Saturday, January 16, 2010

Supersale at the Rockwell Tent – for 2 days!

I was there with another shopping best friend! Sadly only for today but its totally fine cause I have limited my budget to hoarding ONLY Coastal Scents Palette and Brushes and Carmex. So happy cause another wish list done!DSC04789





DSC04798 DSC04799 DSC04800

Supersale at the Rockwell Tent is until tomorrow so if you are free, drop by from 10am-9pm. It has an entrance fee of PHP 80 though but If you are also into Coastal Scents like me, just go to Dollface – located at the back near the stall selling soaps and another door (i forgot the name!) Dollhouse is pretty recognizable cause they have the Palettes aligned in their stall. And BTW, the PHP 80 has a wonderful pink lootbag (see pic) and all proceeds go to the icanserve foundation.

I'm so tired right now but in the next few days, hopefully I can make my own review of the Coastal Scents or the Dollface eyeshadow Palettes.

DSC04794 DSC04791

Who doesn't like SALES?? :)

And its nice to go back again at Rockwell, still got a lot of pretty faced familiar people. Saw a drama actor, a newscaster, a magazine tv host, a former classmate whom I didnt greet hahaha and lots of Koreans. lovely!

tadah xoxo

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