Friday, May 15, 2009

oDesk buyer offered me a new project

First of, Hello to you :)

Today, my first oDesk buyer - The one I told you in my previous post that has suspended my assignment and reopened it again and suspended it then reopened it again LOL as redundant as that, well she suddenly emailed me today offering me another oDesk opportunity. I said Im interested. It's a research job and data entry type of job. I am still trying to weigh my options as I dont have good experience with researching especially if its about people's contact info. Sadly, the job that was given is like that. Anyway, we will see but for now lets thank God for another opportunity.

Note to self:
1. I need to update my Isotretinoin experience. I have been updating in the GT forum but I think I need to post more here so that there's a particular reference.

2. Remind me to post more stuffs about homebased job.

3. Remind me to post my latest beauty purchases.

Wow I have so many stuffs to do. But in the end, I dont finish a lot.

:( PS, Cecy is feeling sad today cause she misses one of her friends. :((


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