Friday, March 6, 2015

Japanese Spouse Visa

Just want to update regarding the status of my Japanese Spouse Visa.

Jan 15 - our immigration lawyer from Yokohama, Japan submitted my Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

Along this time, I expected to wait until April 15. Based from our lawyer's experience, it takes 2 to 3 months of waiting for the COE. Paid 2300 plus 50 for the 2x2 picture editing.

But God is great.

March 2 - lawyer messaged me and said my COE has arrived. Thank God. I became 90% happier because of this.

March 3 - Paid the lawyer and he sent me via post the COE along the Report of Marriage from the Philippine Embassy of Japan in Tokyo.

I spent the remaining time researching about CFO seminar. Under the law, (' -_-) Filipinos with foreign spouses need to attend that in order to leave the country. 😩

March 5 - I went to NSO in East Ave QC expecting to  receive my marriage cert. This is a requirement for CFO. I braved the queues from 7am till 11ish. Unfortunately, they said its not yet available and I can only get it on March 23 which I cant afford to wait. I dont know why it takes that long. My huge guess is....NSO's laziness....sigh. DFA said they already handcarried my Report of Marriage last Feb 6. NSO simply said, "Oh! 1 month palang pala eh!" Oh dear..😧 dont want to focus on that experience here lets move on lol

March 6 - EMS courier received. COE is in my hand!!!
Went to one of the accredited agencies here:

And submitted copy of my Report of Marriage, 2x2 picture, passport and COE.

The agency said, I need to wait 2 - 3 weeks.
The agency messenger said, there are 3 visa denials today.
The forums that I read said, COE is not a guaranteed visa. There are still chances of denial. Omg. 😨😲😳

Now, I am back in waiting and the same uneasy feeling is here again...

If the visa is denied, it will take 6 mos before we can reapply again. My gosh. Its so long...

Hubby is reassuring and said we dont need to worry because our requirements are complete. I am a worry rat...but I guess its my way of coping not to expect so much so the feeling is not that heavy...just like how I waited for COE. Its completely unexpected that it only took about less than 7 weeks. I was really happy that time but then after researching what to do next...i realized that the battle is not yet over.

On March 9 - I plan to go to CFO for seminar. Will update this after it happened.

What have I been doing recently?
I went to my brother's condo in Makati since nobody is renting it yet.

I visited old friends in Makati. Realized how different our values and interests now. Lol.

Went to my husband's family but was not too keen to go lol...until he only requested.

Had 2 interviews. One offered me an office job with a good compensation package for the Philippine setting. The other one with a very bad salary package but will allow me to teach English to Japanese. I didnt follow up with the two because after 3 days, my COE arrived and I had to focus on that.

I also tried to study Japanese in a school in Makati. But didnt pursue also because of the COE.

I also had numerous fights with hubby because of LDR thingy and some personal issues. Ultimately the cause is more of the sadness of being away from each other. We better need to see each other soon gosh..

So..these are the things that I need to do to keep my mind busy...


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