Friday, May 1, 2009


I have said in my previous post that I was hired from oDesk without an interview and this buyer of mine is asking me to write something about this specific old time radio. They are clear and they are entertaining. Its like listening to Hairspray or Pleasantville. Okay so I can't fulfill the duties of a writer now as another homebased job suddenly emailed me and I needed to prepare for this cause its going to be a long time job. Im going to teach actually and I needed to make my own lessons. lol. So please if anyone is interested for this job, please contact me asap. You need to be a good english writer please.

I'll give 50% of the earnings or 100% of it if you want and I can talk to my buyer and hire you instead!

Thanks. Need this ASAP!!

email@ cecilysummer (@)

UPDATE: As of May 4, I am closing this ad. :)

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