Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Review] Opal Conditioner

opal conditonerI purchased this conditioner last April 29, 2009 and I can count the times I have used this. Three? Four? The first time I tried it, it was a disaster. By the way, I bought this since there are a lot of raves about this product in GT forum.

Testing of the hypothesis using the 5 Senses.

Look: Packaging is in 225ml tube. The texture is the same with other conditioners except that it has pink micro beads on it. I believe those tiny bits give illuminating effect in the hair. After using it in a day, I noticed that I became a brunette in direct sunlight or even in normal daylight room.

Smell: It really has a strong fragrance. Which at first I thought its really cool but eventually I find myself having a headache and with a few sneezes. Fragrance is not a good indication in a product by the way. My head started to itch after a day.

Touch: When I put the conditioner in my hair, within a few minutes while washing off, I notice a lot of hair falls and I do not normally see that numerous amount before using Opal. It probably didn't help when I let it stay for at least 2 mins while cleaning my body (this is my shower routine: Head to toe) I didn't directly put the product in my scalp, I put it directly onto my roots then used the remaining on my head. The after effect is silky smooth hair but a lot of disturbing hair falls even after a few days without using OPAL. By the way, the smell stayed strong even after 3 days or more. :( When I used it the second time after a week, I only put it in my hair roots and didn't let the product touch my scalp. No difference, hair fall is still there.

Taste: N/A

Hear: N/A



Look at the ingredients^. The probable cause of my hair fall is due to the parabens and alcohols OR the strong fragrance of this product. As I quote from another website:

Avoid products with artificial fragrances and parabens especially as these are some of the more damaging chemicals both for the environment and for your health.


Avoid hair conditioners containing alcohol. This holds true for all hair types --dry, oily and normal; as alcohol results in dries the hair and might cause hair loss.

Recommended? Not. Score? 2 out of 5.

Disclaimer: Some people don't have problems with this product. Their bodies can probably tolerate the ingredients. But for everyone's safety and after using this myself, I do not recommend it for everyone since I experienced hair fall and scalp itching and even redness in my neck after using it.

Just my two cents :)

PS: It’s so unfortunate that my Opal Conditioner is just laid in peace in my bathroom’s closet. I want to give this to anyone but since probably my family is allergic too, I dont know who to give this away. If you are interested, send me an email if you know it or comment at this post. Im giving it for free, you pay the shipping or we can set a meet up.

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  1. It's the opposite in my part. I love how it shines my hair!



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