Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real life PUNK’D! (Should be SCAM’D!) - LONG BUT WORTH IT.

I woke up around 4am today.

Despite the fact that I slept late and of course who couldn’t forget about what happened yesterday. I feel so drained right now. I think I only slept because I needed to but as soon as my body felt somehow recovered, my brain suddenly hit me with a lot of doubting questions, unending sighs, and of course the piercing feeling of being betrayed. It’s almost depressing. It's actually depressing.

phone-call Last Saturday, I received a phone call from an insistent caller. I wasn't able to answer the call before but while I was waiting for my derm, my cell phone rang and voila its the same number. I picked it thinking it was from another company but I thought of ending the call thinking again its from CitiFinancial reminding me of my aunt’s debt. (This is another story) So there you go we talked. The first few sentences of this caller is like a pure adrenalin rush. It was so fast that you could only assume one thing: A BIG JOB IS WAITING FOR ME. AND I’LL BE RICH!

To fully explain the situation here’s a phrase taken from another blog. Edited to fully explain my side:

1. They always hide the truth [about the company]. They first call you saying you were referred by a friend and that they are in need of a business partner for expansion of a U.S. based company or they are in need of executives with a monthly salary of 20k to 30k per month.

2. Once you show interest, they will tell you to proceed to the [building] and if you ask them what the nature of the job is, they will tell you "it is too long to explain it here over the phone" (hello, what is 5 mins of a rundown)! If you ask what company, they will not tell you first but if you ask again, they say [insert the scumbag’s company].

3. Then you begin to scratch your head and decide to ask if this is network marketing or MLM, and they will tell you "it is not".They will do all misrepresentations, deception, and lies in order for you to proceed to the bldg. They really practice unethical business, and this blog will expose it all.

In my case, #1 happened to me. The caller told me that they got my name from our school’s database. I trusted him thinking it was my school. I worked at our career office before graduation so I know that these things happen. For #2, perfect explanation!!! “I cant explain it on the phone, you need to come over.” The company he said is Kaizen International. It’s a rare opportunity. He selects few and he mentioned something about US blah blah. He doesn't have an email, no website. The evidences are there but I still believed. I’ll tell you why later. For #3, I ASKED HIM VIA PHONE, “You are not a networking company, aren't you? He bluntly said, NO, we aren't. Clear, concise words.

Wait before you raise that eyebrow. I know what I did was really not my character. A friend of mine even said, this is not you. You are always meticulous and you research before you go. But mind you guys, that guy I have talked is skilful. Given the fact that I let myself be fooled, I was swooned by his words.

What pains me more about this is that I actually went there. I had the bad intuition already but I didn't follow it. Did you know that I was in the province right now? I even went to Ortigas for that scumbag? And despite the unbearable heat and the scare of the swine flu, I still went there! Wow, I even waited long at Megamall because the meeting was at 3:30pm. I arrived by 11am. IMAGINE. To kill my time, I went to Netopia. I announced it on my twitter and on my YM friends that I am meeting this guy from Kaizen International and I am quite suspicious of his actions. I told them the name of the guy. Sorry Vincent I have to name drop you. Your surname is safe. See I am still kind despite of what happened, I really don't know why. Me and my friends researched but all we can see are not really the Kaizen International thing that the caller is saying. I told my friends to blotter this guy if they wont hear anything from me after a day. HAHAHA. As serious as that. They were worried. My grandma is worried. My parents didn't know it because I don't want them to worry. I know deep inside this is a scam but I want to see it myself. I already know that a bad news is coming.


I always told myself, whenever an opportunity comes, just go and see what’s in store for you. How to detect a good call? Listen to his English Communication skills. If its good then go. JUST GO. If not good, then lesson learned. Well then its really a lesson learned.

On our scheduled meeting, I went to that building.

I picked up a taxi. PS. I am not an Ortigas person. So I asked the taxi if he knows Robinsons bank beside Linden Suites. Taxi guy is clueless but he knows the Linden Suites. He said, “OCTAGON?” I said, “NO ROBINSON’S BANK BLDG” When we were in that place, I saw it finally. ROBINSONS BUILDING IS IN OCTAGON. Hmm something is really fishy here. Do you know that I even wore a corporate attire? F*** it. Now you can laugh. I went straight to the guard and asked about Kaizen Int’l. Wow how could he not know the company? Along the way I heard another girl asking, “Ano bang meron jan sa Kaizen na yan, Kuya?” I looked at her and talked to her. I learned that she already went to the same building a year ago. Same propaganda. DIFFERENT NAME BUT BOILS TO ONE: NU SKIN.

My jaw dropped. I am already there. I need to know it more myself. The girl that I was talking is really pissed. Who wouldn't be pissed? They are insistent, they are manipulative, they even fooled her twice or thrice! She wants to leave but I convinced her to stay and we will work in team lol. We are determined to smack that first class A-hole’s face.

I couldn't even believe it myself. Several fresh new faces. All of them dressed up for that event. Most are naive and clueless. I am glad I was already informed. I saw some real action of deception. People in their most confident attitude shaking hands with people with confused almost hypnotized persona. Their tactics: look at the name in the logsheet. Call out that particular name, sweet talk and voila, they will let them proceed to a seminar room. I dont know what’s in there but based from my newly founded friend, its a talk where a person says, I got rich from this at 23 blah blahs. YEAH RIGHT.

We waited. Vincent texted us the same forwarded message. It was really A BIG LOL. He asked about what color are we wearing. WTF?! No we didn't answer. I told him I was there waiting. He said, he will let his top executive talk to me. OF COURSE I DONT WANT ANYBODY. I WANT VINCENT HIMSELF. IF THEY INSISTED, I MUST HAVE EXAGERRATED THAT MOMENT AND WILL SHOUT TO EVERYONE, “GIVE ME THAT VINCENT! GIVE ME THAT VINCEEEENT!!!!!!!!!” hahaha but his executive found and talked to my newly founded friend. I texted Vincent that I want to talk to him personally and nobody else. Few minutes went by and he is there. Hmmm. In a corporate suit. OOOOOOOOO.


What happened next is really a BIG LOL AND AN OBVIOUS DECEPTION but since Vincent is really passionate about his work, I didn’t even bother to punch his face (GAY LINGO: JOMBAG) or to scrutinize his work. After all, I am educated and I graduated Psychology. I should understand these personalities. (CECILY’S UNCONCIOUS SELF REAL TERM: Mentally retarded bastard people)

I still cant believe it. I am sad about his work. Despite of what happened I still think he has some good traits. Give him a benefit of a doubt. But I don’t understand how he can live by lying and how he can use it to trick people. I was listening to our conversation again last night. YES I RECORDED IT. I HAVE EVIDENCE. That brought me a lot of emotions. Anger - confusion - pity. Vincent told me his story. It turned out that I was the one interviewing him. He managed to know a lot about us so we should know more about him. He started just like us. Confused, didn't know what to do in life after graduating. Went to a good school not practicing the course. But he chose to live in that kind of lifestyle. He chose to earn money by trapping people to come attend a certain networking seminar. Yes I don't doubt their products. BUT THE KEY IS BELIEVING IN A PRODUCT. I don't even trust their manner of recruiting people, how can I believe in that product? Networking is already taught in Chicago University something or in DLSU or Chiang Kai Chek? FINE. BUT IT DOESNT WORK FOR EVERYONE. Cause first, a real practical person wont use his PHP 12,000 to use the skin care, putting creams on his face, drinking the supplements and waiting for the big pot of gold from heaven. NO. CAUSE YOU HAVE TO DO THE SAME. TRAP AND DECEIVE. Isn't that such a low life living? (Enter Vincent's voice: I didnt force you) Nobody forced us yes, I don’t care even if you did, I might still attend. Remember, I am very eager to answer my curiosity. The psychoanalytic person in me kicks in. I should put that as a thesis next time if I pursue Social Psychology as my MA or PhD. But again its the deception. And the lack of privacy that they have invaded. This is what irks most of us who are angry at NU SKIN.

Vincent is intelligent. He is the perfect manifestation of that movie where Leonardo Dicaprio starred in, Catch me if you can. That might be exaggerated but come to think of it. If he can manage to do one single very minute tiny little white lie, how sure are you that he wont do a black lie later on in his life? Okay that’s not how a Psychologist must answer lol. but really, just asking. Is that what you call living in principles? Where are your values come in? He even taught me about people trail. I rather call it, the Mother Goose Theory. Imelda Marcos[1]Little geese's follow their mother as soon as their eggs hatch right? That’s how according to him the people trail works, you follow the successful person and eventually you’ll be the same. I said, “WOULD YOU FOLLOW BLINDLY?” He said not necessarily blindly. Just base your assumptions with the facts (FACT YOU. CECILY UNCONSIOUS’ SELF TALKS AGAIN SRY). Now he’s really talking. If trapping and sweet talking people is what he is referring as “THE FACT” then I think I will believe with Imelda Marcos when she said, “God is love. I have loved. Therefore, I will go to heaven.”

I'm still investigating about his so called resources. Where did he get my number? To think that I have kept it safe since high school. I am starting to think that my internet based raket has something to do with it. See the price of working home based? It’s risky.

I have to say this, when I went there, I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and tell me, YOU ARE PUNK’D!!! BUT NO ITS REAL LIFE and ASHTON IS NOT EVEN HERE IN THE PHILS. PS. I dont want Carlos Agassi haha.

PS. Kaizen International according to Vincent is his own company. He is a partner of NU SKIN and PHARMANEX. He makes system for them. That system is a euphemism of direct selling. He will say that it is a business development company and the work is a leadership position. When we went there, he reiterated his words saying that I dont remember saying I am offering you a job. I am very careful with my words. And yeah he didn't but he said, its a leadership position so who wouldn't think its not a job? He knows the drill. He knows how to play with words. He should pursue law. Definitely he has a future in that field. If you were deceived as well, don’t be apathetic. Do your job by informing people in the littlest way that you can. I am not sure why they weren’t on XXX yet or in Imbestigador haha. I guess they have played the cards really well.




  1. I am so sorry you had to endure this disgraceful kind of recruiting method...it hurts us all. I have been with NuSkin for over 20 years and I have NEVER been involved in this kind of deceptive BS...after all, it's not like we're selling drugs...come to think of it, I have more respect for drug dealers.

  2. Hey Dennis, I understand where you are coming from. Are you going to tell me about your success story as well? Please spare me. Again, I dont condemn your product. I condemn the deception. Anyway, I've explained my side already so no point of discussing it thru my comment board.

  3. ouch...I wasn't trying to manipulate you...you asked for comments, I left one--that's all.

  4. LOL sorry, I was just emotional at that time. No sweat. I am not angry anymore. Peace. :)

  5. You know its still going on... Vincent Siy gave me a call today. Setting up a meeting on a Saturday for either Ortigas or Makati is what blew it. No company will setup a Saturday interview in different locations. Thanks Cecily for the info.

  6. Glad this article saved you from the hassle. :)

  7. Just read ur article Cecil coz this guy called me for a meeting for two hours next week and got my name from my so-called friend. Vincent Siy is the name and mobile number that he is using are the ff: 0917 889 0168 and 0915 898 3072. He introduced himself as Business Developer. So google his name and found ur blog site. Many thanks.

  8. WOW I created this blog last 2009 and 3 years after, Vincent is still doing this? This guy really needs to do something else in his life...

  9. Share ko lang about this link. Muntik muntikan ng mangyari sa akin ito ngayon. Nagtanong via text message and hindi ako masagot ng diretso. Mag-ingat. Use Google at all times to make a preliminary investigation about a certain subject. The blog was written last 2008 pero buhay pa mga taong involved dito. "Scammers! Bwiset na NSE yan" --- http://goo.gl/K0Rcm --- and they are now using this website --- http://onekaizen.com --- para me maipakita sila sa mga tao. Check nyo website. Presentation pa lang sa tingin mo kikita ka ba ng malaking pera? Basahin nyo mabuti ang content. Ano sa tingin ninyo.

  10. 09178890168 called me today twice also but missed it ( but i think he is just giving miss calls). like the usual instinct i google it. there i found your blog. thank you! Guys be careful on your jobhunting!

  11. Hi! i was called today by this vincent. same number! he said he got my number from our university database. he is calling from somewhere noisy, like on the road full of jeepneys and buses. he has been on this for so long! he should get a life. it is 2013!

  12. I think he wants to pass this on to his children. I wont be surprised if he still does this after he turned 70! hahah. :))

  13. Wth! I received a call last night at 8pm. take note 8pm, I think a decent company won't call that late and it's no longer business hour, Thank God I followed my instinct and search about it and found this blog. Thanks for informing us about this, you save my life and my time. take note it's already may 12, 2014 and still this scam is still on going.

  14. Just finished texting with the Mr. Vincent Siy.

    Having gotten my information from a certain Person1/Person2 daw, and they happen to be my brothers who apparently were asked for recommendations a year ago.

    Why wait for a year before calling and asking for a meeting then?

    Then this blog happened. *Thanks*
    The following day, asked if we are to push thru with the meeting at San Mig Ave., I asked if this was related to Nu Skin.
    He tried calling and just texted anyways.

    I have nothing against any companies, direct sell, networking, or what. I am ready to listen, but why is there a need for him to not answer with a simple yes or no? Then he started with being open-minded and all.too much for looking at people's open mindedness if you are to hold the information since you think they might back off from this "meeting" (since their goal is to get people to go to their presentation and hope that they will change their mind).

    Then he uses his "pangarap" reasoning, how important are your dreams? yeah right.
    I told him that his method is similar to "kidnap" done by "other" companies, not telling you where or whats gonna happen, and surprise! we're in a business presentation!

    Was I kidnapped daw? He invited me professionally to meet with him at the coffee shop. Sounding and looking professional is far different from actually being one. I doubt his way of getting my contact information was done in a professional way.

    And yes, I am a networker, I have nothing against other companies, it is how people use deceptive ways to get other people's attention that I don't like.

  15. The title of this post should be renamed to: Vincent Siy and his scheming ways - 5 years and counting. hahaha :) Hey Vincent! Im name dropping you now lol

  16. Got a same call from VINCENT SIY proposing to me to be an "Industrial Partner." Good thing I had the right mind to do my due dilligence. The jig's up, Siy. Perhaps one day someone might actually meet up with you to break your teeth. NU Skin = One Kaizen Group = Kaizen Internation (They'll keep changing their names once they've tarnished one). Never meet with strangers who propose coffee shops. These are the favourite places where MLM people love to congregate in. These guys are such pests that they've been kicked out from a starbucks branch.

  17. Had the same experience Cecileee. Too bad I wasn't able to read your blog before I could meet him. This time Vincent has a new venue: SM AURA Foodcourt. Caveat Emptor to those who will believe in his approach and stories. If you want to see the face behind the name, click http://bit.ly/1uIbwMW.

    1. Interesting link. If you notice all the pictures there, most of them are good looking (tagalog: mabango ang itsura) also, for the blue diamond executives and above, all of them have their speeches of their successful stint as a nuskin member. it is very inspiring, overwhelmingly interesting but after reading them...you will get to ask yourself, "paano naman ang mga nasa ibaba nila?" hay...

  18. Here you go guys. He's still at it. Going for his 5th year in this business. This guy must really be good. Take not of his phone number below

    Hi AJ.
    I saw your profile via my cousin Janet Siy.
    Binabalikan ko mga acquaintances, friends and colleagues from before.

    Just want to ask if you are open to be looking at other options right now which you can do on top of your current endeavor?

    Not networking nor pyramiding.

    Im doing business developments now for US based multinationals. We establish brands, operations and franchises across 53 countries.

    We are helping them form a team to help expand operations further in the countries they operate in.
    We are just looking for 3 people for this, and timing is everything regarding the matter.

    Do leave your number here and I will call you about it. Or You can reach me anytime at
    +63916 642 9588 (if you are in the Philippines)

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  19. Got "scammed" myself by this Vincent last year. Sayang oras. Then now a Toby Tangsoc called. I googled and i found the same thjng. Posted my exp herehttp://curiousava.blogspot.com/

  20. ^Toby Tangsoc sounds like Vincent Siy's executive or whatsoever. Baka may conspiracy sa mga Chinese community natin about NuSkin. Lol...kakapanood ko ng US dramas 😂😂😂

  21. I got a message from Emmanuel Anne Tadena (in facebook)

    Hi - - - -
    Saw your profile via a mutual friend we have.

    Just want to ask if you are open for other options right now which you can do on top of your current endeavor?

    Not networking nor pyramiding.

    I have a friend who is a very successful Filipino-Chinese businessman.
    He asked me to help him look for people for a business team for industrial partnership in 2015 to establish US brands and franchises across 53 countries.
    Especially in the Philippines and in your area.

    If you are open, please leave your number here and I can have my friend call you regarding it.

    Hope to hear from you soonest because they have a tight time frame in forming the team.

    then I replied (giving my no. and email address)

    then she replied...
    Please expect a call from Vincent Siy. He is handling the expansion of billion dollar companies from the US. He also has helped a lot of people establish their own businesses along the way. He is extremely busy. So I hope when he calls you can answer it asap.

    I replied, "so this person, is he currently in the Philippines right now?"

    She said "Yes, he is. His wife just gave birth to their second child so he isn't leaving the country anytime soon."

    I instinctively googled the name, then I found this blog (THANKS A LOT DUDE FOR SAVING ME TIME)

    so continuing my discussions with her...

    ME: I hope this is worthwhile or I'm going to look for you...
    HER: Haha, you're not committing to anything yet. I all I did was ask if you're interested.
    ME: why do you sounded like in defense mode already? is there anything I should be worried about?
    HER: No, your statement is scary. Wouldn't you be a little defensive if someone said that to you.

    so Im going to play with her for a while now, but thanks for this, thank you very much.

    Sorry for the long post. And as I look at this it started way back 2009 and its 2015 guys.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Thanks for your blog...its 2015 and he still doing the same tactics...

    Vincent Siy here.
    I saw your profile via mutual friends.

    Just want to ask if you are open for other options right now which you can do on top of your current endeavor?

    Not pyramiding schemes.

    We are forming a business team for industrial partnership to establish US brands and franchises across 53 countries.
    Especially in the Philippines and in your area.

    If you are open, leave your number here and I can call to share an overview with you.

    Hope to hear from you soon as we are in a tight time frame on forming this team smile emoticon 15

  24. Got a call from this so called owner of a big company ( Vincent Siy ) asking me if i am interested for a big opportunity because they are going to expand their business here in the Philippines. Funny thing is that when i asked for the name of the company caller got upset and the he even say " di ko gusto ung tono ng boses at pagtatanung mo, sa iba ko na lang offer yung magandang opportunity na ito " then i simply answered " okay thanks and goodbye " . After our conversation i googled his number and boom i saw your blog. Now, Im finally convinced that I didnt miss any opportunity at all. Thank you for sharing your experience and making us aware. For Vincent Siy, Hey! It is already 2016 and you still doing this kind of scheme. Get a life!

  25. Update!, I got a facebook invite from this guy, His name is now Vincent Tansiy, it took me a while to figure out. I googled him right away, but since its a fresh new name nothing came up. But looking thru his friends, his wife has a surname of Siy. A quick search again led me here. Saves me for wasting time meeting him. I have nothing agains the product, the company or this guy Vincent. But, I just dont have any interest on his offered business opportunity.

  26. March 21, 2017 he is still at it, just received the same copy-paste FB message from a Vincent Tansiy



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