Monday, May 25, 2009

Apologize for not blogging recently

Oh no. Real life issues are really making me busy nowadays.

Anyway for my homebased job. Yes I am still doing it. I currently have 4 buyers. Two of them are active. I am still waiting for the other inactive buyer to email me about our ebook project. I hope its going to happen because I love to write an ebook. wew big challenge! The other inactive buyer is i dont know. He is my biggest payer but well there's no projects recently...Wonder what will happen to me hehe.

As for my mystery shopping stint, I AM LOVING IT! I get paid to eat and also I am able receive a token for my review yehey hehe. Although I havent been paid yet, which I am hoping to get it next month on the third week (payout), I already made 3 mystery shopping for this month! wow i never thought it would be so much fun. I feel like Inspector Gadget haha.

For my Isotretinoin Update, thank goodness I finally visited my derm last saturday! He put glycolic peel for my face and wow it feels so refreshing. He said that my Isotretinoin course is done and he also commented about my question regarding the oilyness.


Oh yeah he's sort of right. Quite relieved about that for as long as I am not breaking out.

I asked him if there would be relapses?

He said, 20% of people will take the drug again. OH NO. I really hope I am not included in those percentage in the future. Six months---This is the timeframe he said. We will monitor my skin within 6 months. If it's okay, then Istosotretinoin is crossed out. I really hope so. But I will try not to stress much about it.

Okay till then. I really hope to post another big time update next time. Wishes <33

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