Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Rebond

Finally! I had my rebond this afternoon! Its my third rebond. The last two were made by Tony and Jackey for the past few years. I am quite hesitant to have my hair rebonded to a different salon but since I am in the province right now, and to commute to Makati just to have my hair rebonded is quite a horror, I have decided to try Fanny Serrano’s salon. It was not an easy decision! I really researched and asked for the brand names that they will use for my hair. When I am finally convinced, I gave it a shot. I realized that I have been complaining with my buhaghag hair for the past months. I think since January this year. I felt that my unconscious self is shouting for a hair rebond already. I trust them with the rebond but not with the haircut lol. I only had my hair trimmed but I decided that I will still go to Tony and Jackey to have my hair cut like really shorter than what you see in the rebonded pic. I want it shoulder length. Not too much layers. I am tired of layers cause I had this hairstyle since time immemorial. I want to do a make over. In fact, I am planning to have my hair colored after 3 months or according to qt_ben @GT, 2 weeks is already enough (WEEEE!! :)). Although my hair now has a brownish tint due to the cellophane, I am not quite satisfied. I really want my hair lighter haha. Good luck with the maintenance. I know its hard to keep a healthy hair with a permanent colored dye.

Now the hard part is to keep my head still and to avoid tucking it in between my ear and to clip it. All of these things, I didnt obey hahaha. I really dont like the heavy feeling after the rebond. THE SMELL. The feeling that I have a lot of products in my hair and I wont be washing it for 3 days is horrible. Patience Cecily Patience.


By the way, the rebond process lasted for 7 hours i think. I went there by 12pm and checked out by 7pm. my hair is not curly but I have thick hair so drying it and ironing it takes a lot of time. wow. no wonder I have headache now. I actually ordered a Pancit along the middle of the process hahaha. I ate while they are blow-drying my hair. I dont really mind it. I get really hungry after 3 hours. I need to bite something and if not, I wont be a happy kid.

The painful part of the rebond is the ironing. My stylist has a really heavy hand. :( I really pity what he did to my hair. When I am in pain, I just want to hit anybody or anything lol peace. Good thing I didnt do it with my stylist. :P

Now lets see if this one will last. Next thing to do is: HAIR COLOR.

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