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[Review] 2 Whitening Lotions | Maxi Peel Exfoliating Lotion + Skin White Glutathione SPF 20

ME? Never a fan of lotion. I hate the icky feeling that any lotion gives. Being an oily skin myself, I already have enough oils in my face so I cant bear to have another greasiness in my body. But since I am kikay lately, I decided for a change. Why not try these whitening products in the grocery stores? They’ve been recommended by a lot in the Girltalk forum. That sounds believable, Isn’t it? :)

A. The first lotion I have tested is Maxi Peel Exfoliating Lotion.

Lets check out what they have said in their website:

Maxi-peel Neck & Body Exfoliant Lotion

[View Commercial]

It has gentle MICRO-EXFOLIATION TECHNOLOGY that best provides smoother, maxi-peel-exfoliant-lotionwhiter, and even skin all over your body!

  • SMOOTHENING: has gentle micro-exfoliating action and dissolving beads that removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin!
  • MOISTURIZING: packed with moisturizers to soften rough body parts such as elbows & knees!
  • FAST WHITENING: evens out skin complexion, from neck to body, in 2 weeks!
  • VITAMIN-ENRICHED: has Vitamins B5, B3 and E that moisturize the skin!
  • COOLING & NON-STICKY after-feel: leaves skin with that cooling & lightweight feel!
  • Intense SUN-PROTECTION: packed with SPF10 to protect skin from harmful UV rays!
  • Perfect complement for the Maxi-peel Exfoliant
  • Dermatologist Tested Safe and Effective

PROs: Love the smell, CHEAP!, NOT THAT GREASY, has a salicylic acid which doesn't promote acne break outs.

DID it whiten my skin? I don't know. For me it was more of a lotion and sunblock to me.

CONS: I think I saw phenoxyethanol. (Harsh preservative), UGLY packaging, LOW SPF

I have finished two small bottles and I bought a big one but consumed halfway cause I’ve decided to change and try other products which has a more SPF content. And by the way when they said, INTENSE SUN PROTECTION, that’s BS. Cause SPF 10 is tooo low at the moment. If Caucasians will use this, they will BURN!

B. So my second experiment is Skin White Glutathione SPF 20.

SkinWhite Glutathione Lotion

  • Delivers intense whitening that helps lighten even stubborn mark and spots.
  • Experince a high level of whiteness in just 7 days!
  • Has Vitanourish formula combines vitamins B5, B3, C & E that moisturizes your skin making it soft & smooth all over!
  • Has none-greasy & non-sticky formula leaves your skin feeling light.
  • Has spf20 provides skin total skin protection
  • Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml

PROs: CHEAP! I bought the smaller one. (88+) Big applause for the SPF 20!

DID it whiten my skin? I don't know. BUT READ THE CONS.



I only used it twice. I have tried it for the first time in my arms in lower content and I added Witch Hazel on it. NO sting, NO rashes. BUUUT.

The second time I have used it, it was last August 22. I decided to put it all over my exposed skin. Arms and Legs. Thank God I didn't put in my neck. I still included Witch Hazel thinking it will protect me if ever I will experience anything. BUT it didn't protect me. The night after that, I experienced itching on my elbows. The part where I put too much. August 23, I ate to a Japanese store and didn't mind much about the itchiness.


August 24, I’ve got these bumps (as seen in the pic) in my KNEES (I also put too much on this) and they are SOOOO itchy! Around afternoon, it spread in my legs, I scratched and I felt these measles like rashes! *goosebumps*

bc5f5781fa6c9cb1_mI blamed the Japanese food cause I ate Shoyu Ramen and I found out that Shoyu Ramen has a 1tbsp or SAKE (Japanese Rice Wine) and I am allergic to alcohol. August 25, I woke up really feeling bad and my eyes are swollen too. I went to the hospital cause my grandma’s been bugging me to have a check up. A dermatologist checked me and said that they have developed into pustules (eww) and they have hairs which means they developed into hair follicle and so its probably something I have put which rejected my body or skin. She believed that the lotion did it not the Japanese FOOD. The food might aggravate it maybe but since I was already itching the day before my Japanese food trip, the lotion is more of the suspect.

DSC01678 DSC01680 Gosh, you dont know how hard it is to have these bumps. I am itching as I type this entry. My first entry after a long hiatus and yet I encountered this one. :( Anyway, I was prescribed a steroid cream and anti histamine. I don't see any improvement yet cause I still itch. The meds are for 7 days. I hope I get well cause ugh…they are so unsightly.

OH I have to stop everything. Including my whitening soap. I will only use Ivory and no harsh chemicals in my body until these subsides. Including the Jojoba Oil – which I am trying not to remove cause its love. <3


NOT RECOMMENDED. No need to rate its way below for me. Beware of the Whitening Lotions available in the market today especially if you have a sensitive skin. I didn't know I have until I was checked by my derma. Do have a skin test at the wrist or insides of the arm first but they are not really accurate I believe so better yet, stay away from whitening lotions first if you don't want to end up like me with all of these bumps in my arms and legs. But what didn't work for me may work for you. So its your choice to use it and take the risk. :)


  1. Thanks for the caution! I used Avon's whitening lotion and my whole body itched to heck so probably it's the papaya content. I am using Vaseline and it seems to work fine for me.

  2. @Jonha Papaya is natural so I think its harmless. Its the chemical ingredient that they put which is similar to most cheap whitening products :(

    I didnt dare to try Vaseline after that incident. Glad that it worked for you :)

  3. we had the same reaction :) but mine was abit worse than yours :D

  4. I know this is old but thank you so much for posting pictures and your HONEST review. I was looking into this product but no way am I using that!

  5. @Mie Glad this post helped you! :)

  6. I am currently acing the same problem (Regarding the lotion thing). I'm just wondering, how long did those spots stayed on your skin? Cause mine's been here for like almost 3 months. I'm currently using Lactacyd Blue (The one for babies).

  7. ^Mine completely stopped after taking some steroid cream given by my derm. (I think it healed maximum of 1 week) You should go see a dermatologist for if its going on for 3 months.



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