Sunday, May 10, 2009

Searching for Jobs at Odesk


So you already have an oDesk account but you’re still clueless on how to find a job? Well read on and find some helpful tips from me. (hopefully they’re helpful lol)

NOTE: I suppose you are not clueless on how to open an account at oDesk? if YES, Im going to make a tutorial for you next time if ONLY somebody demands.

Let’s take a peek at the image above. This is the typical look of a job advertisement at oDesk. Here you will find the Job Title, the description, the bid and a little information about the buyer (employer).

Things you need to know:

1. Payment Method

If the payment method of your buyer is verified, then don't worry, you’re secured and will be paid as per oDesk policies. If its NOT VERIFIED, you’ll risk of not getting paid at the end of your assignment. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are bogus, some buyers are fairly new with oDesk and they need at least 3 days to process their payment method. If they haven't verified it within the time frame, oDesk will take care of that lol. CECILY TIP: I personally choose the verified method because its less hassle less stress.

2. Invitations

What are the signs that your buyer is a bogus? They send numerous invitations but they don’t necessarily hire any provider. This is a common situation in oDesk and you must always look at this part. Especially if the bid is inviting say for example $100+ for a few hours. I have accidentally applied to one and I immediately reported it at oDesk. The end result: Buyer is vacuumed out of oDesk.

3. Job Description

A good description provides every detail you need for a job. Some buyers dont expand this thing and they prefer to discuss it thru email or interview. CECILY TIP: I prefer buyers who send samples and those that write a lot. In this way, I can assess my skills if I am really fit for the job. If you find the job enticing, apply and ask for more details and then lastly, evaluate your conversations with the buyer.

4. Feedback

This is a subjective one. Its undeniable that we cannot please everybody and therefore the buyers cannot please their providers as well. Some exceptions though, a feedback is like a scar. It can be permanent if you wont try to make it look good. For a buyer with a feedback lower than 3 is quite dubious. You can always read the reason behind the low score. Just hover your mouse in the magnifying glass icon beside the feedback. If the reason is negotiable to you, then give it a try. But if the feedback tells something about professionalism and work ethics, move on otherwise you’ll end up messing your oDesk experience.

Anyway, that’s fairly it. If you have more tips then comment them out! Remember, its not always about the bid. Yes you do freelance in order to earn but a good freelancer is someone who reads, analyze, carefully judge and an intelligent bidder.

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