Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recent Haul


1. Belo Essentials SPF 40 PA+++ Sunexpert.  Heard good reviews and have tested on my hand, I somehow like the consistency. Roadtesting it tomorrow!

2. Hype Ardent Moringa – O Toner Spritz. You say, “Another Toner again??”hahah yes yes. I noticed that the toner that I bought (The orange one) is too strong on my face. I decided to use my remaining Dickinson’s Witch Hazel but this toner is also making my skin dark (irritated) So decided to find a Eucerin-like/ milder one. And was surprised to see this one in Metro Department store. It claims to be age defying, anti-oxidant. Using it tonight! Excited.

3.  Dual Mirror – I bought it in American Bazaar(a Saizen like but much chaper with less quality products)

4. No. 38 Eyes – Marionnaud – I need the slanted flat brush for practing my cut the crease eyes haha.

5. No. 37 Eyes – Marionnaud – I like these brushes because they are cheap plus the packaging is *thumbs up* Anyway, I am gonna use this in smudging eye shadow.

6. LA Colors Make up (Eyeshadow, Lipliner, Clearmascara) and Art Deco nailpolish – CHEAP BUT very great products!!

So sorry for lack of reviews lately, I am quite busy with life – worrying and procrastinating. lol.

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