Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Ebay] Selling my items!

Hi ladies and men, I have a Spring Cleaning Bazaar at Ebay. I am still starting so please be patient. :) If you are interested, just read the details and email me at cecilysummer(@gmail.com) or at kishhyu(@gmail.com)->this is my online english tutoring mailbox. :)

I currently sell three items, all of them are included in my past review entries. More to come if I successfully sold these items heh.

Silk Secrets Moisturizing Cracked Heel Cream

Opal One Minute Treatment

Japanese Hair Cutter from Saizen


Relatively cheap each for PHP 50.00!!! get them now. :)


  1. so tempting... will just have to look away... until the moolah comes... hope it's still available...

  2. sis, magiging available parin yan para sayo. :)



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