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All about SKIN and Isotretinoin Update

86497043 First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

This would be for my personal records but on January 26, 2010, it would be my 9th month OFF Isotretinoin (Acnetrex) - A potent drug that I took for my nasty zitz last June 2008 till April 26, 2009.

Link to my Isotretinoin History

Consumed 22 boxes and 8 more tabs.

Around late August, I felt my skin was breaking out one by one and I noticed that it only occurs when I am stressed and with no sleep. Its also probably due to the fact that I also stopped putting Adapalene (cause I was stubborn and lazy)

I had another dermatologist by this time because I relocated to the province (But I had no intentions of leaving my previous derm in Makati) so this 2nd derm told me that I have to take more of this drug cause I am complaining for occasional zits. Still haven't decided until now if I will take another course (in lesser quantity)

Then I had my first diamond peel around September. Then another diamond peel before October. Results are satisfactory! Now I can put make up flawlessly. But I need to do more to remove the scars completely. I stopped the diamond peel because I want to visit my 1st derm about my diamond peel procedure. Which until now I havent done yet due to uhh delayed scheduling heehee.

PS. I think it will take me until January 19 to visit Makati again so I will just go and have another diamond peel by Tuesday.

Before the diamond peel I’ve tried several cleansers like Dessert Essence and VMV Superskin 3. But I still stick to Cetaphil until this time.

My regimen during the diamond peel is:

Morning: Clindamycin (spot treatment), Olay White Radiance Old Formula SPF 19

Evening: Adapalene, Whitening Cream (from 1st derm)

When I continued Adapalene and Clindamycin, my zits have improved.

And my regimen at the moment is:

Cleanser: Cetaphil

Morning: *Clindamycin + VMV Sunblock from Superskin 3

Evening: *VMV Superskin 3 Toner (every other day) + Whitening Cream

I dont use the Adapalene anymore cause I want to finish the VMV Toner.

For the (*) asterisk, I dont put them everyday. I have to check my face if it feels sensitive and burning, I stop at least a day until I feel like I can continue putting them again to my face.

Sometimes, I use Apple Cider Vinegar when I feel like I want to rest off chemical products and needed some natural remedies.

Definitely Sunblock is my #1 protection and I cannot bear to remove it to my regimen. Avoiding the sun is a must!

I still get zits like 1 or 2 once in a while but they are controllable. And I notice that I only breakout after putting make up for 8 hrs with no washing of face OR a day/week/month of NO QUALITY SLEEP and POOR DIET.

Oh by the way, I am a semi vegetarian since November of 2008. I rarely have red meat in my diet. I eat brown rice and I drink water a lot. Although I love eating sweets, they are only in small amounts.

DSC03681And I am also particular with the products I use to my face, hair and skin. If I use a certain hair product, I avoid those with strong fragrances. I also test at least a day to two weeks if its compatible to my face. My hair currently likes the products of Shine Moist (Shampoo and Hair Wax Treatment-NOT the color treated one) and Citre Shine (Conditioner). For my skin, seems like AVEENO loves me because it keeps my skin moisturized and it doesn't give me any zits at all. And as much as possible with cosmetic products particularly with the foundation and face powder, I use hypoallergenic ones like VMV/ Clinique/ Laura Mercier. But with the eye shadow, ELF is ok. Its better to be safe for the foundations and face powders because you put a lot of these on your face as compared to the eye shadows.

DSC01463Link to the history of my Skin Allergy and Eczema is below which is already cured now (they really crack like el nino).

I don't like to complicate much my skin regimen. If do, then I will be stressed out and as I have said, stress gives me ZITS. :)


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