Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Seriously something is wrong with me after that incident. I am already up at 2:30 am?! Wtf. I only slept like 4 hrs? This is going to be really bad. Although thank God, I can take a nap anytime. I have the luxury to that right now. But my odesk job has been affected. I cannot do my writing job right now and the task has been given to me since last last week i guess…gosh i need to work on that now. This is all wrong. I need to stop my head from thinking too much. This obsessive compulsiveness is not going me anywhere. And why do I still feel depressed? sigh.

edit its already 5am and i am done with my article writing. At least I did something productive and it felt good somehow. Gosh I want a heavy breakfast. I can smell hotsilog in my imagination. YUMMM. :)

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