Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Review] ELF Eyebrow Kit (Light)

Had my 3rd and last HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) yesterday and forgive me if my thoughts are a bit distorted lol. The shot is still making me weak. :( For questions re: HPV Vaccine just comment here I will try to answer it. Not planning to make a post about it though.

Moving on to ELF Eyeshadow Kit:

DSC08615 DSC08616

Prior to this one, I was using The Face Shop Brow Powder Duo: http://www.thefaceshopen.com/skin/detail_view.php?pCate1=7&pCate2=3&pCategory=252&number=2055 It worked perfectly fine for me but unfortunately, I damaged it when I left it in my baggage together with my nail polish remover. Imagine the smell of Acetone on it. So I ditched it to avoid further irritation on my skin.

DSC08660 DSC08665

Let’s test it shall we? Warning: BARE SKIN: sun block only.


and with both eyes:


Price: PHP 249.00 (roughly less than $6 USD)

Verdict: ★★★★☆

Recommended?" YES!

Notes: When using this product, I thought the color of the gel doesn't show up (Cause my skin is bare and oily) But wait till you put the powder on and voila, a defined eyebrow!


This product is a good buy plus it’s cheaper than other international products out there. ELF cosmetics are known to be cheap but with quality. ^__^

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