Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Days Married

Im already married. 😂 Yes. My engagement and marriage is not traditional and its quite a long story so I will try to skip that for now. Watch it out next time. 😊

Its been obvious that I have outgrown my beauty blogging/ freelance working addiction. From now on, I will use this blog to relate my marriage and Japan experiences.

Yes, Im in Japan now. My hubby is a Japanese citizen but he is actually half Filipino. 😛

Btw, I am using my phone to update so I apologize if I sound like I am texting.

Yesterday is officially my first day as a housewife. Its a nice feeling to hear that. Honestly, I love being called a wife and having to tell someone that I have a "husband" now. ❤💙💚💛💜

Unfortunately, I catched a cold or what they call "kaze" here in Japan. 😷 Its Autumn here and the temparature ranges till 14°c and it gets colder because of the rain. Coming from Philippines and Singapore, that is quite an adjustment to my tropical body. I wondered why I didnt catch a cold last time when I was here and its snowtime despite eating lots of ice cream under the snow falling. Maybe Winter is much better than Autumn. I dont like it when it rains. I think rain makes me sick but snow doesnt? Hahah. Im biased.

Last night, the hub catched me lying in bed and asked me what am I doing and if I were sleeping. He came from work. I told him I am sick. I saw his worried face. "You should have texted me that you are sick" Aww my heart melts. Lol. I asked him to take a bath so I can hug him already. Im particular with germs lol While taking a bath, I prepared his food. Despite feeling ill, I managed to cook Beef Brocolli and Arrozcaldo for me.

While eating, my hub asked me if Im okay cos I look wasted lol. I realized that my bun made me look like a girl who hasnt bathed in years. 😂 I immediately put it down and my look became more feminine to my hubs eyes lol

I put the dishes to the sink and the hub washed it right away. I was surprised with his enthusiasm. He lied in the bed with me while watching his rented DVD - Naruto. We cuddled from 9:30pm till 12midnight. I slept in the middle and woke up several times with pain in my throat. Its so dry it hurts when I sleep.

The hub offered massage with Vicks Vaporub. I loved it! He is really a hubby at that time. Also kept asking me how am I feeling. He offered me this Japanese medicine called Pabron Ace. Im quite hessitant to take something which I cant read. The med is all in Japanese but I eventually gave in cos of the pain.

⚠Warning: Gross explanation ahead. ⚠

He decided to rest by 12:30am and I was joking him to kiss me so I blow my breath inside his and I can pass the virus to him. He acted fearfully in a cute way saying, both of us can't get sick or else it will be much worst for us. Haha lol He just pecked me. Pecking and kissing is no different when passing the virus lol

This morning before leaving for work, he was about to kiss me to say goodbye but I offered my cheeks. See I honestly dont want him to catch the virus with me.

This is the reason why being married is beautiful. 😍

I dont feel well today but everytime I think of how my hubs hug me tightly at night...its enough for me to be happy.

Anyway, this is long already. Time to rest. 👋

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