Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back in Pinas

Im typing this in my laptop while listening to Ariana Grande's, Love me Harder.

Location: my hometown in Pinas (my pink room to be exact)

I've been here since January 9th. It has been let me say - steady. Not so much of a storm. I used to be so emo, dramatic and all sorts when I leave without my husband. I guess staying here with my loving Mom and Grandma really help me a lot!

So what have I been doing? Im just catching up with the products in the Philippines far, I have only went to the nearest SM supermarket and department store. I was stocking up with my toiletries essentials. I also bought food which I really missed such as squid ball and the fishball sauce lol also, Cheetos Hot (Japan doesnt have this! ://) and red hotdog and so on and so forth. My gosh, I have been eating. Yesterday, while preparing to leave for grocery, I noticed that I cant fit into my old clothes anymore. Sad. I think I changed 4x because everytime I fit one, I found myself looking like a pregnant woman. Am I pregnant? I hope not -

I tried to resurrect my oDesk profile. I applied to three jobs. There is one that replied to me and I was so happy for it but I think being in other country, makes me quite dissatisfied with my $10 bid. And its not going to be a long hour work. Actually, I am not yet really hired. I was only given a 2hr challenge so the client can test my designing capabilities. I actually delayed it for two days and I am hoping to accomplish it today after blogging. But everytime I think that I will only get 20 USD after...I cant help but lose my motivation...I know that attitude is so bad....5 years ago, I would have spank myself for saying this. I was so economical back then that a 1USD bid is so essential for me already.

I guess I really need to move forward with the low bids. I dont think with my age right now (29 y/o), I still have that luxury to sit in my laptop for 8 hours and get about 8USD per day. I would rather think of other things to do that can make me earn more. The question is how, when and what to do....

I was thinking of import and exporting things from Japan since I have an access there. The problem is execution. I wanna do it so bad but I dont know if Im selling it to the right market.

Hmmm think think...

Sometimes when this dilemma happens, I cant help but to think about Japan. If only I was in Japan, then I can get a part time teaching job easily, I tell myself. And earn like 2XXXX Yen. And without putting so much effort. But when I was in Japan, all I wanted to do is to be a housewife and nothing else. Man. Well, I couldnt really work at that time because my visa is not valid for work. What a dilemma lol.

I think next time when my visa arrives, I am going to full blast work and catch up with earning money. Bahala na with the household work. With my allergic husband (allergic sa gawaing bahay), I think we will be having more arguments about household work but we will cross that line when it happens...

For now, I will do my oDesk task first. Sigh..20

, Cecily


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