Monday, June 15, 2009

[Reviews] Pigeon Baby Powders + Hoard day update.



[Review] Pigeon Baby Compact Powder in Beige (with Squalan)

I already bought this last June 2 and I used this several times. It’s a compact powder with a hint of beige. I use this with my powder brush. I bought it at Watsons for almost PHP 300? (I lost the receipt, sorry).


Look: It looks like Clean and Clear compact powder replica. It’s cute and easy to open.

Smell: If we put it in a scale of 1-10, its a 7 for me. The fragrance is relatively mild for anyone but for me, it is a bit strong for my olfactory sense.

Touch: The powder is like any other powder lol. Dry and smooth. I tested the effectiveness of its oil control properties thru using it at mid-afternoon, during the time where my face is a perfect twin of a frying pan. I applied it with the use of powder brush. I like how I applied it, its good for oil control, removes the redness but I didn't like how it highlighted my scars. So I didn't use it as often as possible to set my foundation. I also notice a little itch after applying it. The sting or itch worsens after I sweat. I have a sweaty face and I often notice that I keep on touching my face in order to relieve the itchiness.


DSC00558I like how small in number are the ingredients. I often look for products which are less complicated. Less ingredients = Less complications. Although I have some problem with Talc. Talc is controversial for its safety. The other products are safe according to Skin Deep’s website. But as I have said, I have problem with the Fragrance. I am not sure of which ingredients that make my skin itch. Although I didn't develop a rash, I didn't like the feeling that my face is itchy and the way it highlighted my scars.

Score: 3 out of 5

Recommended? Yes. For people with flawless complexion and who doesn't have a lot of sensitivity with mild fragrance. I will probably use this again if I have a smooth flawless and non acne prone skin. I will probably give this to my grandmother now hehe.

[Review] Pigeon Baby Powder in Blue Can (Loose)

I went to the baby’s corner of Landmark, Makati. I saw the Pigeon baby products line and I felt that I found a treasure. lol. I saw the compact powder in blue with no mirror but I decided to buy the loose powder because its cheaper of 30 pesos. I just bought a puff container so I can use it on the go.


Look: It’s in a can. Quite big if you are planning to bring it as a part of your kikay kit. Its heavy and going to be messy. It’s intended for babies so you shouldn't be surprised for the weight. For me it looks cute. The texts are in Japanese so I didn't even see if they put the ingredients on it.

Smell: It smells like powdered milk. Love it!

Touch: The texture is really light. I applied it on my face after around the mid afternoon. And like the beige one, I like how it covered my face and how it stopped the oiliness immediately. BUT again, my issue is still the same. It highlighted my scars. :( Well I guess the problem is with my scars now because I also noticed this with Cover Girls’ Mineral Make Up which is also a loose powder. I think its not recommended for scars or lines (wrinkles) as it will only highlight their depth and irregularities.

As for the ingredients: I don’t know the ingredients lol and if they have any, I cant read them in the can cause its Nihongo. But since its non-fragrant, I assume its safe for us especially with the babies.

Score: 4 out of 5. I am not raving it yet because I didnt achieve that “rave” feeling hehe cause of my imperfections.

Recommended? YES! yes! grab it whether in the compact one or in the loose powder one.



By the way, I finally have my Avene Couvrance already. I ordered this from my derm which was ordered from overseas. Its quite expensive for 2K PHP. But its almost the same as Clinique or VMV line. Its recommended for my scarring. I really hope its going to be my make up HG.

And tomorrow, I am hoping to have my hair rebonded at the Fanny Serrano’s salon. I really hope I made the right decision to choose this salon over Tony and Jackey. I want my hair to be cut and colored like this one:


I also received my oDesk card after a month of waiting. It was delivered in my friend’s dorm lol but it really came here on time, but I am planning to open and EON account. I think this is much cheaper when it comes to excess charges.

Okay till then!!!


  1. where can I buy pigeon face powder in davao?

  2. ^hi dear, unfortunately I am not sure cause I have never been in may try baby shops inside the department stores. They usually have Pigeon products there and that includes the powder. :)

  3. Because I love browsing DIYs in internet, blog or youtube. I noticed that some bloggers/vloggers/etc have issues on corn starch so they use arrowroot powder as an alternative. So I think that's why you're having itch issues. It's just an opinion :)



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