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[Review] Eucerin Balancing Toner and Dermo Purifying Scrub

Searching for a Suitable Toner.

Proceed to the lower part for the actual review. This is going to be a picture heavy post. Join me as I search for my perfect toner. :)

I was never a believer of toners because first, my current derm told me that toners dont really work. They are just a pseudo product applied on the skin like a placebo drug which does really nothing with any particular illness. Secondly, toners are another way for me to spend money with my face (not again). But I have mentioned Dr. Neal Schulz before this entry and I am convinced with his explanation why toners are important on our skin. He basically said that toners remove the residues on our face say for example the facial cleanser that wasn't washed off completely or the make up that wasn't washed off too. Because of the little alcohol content that our skin can tolerate, the skin becomes fresh after wiping it with toner. And an important thing to consider, a toner prepares the skin for any acne treatment. So I followed Dr Neal instead of my real derm because he made more sense to me hehe. I used the remaining Dickinson’s Witch Hazel that I have just for the sake of putting a toner before my Isotrex Gel.

Sometime ago, I went to my derm and asked for any product that would help me reduce the grease on my face. Because after 30 mins, my face is already shiny and so unsightly! ugh. She then told me to purchase Avene Cleanance Toner. I told her, I thought toners are not effective. She reiterated and said that Avene can help me lessen the oiliness of my face because it leaves a matte finish. I am convinced but not with the price. Back in her clinic, she sells it for 2K+ or so. I didnt even bother to purchase ahaha. When I went here in Singapore, I was shocked to see it in Watsons and that it was only sold for $40 (PHP 1,320 if $1=33) I wanted to buy it immediately but hesitated because I still think it is expensive. So I waited another 1 week to rethink about it. My Witch Hazel is running out so I need to decide fast. Then today, I hunted for the suitable toner for my skin…I went to Guardian to search….

DSC07690 DSC07691 DSC07692

So a random observation of a particular product. Wonder how that Skin Analyzer works lol looks so funny especially with the third pic. O3? wow that looks really odd. Ozone Clean & Whitening Beauty Kit. hehehe.~


I wanted to purchase the Eucerin Dermo Purifying toner (the clear Green Bottle) But after reading reviews in, I keep on rethinking. Then I saw this brand, Organic Surge beside Eucerin, it claims to be organic but the product contains phenoexyethanol. Who the F are they lolling?? The toner smells good tho but no no on my skin. Pretty expensive as well huh.

DSC07698 DSC07697

Saw Evian Small Mist Bottle sold for $5. Closer to the price in the Philippines. Then saw these pretty familiar shampoo. I thought I can only see these in Healthy Options haha.

DSC07699 DSC07700 DSC07702

And its interesting to find my favorite lavender smell from Healing Garden (lavender therapy) I used this wayback in 1999. Brings back the memories :) Also, another one spotted, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer but in SPF 70 WOW! Only for $17.

Sorry I was getting out of the topic. Now lets move on to the real hunt!

I tried walking to the Avene corner for at least 30 mins until the SA finally went to me and told me the most boring sales talk ever. I want to get rid of her so I went to Eucerin. This time, I bought it before the SA will try to entice me again.



I bought the scrub as well just because…for exfoliating purposes. Since I do not visit my derm within my SG vacay, I thought I might need this. I think the price is $18 for the Toner and $21 for the Facial Scrub. SO that means I am close to $40 value for the Avene Cleanance. But at least I bought two than one.

Anyway I bought the Toner for the sensitive skin because my face gets really dry after washing my face. I bought the Scrub which is a little harsh and can only be used for at least 1-2 day per week so that means I am in the middle (not too over drying and oil producing). LOL I dont know where I got that logic but you see, as a girl I am really indecisive with beauty prods.

[Review] Eucerin Balancing Toner for Sensitive Skin

Price: SGD 18 (less than 600 PHP)

The toner itself has a watery consistency. Actually, when applied to skin, it feels like you have just put water only a bit moisturizing. So far so good, I like this toner because my skin doesn't react negatively to it. No smell, not stinging. What more can I ask for? It prepares my face from my topical treatments very well and it lives to its tagline: for sensitive skin. I use this on the morning and evening after cleansing. I also use this to refresh my face in the afternoon especially if I was really sweaty and went after a polluted/smoky place.

Note: If you have used this and think that the product doesnt do anything on your face, dont give up on it. The neutral effect is a good indicator that the product is good on the face.

Verdict: ★★★★☆

Recommended? WHY YES!!!

[Review] Eucerin DermoPurifyer Scrub

Price: SGD 21 (less than 700 PHP)

Another great product to use! The scrubs are almost similar with St Yves Apricot scrub although a bit softer or should I say smaller. Nevertheless, if you put it on the face for such a long time (like more than a minute), the skin will sting. The scrub helped me remove my make up/ foundation completely. You see, make up remover and a cleanser is not enough to have a clean face. This scrub also exfoliates my skin, leaving a smooth skin surface which makes my face ready for a make up. One side note though, exfoliating everyday is not advisable cause it will only irritate the face. So I use this every other day except when I feel like I had a very sweaty day. Use in moderation lol just like how cigarette packs tell. I also use this more often in the nose where I had a couple of whiteheads.

Verdict: ★★★★☆

Recommended? VERY YES!!!

Not really raving A LOT, but Eucerin Products are currently compatible with my skin, so, THUMBS UP! :D


  1. PLease help us. where can we buy eucerin products here in manila?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      You can purchase Eucerin products at
      Hope I was able to help :)

  2. Please help us.. where can we buy EUCERIN products in manila?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Im sorry I do not know where to purchase this in Manila. As far as I know Eucerin products are not yet available in the PH...You can get them online instead?


  4. what websites would you recommend for buying the eucerin balancing toner online? thanks!

  5. ^Hi Alex, I am not that sure where to buy this one because I dont normally buy this online so I cannot recommend a website but I think I might open a store for this one. lol just gave me an idea hah~



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