Thursday, June 18, 2009

[Musing] Not good

Ow not really good news. I received an email again from my Odesk buyer and he said, he reviewed my audio. The tracks were disorganized according to him but I checked it and I only followed his instructions according to the excel file that he provided. Sigh he hasn't replied yet and I am a bit paranoid. I am so sad that I disappointed him but well I really remind myself not to stress too much. Stess=makes me old. hehe.

So today, I finally went to Unionbank to apply for my EON card. FINALLY. The girl said, I’ll call within a week hopefully it will be available. I am friggin excited. I dont know which things to buy…Is it a netbook or that tiny sewing machine available in Ace Hardware? I really want to try sewing haha and make it as my business. Hmmm…

I also went to Fanny Salon today. Hoping to have my hair rebonded. I brought 3K with me. And was surprised that I am short of 2K for their full rebond with the protectant, Loreal Inner Logic (3tubes for my thick hair), shine moist cellophane, treatment, cut and the rebond itself. OMG. It was already late and so I said I will just comeback tomorrow. And I will hopefully will if ever there wont be any situation that might prevent me. Such as my issue with this Odesk buyer…Haaay.

I really want to have my hair colored like reallly really colored such as those Japanese girls hehe.

Ps. Im planning to buy Evian Atomizer as a mist spray to set up my foundation. I already used Avene Couvrance and so far so good but I am a frying pan once again.

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