Saturday, May 16, 2009

Isotretinoin short update

I promise its only short lol but I doubt it.

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Anyway before the Isotretinoin post, I just want to say this, David Cook and David Archuleta: I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!! omg, been following their radio and tv guestings here in the Philippines and I am so thrilled everytime I see them lol. Im such a fangirl. I will not go to the concert later but I am quite satisfied with their media guestings. LOL sorry about Archie’s pic. I can’t resist. That picture is tooo cute! :P

Now back to the real update. Its been 3 weeks since I finished my Isotretinoin course. I was really glad that I am finally done because I am really afraid of that drug. Please ask me about the status of my skin now....
84120110 I can't believe it. Oiliness is back!!!!! UGH. I saw some whiteheads and blackheads. they're quite invisible due to past scars. BUT omg I feel some small bumps again. I havent made any appointments with my derma yet after my last capsule. I think I really need to schedule some date with him. Which unfortunately I cannot afford right now because I am so far from him (I live in the province, he is in Makati) and I have these homebased jobs. Omg but I need to focus this skin. I have invested a lot with my skin and I cant afford to break out again. No. I went to a very difficult isotretinoin course and I hate to go back again. :(

Right now I am thinking of trying the Egg White Mask which I will imitate from this blog: Beauty Reviews. Or I will try the oatmeal mask as well. I am so desperate to counteract this oiliness! Its not the same as I had before Acnetrex but still its oil!

Maybe I got used with the dryness EH? I like the feeling that my face is really intact. The hot and humid weather of the Philippines is not helping my skin either. It’s making my pores larger plus I notice that I perspire a lot! I have like small droplets of sweat in my eyebrows. Its weird, I am thinking of consulting an endocrinologist. LOL am I going too far? Well its making my face like a oil and water mine.

The current cosmetics that I use are: Maxi Peel’s Concealing Cream. It serves as my everyday at home moisturizer. It’s tinted so the scars are barely visible. I dont know if its causing my little breakout though cause I have been using this since I am on Acnetrex. I also use Avon Matte cream in Nude color. This covered my acne scars but since its quite heavy, I dont plan to use it that often. I also have Cover Girls mineral make up which I was raving before not until I realized that this MMU is making my skin darker (A sign that my skin is acidic and therefore oily) I dont like the coverage at all as it only reflects the lines that I have. I feel like I have wasted my money. I want to try Everyday Minerals as I read a fellow Filipina who has the same skin type as I am. Here is her review: The only problem that I have is buying it online. I am quite skeptical with online transactions lol. I never bought anything from the web eversince but I think this will be the first if ever.

Anyway, I’ll try the Egg White Mask later with lime and honey. Hope it works like a miracle!!!

edit: 7:56pm. Tried the Egg White Mask with a little calamansi extract. whisked it, cleanse my face then applied it with a cotton ball. Let it dry for 15 mins then rinsed my face. the result: wow i just had a botox! my skin is smooth. I hope its really great. I plan to use it once a week.


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