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[Review] The Balm Concealer and Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

Few days ago while walking around Vivo (Yes I went back to Singapore since last week) I found myself buying these two products at SASA. I have known of The Balm products thru Enkore (Youtube) cause he used these in one of his Pin-up look tutorial video and I loved it. Also, this is not my first time to buy a Liole Product cause I already bought their Blooming Tint previously. However, this is my first ever Lioele BB Cream. Read more to know my reviews about these products.


[Review] The Balm Concealer (Time Balm) Anti- Wrinkle

Price: SGD $ 29.90 (Roughly PHP 960)

I am quite hesitant to buy a concealer as I'm afraid it might cause me any breakouts however this is an exception. There are 6 different shades of Time Balm concealers in the booth and I tried the second to the lightest in my hand, I thought it worked amazingly. I decided to test it in my jawline however I found it too light. Finally when I tested the medium shade, voila! It blended really well and has the exact shade of my skin tone. I loveee it. Although make up gurus say that when buying concealer, choose a shade lighter than your skin tone, I still felt that the medium shade is suitable for me. I don't want any uneven spots in my face cause of using a light concealer.

Now when I road tested it the next day, it wasn't a successful testing for me. :( WHY? Here is a regimen that I did:

  1. I used a wet sponge with my Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation
  2. I used my hand to dab the Time Balm Concealer in my scars.
  3. I set it using Clinique's Stay True Powder Foundation

The results? A very oily skin and streaks around mid afternoon. The heat and humidity of Singapore plus this regimen didnt work out.

I can’t recall how many days but I decided to give the concealer another try. I was in a PMS so I guess this is the reason for my over greasy face. This is what I did:

  1. Using the sponge, I applied my Clinique’s Stay True Powder Foundation
  2. I used my hand to dab the Time Balm Concealer in my scars.

I discarded the liquid foundation as my base. And the results? Less oily!

Time Balm concealer is a cream therefore its moisturizing. So if you are already oily or combination, this will add more shine on your face. This is also great for the fine lines under your eyes. It can conceal wrinkles and as it says in its box: ANTICERNES meaning: ANTI WRINKLE. It claims to be also effective at night. So you can also say its an eye cream/ concealer in one. I havent tried using it over night and planning not to because Im so afraid it might block my acne prone pores haha.

DSC08706 DSC08715


[Review] Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

Just found a sample of the Lioele BB cream so dont be confused if its almost the same size of the Time Balm concealer lol. I was willing to test it since its cheap. I bet in Korea, this size is a freebie.


Price: SGD $ 8 (about a little smaller size of the palm) (PHP 256)

Taken from:

This makes a clean and natural skin tone by being absorbed into you skin with a soft feel of use. This enables speedy makeup because of not needing to apply makeup base or foundation.

Key Points
-All in one: Moisturizer + makeup base + foundation + soothing essence
-This cream is formulated to blend in a natural skin colour onto your skin.
-Non-oily and helps make-up to stay on whole day
-Helps to head facial and acne scars while concealing the flaws

I was interested to buy this one since frmheadtotoe (Youtube) reviewed this positively. BB creams usually come in 1 shade cause the final result is a sheer cover on the face. It is supposed to be lightweight but enough to cover the blemishes and enough to even out the skin tone. Even though it claims so be non- oily, I disagree. When applied to the face, in as fast as 10 mins, my skin reacted and oxidized, leaving me a dark and shiny skin tone.

Unfortunately for me when I tested this the next day I purchased it, it’s a major oil mine for me. Imagine it while I tried it with the Time Balm concealer. Major disaster on my face. I feel so greaasy all over.

This product should be good for the normal to dry skin again and for those who want a dewy effect in the skin cause BB creams can give you that misty effect.

Swatches: (Time Balm on the left; Liole BB Cream on the right)



The Balm Concealer (Time Balm) Anti- Wrinkle:

For normal to dry skin: ★★★★☆

For oily to combination: ★★★★☆

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream:

For normal to dry skin: ★★★★☆

For oily to combination: ★★★☆☆


Recommended? It’s your choice lol. but for my skin type, I give the concealer a yes but the BB Cream, a no.


  1. Thanks for the reviews on the Lioele BB cream..I've been wanting to try this as a lot of people raves about it..But I think I would just seek for other option..hehe..I've bought The Balm concealer and I think the coverage is pretty okay but the shade isn't just for me...

  2. @janet, I dont use these products anymore! lol. my skin reacts to any liquid foundation so I try to use powder if I want to have a flawless face. Liole BB Cream is ok when the weather is a bit dry cause its moisturizing :)

  3. I’ve read many rave reviews about Liole BB Cream so I want to try it too.
    ~Pauline @Kallony



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