Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We dont even remember why were fighting

That one came from the lyrics of "Mad" by Ne-Yo.

And its exactly what Im questioning now. Im blogging now while my husband sleeps next to me with his arms and feet wrapped around me. I can barely type with my phone but its okay Id rather suffer to this than not being hugged at all.

With our sweetness right now, you wont believe that we just had an argument awhile ago and its crazy. Lol cause as always, I got emo and he got mad. Its constant. I constantly try to tell him my feelings; he wants to stop it cause its stressing him out. Blah blah. Explaining it is exhausting.

When fights like this happen, I immediately tell myself or sometimes to him: I think I made a mistake of signing the papers. I know I know that is so bad of me. Im not even sure if I mean it.

But when I think of how I love hugging him and how his presence gives me peace...I sure wanted to apologize as quick as possible. Im such a nutz...he is too...he is nutz when he does irrational things when we fight. 👺

Sigh...I hope we get though our differences.

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