Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look what's inside my mailbox

My mailbox has schizophrenia. Look, you can see some bad news like (Candidacy ended from oDesk and messages from the buyer itself telling me: YOU ARE NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR. Duh nice move to ditch after interviewing me huh?) But here's what to look forward to, another buyer just suddenly hired me without undergoing any interviews. How's that huh? First time to do an hourly basis rate. Hope I can make it thru. Since I am no writer, the task itself is writing. Wow this is a challenge.

Also, see that pickjack message. Yeah pickjack is a paid to post site and yeah its legit but guess how much i earned. It didnt reach a dollar lol. Good news they didnt have any minimum payout but your earnings can decrease if you dont sign in and if you post nonsense questions like what I did. LOL I asked if Lady Gaga is a man hahah. :)) But those pay to post sites and pay to click sites are boring me because I am the type who likes to work in a more office setup way just like oDesk. But its still has a sentimental value to me. After all, my first payment is from a pay to post site which is the now defunk, Destroy Debt. Dont you ever think of signing up to Destroy Debt to earn money. Because it has stopped its revenue sharing since April 10 this year. If you are the type of surfer who loves posting and strolling around the WWW, try this one and you are rest assured you are paid in dollar or cents lol. Be sure you are really online most of the time and you contribute a lot. Sign up here!

Okay last but not the least, the mystery shopper thing at the bottom of my mailbox. See its really nice when people reply to you. It gives you more confidence to work hard.

I still have colds but I want to start with my oDesk assignment now.



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