Friday, April 16, 2010

Singapore (some) loot

April 29, 2010 Edit: Added Review. after 2 weeks of usage.

Need a filler post because people who know me personally are demanding “Cecily” to post a beauty blog hahaha LOL. No seriously, because a lot of my friends know this blog already, I should be more responsible from now on. That means, I should regularly blog?? lols I’ll try. :D

Here are some of the things that I bought recently. And yes I am still here in Singapore for a month and a half already yay. I miss my Derm! I mean, my face misses the facial treatment already hehe.


Panasonic Eyelash Curler.

This is a SURPRISE gift from my Best Buddy (Of Whom I met after 6 years cause we are miles apart lol) Surprise because I was with her when she bought it HAHAHA. Cool. Despite my incessant try to reject, I couldn't resist because YOU know I cant hide my facial expression when I like something. My eyes and actions are readable. Naww that’s sometimes good but oftentimes bad cause I can’t even do a simple white lie for practically sake! (okay, OFF TOPIC. moving on…) This product was reviewed by ekimura and she made a good review about it. I will make my review soon also. :D

▮▮▮► Verdict: N/A Recommended? N/A. Not available because I plan to make an in depth review so watch out. :)

Lux Silk Caress Body Wash. Erm my Ysa Papaya Soap ran out already and I couldnt find any alternative. I didnt know that soaps are not really a thing here in Singapore. I have to settle with Lux cause it claims to whiten, exfoliate and Moisturize. It’s cheap and I am praying that it will not do any harm with my skin. ▮▮▮► Verdict: ★★★★☆ Recommended? ✔ And yes! It is not harmful on my skin. Good body wash but I am not sure with the whitening though…

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover. I ran out of VMV Make Up Remover as well and found this Neutrogena product on sale that’s why I bought it. It’s supposed to be a Clinique’s Dupe cause both product looks the same although I am not sure with the effectivity. ▮▮▮► Verdict: ★★★☆☆ Recommended? ✔ Not really raving it although it says its oil-free, somehow the consistency is very oily especially when applied to the eye. I am not that comfortable in using it cause it gives me blurry vision. I like tightlining my eyes so this product is quite hard to use when removing my eye liner. I still prefer the VMV Make Up Remover.

Biore UV Face Milk SPF 50+++. Was about to buy another Sunblock called “Acned” and it also has SPF 50+ plus its claims to be oil free and clears acne as well but was halted by my best buddy cause she was not convinced and I was glad I did follow because…it has mineral oil in it and lots of other ingredients which are possible allergens. EEEK. shhh. plus its made from China so…not really bias but you know, I want to avoid any formaldehyde reactors applied in my face. ▮▮▮► Verdict & Recommended? see this post:

Fiber Top Coat Nail Polish. Bought this at Daiso (the international name of Saizen.) Recently, my nails are chipping so bad cause I am doing the dishes which I dont normally do at home in the PH. Sounds like I am a spoiled brat there but you know back home in the PH, my fingertip eczema is triggering whilst here in SG, it was suddenly not acting up (knock on the wood) Maybe the air is cleaner here I guess…So there I am hoping that this Fiber Top Coat Nail Polish can save my nails. ▮▮▮► Verdict: ★☆☆☆☆ Recommended? ✘ This product is such a pain in the *** It has a very THICK consistency making it harder to apply in the nails because it scoops a bit glob THUS making it longer for the nail to dry! LIKE HOURS! UGH I just wasted my S $2 at Daiso.


Sometime ago, I also bought these three products and I currently use them all. They are great by the way and pretty cheap in my opinion.

LA Girl Eyeliner in Deep Purple. ▮▮▮► Verdict: Recommended? ✔ I super like this eye liner because it glides easily and it really accentuates my eyes. TIP: Try to use this color in smokey eye look rather than black or brown. It makes a great difference in the eyes. :)

SilkyGirl Double Intense Waterproof Mascara. ▮▮▮► Verdict: Recommended? ✔ I dont have any issues with this mascara except…it clumps when using my Panasonic Curler. I dont know maybe it depends on the way I curled my eyes…but anyway, I still have to learn the trick in applying this mascara w/o much mess.

LA Girl French Manicure. ▮▮▮► Verdict: Recommended? ✔ PERFECT! almost the same as my nailcolor BUT BETTER. The only bad thing is, this nailpolish is gone in my collection. WHY? I accidentally let it slip on my hand, turning it into broken pieces of glass. :( It’s a bit pricey so I didn't buy another. No more pieces left also in the shelf of vivo mart so…move on move on.


Liole Blooming Tint. I found the review of frmheadtotoe (Watch it below) and was curious about this Benefit’s Benetint Dupe. I am instantly convinced to try so good thing I found this on the shelf of Sasa although the one I saw is in a different packaging. I think it costs $14 but we got it for $11 cause it was on sale) I bought the red one while my best buddy (again who’s with me haha) bought the pink tint. The SA told that the Pink Tint is a bit subtle but for me the differences are not really noticeable heheh. I like this tint so much cause it gives me a natural red lips look. ▮▮▮► Verdict: Recommended? ✔


Alright, I think that’s it in general. :)

Till then. xoxo

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