Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting sick in Japan pt 2

As expected, the doctor diagnosed me of pharyngitis. I paid about ¥3080 for the check up and another ¥3080 for the medication. Its a 6day course of antibiotics.

I am still recovering until now. 😷 Im on my 4th day of antibiotics but my throat still looks a bit swollen. Im hoping that this is only bacterial not viral or else its gonna take a while for me to recover.

Anyway, last weekend was the worst for me and I took all my frustrations to my husband lol. Poor guy...its like Im always dissatisfied with him. I always complain that he doesnt take care of me well blah blah. Partly yeah but I just noticed the reason why. He never got this sick when he was still young and with his Mother so he doesnt really know how to take care of the sick. We really have a different family tradition when it comes to caring. After the brouhaha, I laid out all the ways I wanted to be taken cared of such as putting vicks vaporub in my back etc...then he improved immediately. If I will grade him it will be average. Lol still low but the reason is, I dont want to direct. I want intitiative. Oh well, effort is still effort and Im still happy about that. 😆

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