Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Review] Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar


Again, I am a loyal user of Girltalk forum and I found out that many of my sisses use this organic product. I was quite skeptical to use it cause its Vinegar. You know how vinegar stinks right? And I was surprised that many uses this as their beauty product. For toner, for shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Almost anything about beauty! I said, if this product is effective, I must say its a life saver. So I bought this last week, thursday and decided to try it myself. Healthy Options at less than PHP 200 or 4 USD.


Thursday evening (June 4):

I mixed the concoction into a clean spray bottle. 1 part distilled water and 1 part of ACV. After shower and cleaning my face with Cetaphil, I sprayed my face with ACV. I did it wrong! I accidentally sprayed my eyes lol so the result, a sting and teary eyed. I decided to use a facial cotton squares instead. I sprayed the cotton and applied it all over my face and in the sides of my neck. The smell disturbed me. I heard that the smell fades after it dries but since I am generally sweaty, I can still smell the vinegar. There is a feeling of "dirty” like you will wonder if you have showered cause you can smell the vinegar in your face lol. I applied my Differin (Adapalene) as prescribed by my doctor and my Bleaching Cream # 2(from Derma). The smell somehow is less.

Friday morning:

After waking up, I didn't notice any breakout. Hurrah! My face feels tight and I decided to take a ACV shower. This time, I am going to use it as a shampoo and conditioner. LOL I know I know. What's the point of taking a shower when you will only smell like a vinegar right? LOL. I mixed half of my ACV Spray Bottle into a small bucket (Tagalog: TABO! lol) and dipped my long hair. I washed it immediately. For the remaining ACV, I poured it into my body (now I am using it as a body wash) But I can’t take the smell, I washed my body with Kojiesan Soap after. My hair is frizzy the whole day but I noticed a softer hair. I can smell the vinegar at the back of my neck in between the hair cause I use to perspire in that area. Glad I was just at home and nobody can smell me. After drying my hair and body, I sprayed ACV into the cotton and applied it onto my face as a toner. I finished it with Maxi Peel Concealing Cream.

Friday Evening:

I followed the advice of a fellow gtalker, Meowskitty. Shampoo-ACV-Conditioner. I used Clear Soft Shampoo. Washed it off. Then ACV wash. I let it stay for at least 2 mins. Then wash it off. Then use Citre Shine Color Prism Conditioner. The result is much better! Then I still rinsed my body with ACV. And then Kojiesan soap after.

For the following days, this is my evening routine:

1) Shower. Shampoo - ACV - Conditioner. 2) ACV body rinse - Kojic Soap. 3) ACV toner* - Bleaching Cream from Derm. I removed my Differin (Adapalene) in my routine. I thought its redundant cause ACV is already acting up for my blemishes.

For my morning routine:

1) Wash face with Cetaphil – ACV toner* – Maxipeel Concealing Cream.

*ACV Toner: 3 parts of distilled water, 1 part of ACV.

Update as of today (June 11):

ITS A RAVE!!! I have a lot of praises with this product! First, it did help my face give a certain “glow.” I can say that my oiliness has decreased. Pores somehow shrunken. My blemishes were fading. Same with redness. My face has its rosy glow when in natural lighting. For my hair, it’s soft and it I think it has coated the strands making it healthy looking. When I wake up in the morning, I have a beach wave hairstyle. Its cute and its soft and fresh. For my body, I have a small bumps in my earlobes. I know they are disgusting but you wont see them really. They are internal. I think the reasons for the bumps are clogged lymph nodes? (scary I know) And after using ACV in my hair, the bumps have shrunken! I can’t believe it. This is really my Holy Grail. As crazy as it sounds. I also have a rash prone buttocks and I am also hoping that this product will help.

I also use ACV in my foods. I use it as a dip for my chicken fingers. I use this as a marinating sauce. I use this as my alternative for ordinary distilled vinegar. Here is the article that says everything about the benefits of ACV:

This is the reason why ACV has its beauty benefits: It has a high Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Read more in order to know why. :)

I dont use this as my way to loss weight. I dont want to because I am satisfied with my body now. I just need to maintain it with my Semi-Vegetarianism. :)

By the way, if you decided to give this a try, don't forget to buy the ORGANIC one. The one which has the “mother” meaning the more sediments it has, the more effective it is. Bragg ACV is the best one in my opinion. If the ACV smells, it means you are putting too much. And I am putting too much because I can take the smell now. Of course when going out, I still have to tone down the amount lol. I dont want any trouble. :p Always dilute it with DISTILLED Water if you put it in a container. Why? Ordinary tap water, once stocked will produce minerals and dirt. Making it prone to bacteria. Some people, in order to mask the smell, they put green tea to it. That’s okay for as long as you are sure that you wont stock it because we are trying to avoid bacteria built up here. No bacteria – No skin irritation.

That’s it for now. I will use this for 1 month and lets see again if I will still rave about it. Try it for yourself and see its benefits. :)


  1. hi sis i'll follow you. i will wait for the results of acv on your body. sensitive rin ang ibang parts ng body ko kasi :(

    very helpful comprehensive review btw :)

  2. lol sis sige, mind you i am madaldal and i post almost about anything kasi so filter nalang those you want to read. :)

    i added you as my friend din. :)

  3. been using ACV also. same tayo ng bottle na ginagamit. but lately, i've been lazy tapos i stay up really late pa kaya i have pimples na naman. magpapakabait na ulit and religiously do this before sleep na ulit.

  4. ^hi sis! sa landmark mo rin ba nabili ang bottle? lol. good luck with the ACV. :)

  5. is it still safe to use until now? where in landmark can i buy Acv?
    i have acnes all over my face
    nkaka depress....



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