Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hoard day + EON Card & Odesk Debit Card

An interesting purchases at Watsons today.

1. Swallow Hot Oil Treatment Cream – PHP 89.75


Why I bought this? Its cheap and its small enough to try it myself. Why I am quite hesitant to use it? The ingredients fooled me. I thought there were no parabens on it. But after buying it and researching the ingredients, I found out that they use another name for it. If you can read it there are two kinds of parabens on it:

methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Methlyparaben.

Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate OR IN SHORT Propylparaben.

Wow I am saddened. I’ll let you know if I will use it or not. And what are parabens if you ask? lol sorry for not explaining it well. I think I shall post a separate post about it next time.

2. Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream – PHP 149.75


Okay this is a confession. I have this ugly hardened skin or callous in my fifth toe. Ugh. It’s embarrassing. I cant wear my sandals now. I self medicated it before thru the use of a salicylic acid patches. I thought it is just a fungi but no it’s not and the salicylic acid just made it worst. :( Now after researching, all I can do is to soften the skin and just file it every now and then. Unless I bring it to a professional doctor on which I am not thinking right now. Not yet. I am hoping that this cracked heel cream will help. I don't have a cracked heel but I am assuming that my fifth toe will also benefit from this? Let’s see…The ingredients are safe enough. No parabens.


Finally here is a picture of my newly cards: Unionbank EON card and Odesk Debit Card.


Woot. They are not yet activated mind you. The odesk card was here first but after careful consideration, I think using Union Bank EON card is much a better option for me. Lower cost and safer. For EON card, the teller suggested to activate it this saturday.

Oh by the way, it is my first time to use Globe Gcash today. Meaning, I was able to encash my gcash funds today. I did it in a Globe Telecom Center. I just had to prepare a valid ID. They asked me to fill out a form then they will send a message thru my phone, I have to reply back my pin and voila, the cash is with me after few minutes. This is the manner of payment from my mystery shopping stint. It was enlightening haha. I paid a fee of 10 pesos for my funds.


DSC00794 My fingertip eczema is acting up again and I am having a hard time holding things especially washing my hands. It dries quickly and scales a lot. :( I think its because of my high sodium diet…and also stress. Sigh..The aloe vera that I bought (see picture) didn't help much. I am not sure if its harsh on my skin but my eczema occurred after using this…Probably the ingredient, Benzyl Alchohol triggered it…what a waste. I love aloe vera plus this product is from healthy options.


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