the ACV smells, it means you are putting too much. And I am putting too much because I can take the smell now. Of course when going out, I still have to tone down the amount lol. I dont want any trouble. :p Always dilute it with DISTILLED Water if you put it in a container. Why? Ordinary tap water, once stocked will produce minerals and dirt. Making it prone to bacteria. Some people, in order to mask the smell, they put green tea to it. That’s okay for as long as you are sure that you wont stock it because we are trying to avoid bacteria built up here. No bacteria – No skin irritation.

That’s it for now. I will use this for 1 month and lets see again if I will still rave about it. Try it for yourself and see its benefits. :)

Hoard Day Again :)

Windows live writer is testing my patience. I already wrote a long entry about my hoard day but the program suddenly crashed and what I’ve wrote for 30 mins were all GONE! UGH.

Anyway, I hoarded because its my way of comforting myself from a recent sadness? depression? lol i dont know the exact emotion. I guess its sadness. Why? I had to reject a good job offer. And its done, lets move on, shall we? :)


Healthy Options: A PLACE TO HOARD. MY HEAVEN ON EARTH. lol really. Cause their products have no paraben, they are organic and and and…WELL ITS HEALTHY!! hurrah! I will make a review each of these products, I will try especially now that I am into these organic stuffs. By the way, my first encounter with Healthy Options was last week when I bought Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. I forgot to write an entry about it cause I was so busy but well guess what? I love that product and yes its vinegar and I use it as a beauty product slash cooking product hehe. Will write an intensive review about it next time.


And here are my hoards from Watsons :) Okay, as you can see, I still use local products and those that you normally see in the grocery store. Yup. Cause I find them effective especially the Maxi Peel Concealing Cream. This is going to be my second one. :) I bought the small size bottle of Cetaphil cause I want to use it as my alternative cleanser. After using it for years, Im starting to shift into organic products. I saw the ingredients of Cetaphil and they are nasty. :( I also found another whitening soap called Thiomax. I just want to try it and see if its effective. I have been a regular Kojiesan user but Watsons ran out of stock. I also bought a nail sticker. I love doing my nails and that glittery sticker will make them pretty. :)

Alright, I can’t wait to use all these products.

Till then.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

[Personal] What does it really mean when you say, "Follow your dream?"

I've been out of the corporate world for almost 8 months already. WOW that long. Its a personal decision and I was not laid off. Well yeah if you follow my blog, you should know how Isotretinoin brought out the worst in me. When I started this year, I was ready to face the world again but the thing is, recession came hitting me like a splash of cold water. I apply in there, sorry there's no opening and we are freeze hiring and the blahs. The next thing I know another month has passed again and I am still unemployed. By the way, this is how my homebased job started. I need to save money and I found a way thru oDesk. I really thought of this as a career but again, the big R is here again. My buyers are tightening their budget. They dont give continuos projects. Some bogus and scams are abusing my lack of knowledge in this unknown world of internet. I am still learning.

Am I really ambitious?
I dont have a simple dream. I like to do things a lot. I am the type of person who cannot sit still in one corner unless I have computer and internet. I think I am a jill of all trades. I can do a lot and if you ask me to do this thing, I can work on it not really in an expert way, fyi but at least I have knowlege about it. Now the thing is, since I am aware of a lot of things, I am not really sure on which field to pursue on.

I really want to settle right now. I am young and driven but I want to stop this eclectic learning and just focus on one certain field. This one should be able to sustain me well throughout my life and a family of my own in the future.

Unfortunately, the degree that I acquired is not really in demand. I could use it and study further like in pre-school or special education. I can use that as a tool to work for other countries.
This is what I really want, to move out of this country and save cha-chings. Another motivation is that I have a lot of close friends in a specific country. I want to be with them in the same place.

But then the roaming question in my head is, do I really see myself in a long term with that career? teaching kids in other countries? PS. Dennis the menace and Little rascals program is in my mind right now.

Studying will take at least a year plus another years to practice before a foreign employer will hire you. PLUS I need to become a LET passer in order to teach. SO that means...investing money and a lot of time.

Well as I have said at the introduction of my entry, to find a work here is another goal. I had a couple of interviews. Why I didn't accept any of them? I felt I will just end up again into the tiring cycle. Non of them would offer me a big cha ching to support my current living. Ah! how unfortunate it is for this country to have this kind of compensation for professional people like us.

Now the next one is what if I study web designing? I am a graphic artist by nature but I do have below average learning when it comes to html, css, php, mysql. This is where my ambition comes in...You see the real Cecily that I am envisioning within the next few years is one who has a title in her business card that says: Cecily, Web Designer and Graphic Artist. Isnt't that cool??? WOAH. This is where my heart comes in.

My college degree: speed of 75kph normal.
Web Designing: speed of 100kph in loops.

I found a school where it can teach me those web design lessons for a few days. Woot. Now if I pursue this, then I wont be rejected in interviews anymore in oDesk when the buyer asks me if I know MySQL and the likes.

The next question is, can I use this as my way of working in other countries? Yes if I will take another degree. IT specifically. I am not supergenius to learn everything within few days. I am just ambitious.

Now this leaves me with one option. The fastest way to succeed at least for now is to pursue further studies of my degree.


How ADD/ADHD like is this entry, no?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Avoiding Swine Flu

image.axd In all my efforts to avoid A(H1N1), these are my personal precautions on how to avoid this airborne spreading disease. For the record, I am a trying hard control freak. I am health conscious but I often touch that public door knob. >ACK!<



Prior to the Swine, I already purchased a lot of disposable masks. Why? For everybody’s info again, I had Acne Conglobata. A rare form of Acne, causes unknown and I had these chicken pox like nodules all over the sides of my head and forehead. Ok cut the OMG, REALLY??? comment cause this is about the flu. I used the mask whenever going out and I had one left so its going to be secured for future for the flu. *knock on the wood* For the first case of swine flu in the Philippines, I already wanted to use this but after I sat in a public bus, I noticed that people were not really worried and somehow when somebody sneezes or coughs, they are not really paranoid to avoid the person! Dr. Kelly, my wonderful mask, was left all alone in my bag after that incident.



OKK. Before you say, WHAT? there’s a vaccine already? I want to make it clear that the vaccine that I took has not included the protection against A(H1N1) because as of today, there are no vaccines yet for this type of flu! I only took the shot cause I get sick easily and since I usually ride the public utility vehicles, I want to be safe. I had this last saturday only in Mercury Glorietta cause they had a SALE (aye even drugs are put on sale lol) Priced for PHP 695. I was so happy that I asked for a souvenir (The box). The effect may be numbness of the injected part or even the hand. If you have weak immune system at that time of shot, you can develop a flu like symptom as well. I am blessed I didn’t! Cause I double dosed my Vitamin C intake at that time as advised by the attending doctor who is really nice to accommodate my endless questions. lol.



So I bought today my pocket wet tissue aside from the bigger and bulkier wet ones aka “GIggles Baby Wipes” cause I use this as a make up remover along side Cetaphil cleanser. The wet tissues are helpful to me especially when commuting and eating out cause oftentimes there’s no available sink to wash my greasy and dirty hands. And I use it during “emergency” times. hehe did you figure the “”?



Mkay. Not a big fan at first since I have fingertip eczema and anything that has alcohol on it, will crack my fingertips! SO I didnt follow the craze. I remember my classmate who usually have this thing on her bag. I even associated the smell with her. But since I am not stressed out recently and my eczema is participating a lot in my activities, I think its time to use this gel now! I bought one small bottle for travelling again. And I love it. I have my moisturizer ready if ever my eczema will act crazy again.

Anyway these things may not really the best way to avoid the swine flu. But again its my own way. For the sake of the whole world, follow what the WHO said like the washing of hands with soap as often as possible and avoiding crowded places etc etc. you should know the rest.

[Review] Opal Conditioner

opal conditonerI purchased this conditioner last April 29, 2009 and I can count the times I have used this. Three? Four? The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. By the way, I bought this since there are a lot of raves about this product in GT forum.

Testing of the hypothesis using the 5 Senses.

Look: Packaging is in 225ml tube. The texture is the same with other conditioners except that it has pink micro beads on it. I believe those tiny bits give illuminating effect in the hair. After using it in a day, I noticed that I became a brunette in direct sunlight or even in normal daylight room.

Smell: It really has a strong fragrance. Which at first I thought its really cool but eventually I find myself having a headache and with a few sneezes. Fragrance is not a good indication in a product by the way. My head started to itch after a day.

Touch: When I put the conditioner in my hair, within a few minutes while washing off, I notice a lot of hair falls and I do not normally see that numerous amount before using Opal. It probably didn't help when I let it stay for at least 2 mins while cleaning my body (this is my shower routine: Head to toe) I didn't directly put the product in my scalp, I put it directly onto my roots then used the remaining on my head. The after effect is silky smooth hair but a lot of disturbing hair falls even after a few days without using OPAL. By the way, the smell stayed strong even after 3 days or more. :( When I used it the second time after a week, I only put it in my hair roots and didn't let the product touch my scalp. No difference, hair fall is still there.

Taste: N/A

Hear: N/A



Look at the ingredients^. The probable cause of my hair fall is due to the parabens and alcohols OR the strong fragrance of this product. As I quote from another website:

Avoid products with artificial fragrances and parabens especially as these are some of the more damaging chemicals both for the environment and for your health.


Avoid hair conditioners containing alcohol. This holds true for all hair types --dry, oily and normal; as alcohol results in dries the hair and might cause hair loss.

Recommended? Not. Score? 2 out of 5.

Disclaimer: Some people don't have problems with this product. Their bodies can probably tolerate the ingredients. But for everyone's safety and after using this myself, I do not recommend it for everyone since I experienced hair fall and scalp itching and even redness in my neck after using it.

Just my two cents :)

PS: It’s so unfortunate that my Opal Conditioner is just laid in peace in my bathroom’s closet. I want to give this to anyone but since probably my family is allergic too, I dont know who to give this away. If you are interested, send me an email if you know it or comment at this post. Im giving it for free, you pay the shipping or we can set a meet up.

Hoard Day


I was supposed to buy a Canola Oil for cooking but I ended up hoarding today. I felt I went over my limit for the day. Sigh. And what makes it worst is that I feel voluntarily robbed especially when I bought the blue eyeliner pencil and Lip Balm from The Body Shop. :( I originally wanted to window shop for Tinted Moisturizer but I got my foot in the door. I was shocked that I had to pay PHP 680 for those two cosmetics. I should have bought their Tinted Moisturizer aka “Glow Enhancer” instead. But again being an OC when it comes to health, I looked at the ingredients and found the dreaded chemical, Methylparaben. (It’s toxic!) I backed out and bought eyeliner and lip balm but still I am not free of those harsh chemicals. In short, every cosmetics that you use most probably have those harsh chemicals that are either cancerous or hormone altering. Well anyway I chose eyeliner and lip balm cause it doesn't occupy much in my face when applying. But still its not really safe. Anyway, I can expand this topic nextime.

Next: Purchase Reviews :)


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