Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Avoiding Swine Flu

image.axd In all my efforts to avoid A(H1N1), these are my personal precautions on how to avoid this airborne spreading disease. For the record, I am a trying hard control freak. I am health conscious but I often touch that public door knob. >ACK!<



Prior to the Swine, I already purchased a lot of disposable masks. Why? For everybody’s info again, I had Acne Conglobata. A rare form of Acne, causes unknown and I had these chicken pox like nodules all over the sides of my head and forehead. Ok cut the OMG, REALLY??? comment cause this is about the flu. I used the mask whenever going out and I had one left so its going to be secured for future for the flu. *knock on the wood* For the first case of swine flu in the Philippines, I already wanted to use this but after I sat in a public bus, I noticed that people were not really worried and somehow when somebody sneezes or coughs, they are not really paranoid to avoid the person! Dr. Kelly, my wonderful mask, was left all alone in my bag after that incident.



OKK. Before you say, WHAT? there’s a vaccine already? I want to make it clear that the vaccine that I took has not included the protection against A(H1N1) because as of today, there are no vaccines yet for this type of flu! I only took the shot cause I get sick easily and since I usually ride the public utility vehicles, I want to be safe. I had this last saturday only in Mercury Glorietta cause they had a SALE (aye even drugs are put on sale lol) Priced for PHP 695. I was so happy that I asked for a souvenir (The box). The effect may be numbness of the injected part or even the hand. If you have weak immune system at that time of shot, you can develop a flu like symptom as well. I am blessed I didn’t! Cause I double dosed my Vitamin C intake at that time as advised by the attending doctor who is really nice to accommodate my endless questions. lol.



So I bought today my pocket wet tissue aside from the bigger and bulkier wet ones aka “GIggles Baby Wipes” cause I use this as a make up remover along side Cetaphil cleanser. The wet tissues are helpful to me especially when commuting and eating out cause oftentimes there’s no available sink to wash my greasy and dirty hands. And I use it during “emergency” times. hehe did you figure the “”?



Mkay. Not a big fan at first since I have fingertip eczema and anything that has alcohol on it, will crack my fingertips! SO I didnt follow the craze. I remember my classmate who usually have this thing on her bag. I even associated the smell with her. But since I am not stressed out recently and my eczema is participating a lot in my activities, I think its time to use this gel now! I bought one small bottle for travelling again. And I love it. I have my moisturizer ready if ever my eczema will act crazy again.

Anyway these things may not really the best way to avoid the swine flu. But again its my own way. For the sake of the whole world, follow what the WHO said like the washing of hands with soap as often as possible and avoiding crowded places etc etc. you should know the rest.

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