Friday, October 31, 2014

Don Quixote

Don Quixote or Donki in short is a famous shopping mall in Japan where you can find almost everything you need but with a very low price than normal retailers. Think about Daiso but an upgrade version. 😆

So yesterday, I woke up early and decided to head to  our neighbor Donki around 8am. Too early for a shopping eh? No worries. Donki is 24hrs. Yay right?!

Cant believe I left home with no make up on. Only my sleeping attire plus thick sweater and neck warmer and I put a surgical facial mask for two purposes: Im recovering and to hide the unmade face 😂

Its so liberating to shop without make up and without people looking horrendously at your face 😲😅

I got so caught up with shopping that I ended up buying a lot. 😨 but my reasoning is...I need to make my purchases over 5k Yen in order to claim the consumer tax free discount. Such a deal right?! Yes and not..

As I was paying my goods, as usual there is a language barrier but the main point is: if Im going to claim the goods as tax free, I cant use the products IN JAPAN. 😲


But I got my 900 yen discount anyway.

Initially, I just went ahead to avoid the language explanation hassle. I thought, well I can use this anyway but after paying and when I head to the tax free counter, the staff sealed my bag in red tape and chopped my passport!!!! Like its a statement that I wont open my goods until I leave Japan or else  - I hate the or elses!

I couldnt say anything. I just nodded. I walked from home very stressed. Ive got a beauty facial mask there and its a waste not to try it now. I thought all of the products that i need to use even the toilet tank cleaner!!! Lol 😅😆 how can I wait to use this until I leave Japan? Omg I was so stressed. And I cant leave the toilet tank like that. I feel its so blocked. Lol..

In the end, I went back and told the guy to separate the goods that I will be needing in the Japan and the goods that I wont. 😑 I left the Tokyo Love Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, conditoner, eyeliner and other stuff that I think I wont be needing soon. And the goods that I need? Look into the picture below. Lol...they are not necessary but I cant wait to use them.

The guy replaced the paper in my passport. There are several chops in there and I got irked somehow but at least it got changed to the right receipt. I can breathe now.

Picture 1 goods:
1. The famous toilet cleaner
2. XS gloves - it keeps my nailpolish in good condition for a longer period of time.
3. Barrier Repair Facial Mask HA
4. Shu Uemura small mascara - been wanting this for a while.
5. Chifure Washable Cold Cream - ran out of make up remover and want to try this.
6. Pink Nail polish collection - very girly. I thought ny engagent ring looks good in this.
7. Majolica Majorca Lip Gloss in Pink
8. Majolica Majorca Cheek Liquid Blush - been using this brand a lot these days. I think MM is really a good brand!!

Oh I bought some discounted things from Uniqlo too. Its so fun to shop in Japan...of course I got guilty after buying these...omg bye bye 💴.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We dont even remember why were fighting

That one came from the lyrics of "Mad" by Ne-Yo.

And its exactly what Im questioning now. Im blogging now while my husband sleeps next to me with his arms and feet wrapped around me. I can barely type with my phone but its okay Id rather suffer to this than not being hugged at all.

With our sweetness right now, you wont believe that we just had an argument awhile ago and its crazy. Lol cause as always, I got emo and he got mad. Its constant. I constantly try to tell him my feelings; he wants to stop it cause its stressing him out. Blah blah. Explaining it is exhausting.

When fights like this happen, I immediately tell myself or sometimes to him: I think I made a mistake of signing the papers. I know I know that is so bad of me. Im not even sure if I mean it.

But when I think of how I love hugging him and how his presence gives me peace...I sure wanted to apologize as quick as possible. Im such a nutz...he is too...he is nutz when he does irrational things when we fight. 👺

Sigh...I hope we get though our differences.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting sick in Japan pt 2

As expected, the doctor diagnosed me of pharyngitis. I paid about ¥3080 for the check up and another ¥3080 for the medication. Its a 6day course of antibiotics.

I am still recovering until now. 😷 Im on my 4th day of antibiotics but my throat still looks a bit swollen. Im hoping that this is only bacterial not viral or else its gonna take a while for me to recover.

Anyway, last weekend was the worst for me and I took all my frustrations to my husband lol. Poor guy...its like Im always dissatisfied with him. I always complain that he doesnt take care of me well blah blah. Partly yeah but I just noticed the reason why. He never got this sick when he was still young and with his Mother so he doesnt really know how to take care of the sick. We really have a different family tradition when it comes to caring. After the brouhaha, I laid out all the ways I wanted to be taken cared of such as putting vicks vaporub in my back etc...then he improved immediately. If I will grade him it will be average. Lol still low but the reason is, I dont want to direct. I want intitiative. Oh well, effort is still effort and Im still happy about that. 😆

Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting sick in Japan

I would like to share my experience in finding a billingual clinic if you encounter sickness in Japan.

Last time I experienced UTI, I went to visit this woman's clinic in Hiro-o. (Comment if you want to know the exact name and place) The price is not that high. However, my problem now doesnt involve my reproductive system. Lol 😕 i need a GP for my sorethroat.

😣 《Rant about my Sorethroat starts here》 😣 scroll below to go straight to AMDA.

I hate getting sorethroat. My upper respiratory is probably the weak part of my body. I had pharyngitis when I was 5. My doctor told me that I cant talk for long or shout for long after having pharyngitis or else I will lose my golden voice (if there Ever since that incident, I usually get sorethroat at least 1 or 2 a month! My mom and grandma were so worried about me that they put me into "Bear Brand" and pineapple juice diet. It worked but I probably got my strong immunity when I settled in Singapore.

Its unusual for me to get sick nowadays even if I eat ice cream on a cold day, I can get away with it. But once I do get sick, it really look and feel bad on me.

Its been 3 days already since I experienced this sorethroat. 2 days of having sleepless nights and painful nights. I woke up today feeling like I gulped a saw in my throat. Thus I decided to visit a doctor.

But wait? How to look for a doctor in Japan when I cant speak Japanese?

A Japanese acquaintance who all of a sudden messaged me sent me the link to AMDA. Its an organization where they can help you in terms of medical needs.

You might ask what did my hubby do to help me? Last night he bought me a medicine. It helped but i think it only conceals the pain. Its Friday and he is working now. I hate to say this, if I want to get to the hospital asap, I can only rely on my own today. I was feeling kindda emo last night because of this...but oh well.

😊 ☆Lets get back to AMDA.☆😊

The english staff helped me find a nearest clinic nearby my place. She gave me two but the first one needs to be called for appointment and AMDA's policy is not to do reservations for us - callers. So, I crossed out that clinic in mind and decided to go to the one which is 15mins away from me. Its in Machida Station.

I tell you, its not really 15 mins. The changing lines and walking in between stations is time consuming.

Plus as soon as I got out of the station, I still have the challenge to look for the building. I took about another 15mins to look for it. When I cant take it any further, I bravely asked the police. The police spoke in Japanese however he can say, "Mister Donut" and "Tendon Soba" I can see these establishments from afar so I went there.

I dont know how I got here honestly. AMDA's personnel told me to look for Dai San Building. San is 3 in Japanese. I saw a Kanji and number 3 in that building beside Tendon. And when I went up, I thought I got it wrong cos there is no signage but when I looked further, there are few old people in masks. So, that really gave me a hint...

The lady nurse kindda expected me. I saw a piece of paper with the word AMDA on it. I felt secured already. She pointed her throat and I nodded. Non verbal cues at its best!!!

I wrote my name and the Hubs phone plus address. I am still waiting for my queue.

I will edit this after! 👋

Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Days Married

Im already married. 😂 Yes. My engagement and marriage is not traditional and its quite a long story so I will try to skip that for now. Watch it out next time. 😊

Its been obvious that I have outgrown my beauty blogging/ freelance working addiction. From now on, I will use this blog to relate my marriage and Japan experiences.

Yes, Im in Japan now. My hubby is a Japanese citizen but he is actually half Filipino. 😛

Btw, I am using my phone to update so I apologize if I sound like I am texting.

Yesterday is officially my first day as a housewife. Its a nice feeling to hear that. Honestly, I love being called a wife and having to tell someone that I have a "husband" now. ❤💙💚💛💜

Unfortunately, I catched a cold or what they call "kaze" here in Japan. 😷 Its Autumn here and the temparature ranges till 14°c and it gets colder because of the rain. Coming from Philippines and Singapore, that is quite an adjustment to my tropical body. I wondered why I didnt catch a cold last time when I was here and its snowtime despite eating lots of ice cream under the snow falling. Maybe Winter is much better than Autumn. I dont like it when it rains. I think rain makes me sick but snow doesnt? Hahah. Im biased.

Last night, the hub catched me lying in bed and asked me what am I doing and if I were sleeping. He came from work. I told him I am sick. I saw his worried face. "You should have texted me that you are sick" Aww my heart melts. Lol. I asked him to take a bath so I can hug him already. Im particular with germs lol While taking a bath, I prepared his food. Despite feeling ill, I managed to cook Beef Brocolli and Arrozcaldo for me.

While eating, my hub asked me if Im okay cos I look wasted lol. I realized that my bun made me look like a girl who hasnt bathed in years. 😂 I immediately put it down and my look became more feminine to my hubs eyes lol

I put the dishes to the sink and the hub washed it right away. I was surprised with his enthusiasm. He lied in the bed with me while watching his rented DVD - Naruto. We cuddled from 9:30pm till 12midnight. I slept in the middle and woke up several times with pain in my throat. Its so dry it hurts when I sleep.

The hub offered massage with Vicks Vaporub. I loved it! He is really a hubby at that time. Also kept asking me how am I feeling. He offered me this Japanese medicine called Pabron Ace. Im quite hessitant to take something which I cant read. The med is all in Japanese but I eventually gave in cos of the pain.

⚠Warning: Gross explanation ahead. ⚠

He decided to rest by 12:30am and I was joking him to kiss me so I blow my breath inside his and I can pass the virus to him. He acted fearfully in a cute way saying, both of us can't get sick or else it will be much worst for us. Haha lol He just pecked me. Pecking and kissing is no different when passing the virus lol

This morning before leaving for work, he was about to kiss me to say goodbye but I offered my cheeks. See I honestly dont want him to catch the virus with me.

This is the reason why being married is beautiful. 😍

I dont feel well today but everytime I think of how my hubs hug me tightly at night...its enough for me to be happy.

Anyway, this is long already. Time to rest. 👋


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