Wednesday, April 29, 2009

✎ Swine Flu + oDesk update + Mystery Shopper + Kapitbahay + Opal Conditioner

So I have flu at the height of the level 4 pandemic, Mexican Swine Flu.
But its not really Swine, don't worry lol.

I guess I was just too tired from last week that's why my immune system didn't have the ability to fight from a viral infection.

I finished the oDesk job (the one I have told in my previous entry) in less than 2 days. Today, I was paid, $40.

I received numerous candidacy ended as well lol. And yeah it still hurts haha. :)

I can't make a "raket" because of my condition. :( BUT guess what? I received an email from this mystery shopping company and they hired me as their shopper. So by May 13, I am going to have an assignment at this fastfood store. Yipee! The raket is not that big but it excites me lol. More about this next entry. :)

Oh by the way, I recently told this story in girltalk. I have this pasaway na kapitbahay. They nurtured a pig inside their backyard and what's even worst is that they used our own WALL as the pig's house. After numerous of stress from the smell and the pig's noise, I bravely went to our municipality and told them to inspect their house but with the confidentiality of our name. They agreed but if the pig's owners would file the case in legal court, they might need more our assistance and would want to reveal our anonymity. Gosh, sounds really scary right?

By the way, I bought Opal One Minute Treatment (Fuscia color) as recommended by my fellow gtalkers. Smells nice! Will post more about it next time.


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