Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting sick in Japan

I would like to share my experience in finding a billingual clinic if you encounter sickness in Japan.

Last time I experienced UTI, I went to visit this woman's clinic in Hiro-o. (Comment if you want to know the exact name and place) The price is not that high. However, my problem now doesnt involve my reproductive system. Lol 😕 i need a GP for my sorethroat.

😣 《Rant about my Sorethroat starts here》 😣 scroll below to go straight to AMDA.

I hate getting sorethroat. My upper respiratory is probably the weak part of my body. I had pharyngitis when I was 5. My doctor told me that I cant talk for long or shout for long after having pharyngitis or else I will lose my golden voice (if there Ever since that incident, I usually get sorethroat at least 1 or 2 a month! My mom and grandma were so worried about me that they put me into "Bear Brand" and pineapple juice diet. It worked but I probably got my strong immunity when I settled in Singapore.

Its unusual for me to get sick nowadays even if I eat ice cream on a cold day, I can get away with it. But once I do get sick, it really look and feel bad on me.

Its been 3 days already since I experienced this sorethroat. 2 days of having sleepless nights and painful nights. I woke up today feeling like I gulped a saw in my throat. Thus I decided to visit a doctor.

But wait? How to look for a doctor in Japan when I cant speak Japanese?

A Japanese acquaintance who all of a sudden messaged me sent me the link to AMDA. Its an organization where they can help you in terms of medical needs.

You might ask what did my hubby do to help me? Last night he bought me a medicine. It helped but i think it only conceals the pain. Its Friday and he is working now. I hate to say this, if I want to get to the hospital asap, I can only rely on my own today. I was feeling kindda emo last night because of this...but oh well.

😊 ☆Lets get back to AMDA.☆😊

The english staff helped me find a nearest clinic nearby my place. She gave me two but the first one needs to be called for appointment and AMDA's policy is not to do reservations for us - callers. So, I crossed out that clinic in mind and decided to go to the one which is 15mins away from me. Its in Machida Station.

I tell you, its not really 15 mins. The changing lines and walking in between stations is time consuming.

Plus as soon as I got out of the station, I still have the challenge to look for the building. I took about another 15mins to look for it. When I cant take it any further, I bravely asked the police. The police spoke in Japanese however he can say, "Mister Donut" and "Tendon Soba" I can see these establishments from afar so I went there.

I dont know how I got here honestly. AMDA's personnel told me to look for Dai San Building. San is 3 in Japanese. I saw a Kanji and number 3 in that building beside Tendon. And when I went up, I thought I got it wrong cos there is no signage but when I looked further, there are few old people in masks. So, that really gave me a hint...

The lady nurse kindda expected me. I saw a piece of paper with the word AMDA on it. I felt secured already. She pointed her throat and I nodded. Non verbal cues at its best!!!

I wrote my name and the Hubs phone plus address. I am still waiting for my queue.

I will edit this after! 👋

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