Monday, January 25, 2010

[Review] Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout


I’ve been in a “The Perfect Barbie Doll lipstick” hunt for quite some time now. And my frugal self is not allowing me to buy any MAC products. LOL i don't know. I swore to not buy in that MAC store in Glorietta again due to my disappointment towards their sales attendants. I’d like to rant more but bleh this is not about MAC. BUT should I buy MAC in the future, it would be in the other country.

Moving on, I’ve been seeing a lot of people in the Biz wearing the lovely pink lipstick. They vary from bright pink to sheer pink. Its so lovely to look at even though I loathed wearing pink in my lips before. I own a sheer pink gloss before and I felt like I ate a lechon baboy when i wore it cause its so shiny it added to my oiliness! UGH. BUT cause of media and all, I developed likeness towards it in the end.

I actually failed with my first hunt. I first bought Maybelline in Cozy Tangerine. I thought it looked nice when I tested it but as soon as I went out under the natural lights….UH OH. FAIL. So I don’t really use it very often. Then the likeness towards pink grew deeper and deeper so I decided to find another alternative again. This time I found Revlon’s Pink Pout.

DSC05589 DSC05550

I fell in love with it when i tried it in my hand. It really looked nice under the flourescent bulb. I didn't try it in my lips cause I am very particular with testers. I told the SA to try it on her instead AND guess what she replied? “MAM, bawal po kami mag try” I did a WTF face in front of her and said, “PWEDE KAYA!” I mean how in the hell would anyone know if you have tried it? You are an SA for pete’s sake and that is only a tester. When a customer ask, you respond to it right? geee. If I know she’s akso a germaphobic like me! hahha. srrry for the light rant haha. In the end, she followed me haha.


I tried it with Carmex. It didnt work. The Carmex is too waxy and my lips ended up waxy as well. So I tried without anything and the results are nice!


I currently like it! The pictures are with flash so they seem to be reflecting too much light but nevertheless with a full make up on, the lipstick looked great on my skin. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow during daytime. :) But I actually imagine it with a Smokey eyes + pale pink lipstick.


Revlon Pink Pout lipstick costs, PHP 475.00 roughly US $10.00.




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