Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hoard Day


I was supposed to buy a Canola Oil for cooking but I ended up hoarding today. I felt I went over my limit for the day. Sigh. And what makes it worst is that I feel voluntarily robbed especially when I bought the blue eyeliner pencil and Lip Balm from The Body Shop. :( I originally wanted to window shop for Tinted Moisturizer but I got my foot in the door. I was shocked that I had to pay PHP 680 for those two cosmetics. I should have bought their Tinted Moisturizer aka “Glow Enhancer” instead. But again being an OC when it comes to health, I looked at the ingredients and found the dreaded chemical, Methylparaben. (It’s toxic!) I backed out and bought eyeliner and lip balm but still I am not free of those harsh chemicals. In short, every cosmetics that you use most probably have those harsh chemicals that are either cancerous or hormone altering. Well anyway I chose eyeliner and lip balm cause it doesn't occupy much in my face when applying. But still its not really safe. Anyway, I can expand this topic nextime.

Next: Purchase Reviews :)

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