Friday, August 28, 2009


So its a long weekend and Malls are packed with SALE!!!! Is that a good news or bad news? well for me its a little bit in between haha. I am so happy of the things I have hoarded since the sale. BUT my wallet isn't and my Mom will not be happy for the hoard. :( I bought a cute plaid top and a dress from Forever 21. Both of them I got for only 650! That’s last Tuesday. And today, I still went to the mall and hoarded. Here are the things I got:


1. Watsons Power Toothbrush – Been lemming on this for a long long time already since I saw Michelle Phan’s aspirin video lol. but cant do that right now cause of allergies. It’s an alternative to Oral B's since the latter is expensive. This one I got for 199. ON SALE! will just buy the refill if I like it for my teeth.

2. Clear Soft Shampoo – Oh well I know. Parabens are here but this is the only shampoo that likes my hair! :( in my organic shampoo, my hair becomes dull and dry. Fortunately Clear Shampoo never failed to revive my hair. One consolation though: it doesnt stay on the scalp cause we wash off the shampoo after so go ahead and use it lol.

3. VMV Hypoallergenics Cheeky Gorgeous-Flush Blush in Cabana Cutie. - WOW that long. Anyway, this is my second purchase of VMV product. The first one is their 2 Way Foundation Illuminants in Dessert. AND WOW it does wonder in my face. It really made me glow. The SA put a blush on me while testing the foundation and I’ve liked it. It’s true to its name: GORGEOUS FLUSH. Great for oily skin type because its matte and doesnt have any sparkles or glittery as opposed to other blushes. Hopefully will make a detailed review next time.

4. VMV Hypoallergenics Spring Cleaning Purifying Facial Wash SuperSkin Care 3 for Oily Skin – YAY long again. I will change my facial wash from Dessert Essence Thoroughly Cleanser Facial Wash (from Healthy Options, 200+) to this one. I’ve always been interested to try their skin line since my skin loves their cosmetic line. And yes Im OILY now. I was a COMBI before. sad but its okay hehe. Facial Oil is a natural Anti-Wrinkle serum.

5. Mediplast First Aid Tape – Uhm for my fingertip eczema when I clean my nails with acetone. Have to protect them to avoid flares. Think Michael Jackson’s finger tape statements. :)

Next one, I bought in Robinson’s Supermarket here in our province.


1. Olay White Radiance SPF 19 (Old Formula) – BOUGHT TWO! actually I have one already and its not yet finished but I was so afraid I wont be able to buy it again cause this product is already phased out! SAD. The new formula sucks and it smells horrible and it didnt do any wonders on my skin unlike this one. Its creamy and doesnt sting. My skin loves it!! PHP 99 each only!

2. St Ives Apricot Scrub – Influenced by Michelle Phan again. This scrub is always present in our house before and not until Michelle said its good, I have no plans of using it. Hmmm lets see but trying it now is not a good time. Allergies yes. Bought small tube as a tester.

3. Two Gypsy Headbands and one Hair Crunchie – Look how the metallic one is:


GORGEOUS!! I feel like GG. :P

4. Oral B Satin Floss – uhm random hehe.

5. Hand Gloves – Uhm okay I love Michael Jackson but no its not to the extent of using this as my expression of love. LOL. this is for my eczema and allergies. I am scratching like hell and the gloves will prevent me from scratching too much. Of course to moisturize it as well.

Okay that’s it. Hopefully to make a review again next week.


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  1. i love shopping when they are having a sale!



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