Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello I am back in PH!

Erm yeah I am back since Tuesday evening. Guess who greeted me? EL NINOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and his 37 degrees celcius invisible welcome banner. OH GOSH so help me God.

Moving on. I realized that my skin got better from my two months stay in Singapore. I finally understood why. The environment is so clean…More trees, less or rather NO pollution except from a few nationalities with body odor (You should know them). I can breathe a cleaner air even though the temperature is almost the same as the Philippines, over all, my skin is well maintained in Singapore! Thats why when I went back here, I was so disappointed and stressed and now I feel that I am starting to look haggard again. UGHHHHH. God bless our country :(

So today, guess why I posted an entry? YEAH I bought something…

DSC08283Uh Hello Biore up there^ hahah.

Getting addicted with Toners. I am running out of Eucerin already and as we all know, Eucerin is not readily available in the PH, so I suddenly saw this in the SM Supermarket’s shelve then I got interested cause its…..a spritz heheh. Then I read the ingredients and got curious with the glycolic acid part.  Hmm looks interesting. Bought two and will test this after my Eucerin will be empty. *excited*




  Then I also want to buy a Sublock or a lotion with an SPF. I saw Belo Essentials Whitening Lotion with SPF 15. Interesting. Whitening and Sunblock in one? And… its affordable (less than 200 PHP) I am testing it on the inside of my elbow. Hopefully its not going to be like this:


 DSC08302 DSC08303 


One day, my paranoid self saw some fine lines on my under eyes so the next thing that I wanted to do is to apply an Eye Cream. Good thing that I have one which is a tester that was given to me during my visit in Clarke Quay. It has a cooling feeling and I like it, however I am not convinced with the ingredients because I saw the three parabens. So I immediately remembered Healthy Options. How I miss this store! I bought this Avalon Organics Renewal Facial Cream. I didnt buy an eye cream alone because I believe that my eyes just needed a moisture. I intend to use this at night as my antioxidant. Hopefully will make my eyes and my overall face bettah :)

DSC08308 DSC08305 DSC08306

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