Wednesday, April 22, 2009

✎ oDesk: Building Relationships with your Buyers


I have a big project for you.

Are you availa
This is the exact email that I have received from my current buyer---just now. You don't know how excited I am while replying to it. For everybody's info, I have been looking for another oDesk job these past few days. As I have said previously, my current buyer gives work only at occasional times and at fixed range. Few days have passed since the last time I have worked for him, I heard no news yet. I thought he might end the assignment because I am aware that I don't deliver work in a fast manner (sorry, im a noob lol) But he did communicate again with me! I am so happy. It was really hard to find a job at oDesk these days.

Did you know that the one who invited me for an interview (Virtual Assistant position) is really cute lol. I havent talked with him yet but I have made my research. And yeah he is something but unfortunately he never called me at Skype. I have waited for two days to be called but he didn't. Maybe because we never got a chance to be online at the same time but I have caught him online several times and he quickly disappears after I sign in. Talking about weirdness. I was a bit optimistic about him since his secretary (or so called) said that I am fit for the position. But yeah, after two days of long wait, I want to moved on and so I did, I applied again inside oDesk as well as outside. I am still waiting for an answer to any of them until this current buyer of mine, contacted me again. YAY for the win. :)

I am freaking out. Yes, its exciting but really I literally spent sleepless nights finishing the project with this buyer. Im so afraid of the bulk especially now that he said its going to be a big project. I just recovered from a bad cold actually. :( OH EM GEE. LOL i literally did that in the picture. I slept in front of my PC while working. But I wont complain that much as I have been waiting for this for so long. Phew. Wish me a lot of success!

One important lesson? Don't burn bridges between you and your buyer. Build relationships with him/her and soon you will be the first one to be noticed if he needs a work to be done. I am not the best provider around but when I email him, I did it in a respectful manner. I apologize if I made a mistake and I tell him exactly my availability to finish a project. Of course there are bad buyers around, you will notice them when they demand a lot from you but they don't pay you enough! If you find yourself in this position, you can always make a report at oDesk and they quickly respond. I have tested their live help several times. :) Alright, till next update!


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